By David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Bedbugs attack while you sleep, and experts say the problem is far from over. In fact, they say we’re going to be seeing more of them.

There are a number of products aimed at keeping the bugs from entering your home or detecting them quickly, if you suspect you have them.

Phillip Cooper is CEO of a company called BedBug Central,, which offers information and sells products. He suggests:

BedBug Beacon $49: It is supposed to help detect if you have bedbugs in your home by attracting them with CO2 and then trapping them. “The cup has oil inside it, and the bugs are going to walk up the edge of the cup, get in here, get stuck and not be able to get out,” said Cooper. He says there’s some controversy over how the trap works, but he says they’ve tested it, and it does work.

Climbup Insect Interceptor $22: Cooper says this is a detection device, as well. Plastic saucers are placed under the legs of a bed and are supposed to trap bed bugs. “This is the thing everybody in the United States should be using,” Cooper said. “They get into this outer well and in this outer well, they get stuck. There’s talcum powder on here.”

Dissolvable Laundry Bags $22: If you’ve been on a trip, you can take your laundry straight to the washer without concern that you’re dropping bugs or eggs on the way there. The bags dissolve in the washer.

Luggage Encasement $15-$20: You can put your luggage in this clear plastic case, which is supposed to reduce the likelihood of bugs getting into your suitcase during hotel stays.

Heat Unit $320: This is basically a portable oven to bake your suitcase when you come home from a trip and kill anything inside it. “It’s simply bringing the heat up, so we’re raising the heat above 120 degrees and 112 degrees is lethal for bed bugs,” Cooper said.

Mattress and Pillow Covers (price varies): A company in Duquesne, American Textile, makes mattress and pillow covers that zip up tight and are aimed at keeping bed bugs out. Monica Bush, from American Textile Company, said, “When we originally launched the product, we only had it in one retailer.” But now their products, sold under the name Aller-ease, are in 35,000 stores nationwide, including Walmart and Target. BedBug Central sells a different brand, which also makes box spring covers.

Cooper says if you detect you have a bedbug problem, call a professional right away. He says hiring a professional quickly will save you money in the long run.

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