Moon Teachers, Students Ready To Return To Class

MOON (KDKA) – Teachers and students in the Moon Area School District will head back to the classroom Monday morning.

On Wednesday, the teachers announced they were ending their three-week strike after district officials agreed to have a third party continue the negotiations.

Teachers’ union officials and district negotiators said the main issues included higher compensation, teacher contribution to health care insurance and the length of the school day.

Union officials said they understand how tough it is for residents to pay higher taxes, but they want Moon teachers to be on par with other teachers in more affluent school districts. As a result, it could mean four percent annual pay-raises.

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  1. william wright says:

    Let’s hope that the board and admin stay strong. The main reason the union workers want to be back in the classroom is that baby it’s cold outside.

  2. Joe says:

    Why is it that the board has to stay strong. They work shifts when it comes to picketing, so the cold isn’t really an issue. If the board would have been more realistic with their counter offers, this never would have gone to a strike. It’s the administration that’s to blame for this, not the teachers. The superintendent wants the teachers to take a pay freeze, work more, and pay more into their hospitilization. They’re willing to do the latter two, but come on, anyone in their situation would have a problem with that. This proposal coming from a superintendent who makes 136k/year, who got a 3k bonus for improved test scores, which the teachers are responsible for. So who deserves the bonus? I think it’s pretty clear.

  3. Marshall says:

    Seriously, teachers are overrated. It is by far one of the easiest jobs on earth. How dare the unions (which are another joke) to ask for more money when the country is still losing jobs. My industry lost over 46,000 jobs within the past three years, which requires advanced degrees. Getting a degree in education is close to a phys Ed degree. With all do respect…eliminate ALL unions and tell teachers to shut up and work.

  4. Tina says:

    Marshall: how did you learn to read, write, use a computer, or be successful enough to earn an advanced degree? I guess your answer is NOT from any teachers. Hmmm…….I think you should call the gusiness book of world records…because you must be a miracle. Didn’t anyone ever teach you to not judge others unless you have walked in their footsteps? Oh sorry I forgot that is not a teacher’s job that is a parent’s job. If you have children I hope they have a positive role model in thier life.

  5. Jeff Becker says:

    Teachers understand tax payers may need to pay more so they can be paid like more affluent areas? I think I will try that with my boss tomorrow. Yeah, that’s what I will do, then I can go directly to the unemployeemet ofiice to to start my 99 weeks of 1/2 pay. The good news is my former employer will enjoy a long laugh.
    Teachers are insane!!!!

  6. Marie says:

    If teachers want to be paid “like more affluent areas” then they should go work in one of them. It really stings to hear that teachers find it acceptable for me to pay higher taxes so they can live more affluently. Moon is not a rich district, and some of us are experiencing very tough times both financially and in terms of our own work stability. I’d like to live “like more affluent areas” too. Are teachers willing to pass the hat and subsidize me?!

  7. Tom says:

    I don’t really see how anybody can support the board OR the teachers right now. We don’t know their positions! I heard the 3% and medical information that (supposedly) the district offered, but we don’t know about the other issues. I stopped and asked some of the picketing teachers what the point was of them picketing if we don’t know where they stand on the issue. They told me I had to contact somebody at PSEA. I wasn’t asking them to tell me their stance on the issue, I was just asking how I can support them if I don’t know their position. That makes NO SENSE.

  8. edie from pitt says:

    You people on this board are useless.My wife been teaching for 7 years and makes 37k a year.She has 5 years of higher learning with a dagree from pitt(maters).100 k in debt,and had to intern 1 year with out pay.That sounds like what a doctor has to do.The average teacher makes 10% of what a doctor makes,and our neibor works for port athourity and has a ged makes double what my wife makes……now is it realy fair????

  9. Moon Resident says:

    Obviously your wife does not teach in Moon. They start them at just under 50K out of college. I completely agree with Marie. If the teachers want to be on par with ‘more affluent areas’ then they need to work in one of them.

  10. Rael Aerosol says:

    Edie… Doctors don’t take 3 months off a year, they don’t get a winter or spring break, and they usually work far more than 7 hours a day.

    1. Teach178 says:

      @ rael aerosol You must live for teacher bashing. You bashed on the Bethel Park article board & now here. You were already corrected that it is 2 months, not 3. You choose to spread misinformation on purpose. I won’t comment on a doctor’s schedule because I don’t know it firsthand. You should do the same regarding teachers.

      Our winter break is 6 workdays & spring is 3. If you have a problem with that go to you local school board meetings & demand it be shortened. Professionals have an 8 hour day with 1 hour for lunch – that equals 7 hours of work. We work a 7 hour 40 minute day with 40 minutes for lunch. Guess that equals 7 hours of work, same as other professionals. Stop spreading lies & please add something constructive to the discussion. Your juvenile attitude toward teachers makes you look…juvenile.

      1. Sara says:

        Actually, Teach 178, every single professional I have ever known over the past 20 years is required to work a 9 hour day and 1 hour for lunch to make an 8 hour day, not 7 with 1 hour for lunch. That is a minimum. Before you bash others about getting their facts straight perhaps you should get yours correct. There are very few professional industries that you can work a 7 hour day with 1 hour for lunch these days. I’m not saying there aren’t any, but there are many more that have a 9 hour day with 1 hour for lunch.

  11. patrick says:

    i sure wish i could leave my job and demand higher pay… stay in the classroom and work it out when it doesn’t effect kid’s educations and mess up an entire school district’s year. they should choose to go back or lose 1% of pay per day spent picketing. then they would go back and DO THEIR JOB. selfish morons.

  12. Teach178 says:

    Actually Sara I was not bashing like so many of the teacher haters that frequently show up on message boards. I pointed out that rael was incorrect & continues to post the same misinformation over & over.

    I think the song is called “Working 9 to 5” for a reason. I don’t know any professionals that work a 9 hour day to equal 8 hours of work excluding lunch. It doesn’t mean some don’t, but I do know there are Elementary Teachers that have to eat lunch with their students. That’s a 7 hour 40 minute day, not 7 that Rael will have everyone believe.

    I won’t even try to list the extra work we do at school & home because the teacher bashers will obfuscate with all kinds of anectodes & misinformation to belittle the work of teachers. Must be related to something they did as a student years ago that caused a teacher to correct them & thus “hurt their feelings”. They’ve been seething ever since & must retaliate in juvenile ways. Perhaps calling teaching the “easiest job in the world”, saying teachers are “insane”, or even “morons” on message boards such as this evens the score for them.

    True bashing.

  13. edie from ptt says:

    Hey teach,,,,,,,,,,,that sara is a worke t mcdonalds,and my wife works 1 huout befour class starts and half hour after work,,,,,and spends a aditional 10 hours at home getting her lessons ready… wife puts in 60 plus hours evrey week and is paid for 37….il let the board do the math…………………i dont even want to talk about the evaluations that happen 2-3 times by surprise……evrey week…

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