PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The rain is already causing problems, but commuters Tuesday morning dealt with the worst of it.

Ponding on roadways made for some difficult driving conditions and that helped to cause a number of accidents that slowed things down even more.

Many of the commuters KDKA’s Brenda Waters spoke with said that the drive to work Tuesday morning was dreadful.

Rush hour traffic was impeded by the rain and that caused delays and accidents that made everyone’s commute longer.

Emily Huey: We came in from Green Tree, just about three or four miles away. It took us about 30 minutes just to get into town.

Waters: Because of the rain?

Huey: Because of the rain. I assume people forget how to drive.

Drivers coming in on the Parkway East and West only saw brake lights and bumpers.

“Traffic was terrible. We came down Penn Avenue and everybody was hitting the brakes, the rain was bad. In Pittsburgh, we have a lot of potholes and the rain covered the potholes, so we were hitting a lot of potholes this morning,” Laryce Anderson said.

The 700 people who normally park at the Mon Wharf had to find other places to park, which forced some commuters to be late.

“The rain, I don’t know why it affects everything, but it’s probably an extra 20 minutes coming into town when it rains,” Komron Maknoon said.

Wednesday’s commute may not be much better as the rain is expected to linger and there may be some snow mixed in.

The Mon Wharf has been closed until further notice as the river is expected to surpass the 18-foot mark. It’s not expected to recede until later in the week.

The National Weather Service is projecting the water to flow onto the North Shore Riverwalk and potentially affect the Tenth Street Bypass on Wednesday.

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