John Steigerwald Just Wants To Watch The Game

John Steigerwald, author of Just Watch The Game, joined the Fan Morning Show live in the studio to talk about the City Game between the Pitt Panthers and Duquesne Dukes. Steigerwald and Gregg Giannotti agree on one thing and that is with the game starting at 9:20 p.m. tonight so it can be on television.

He can remember when the City Game used to “mean something” and recounts the fierce rivalry between the two teams.

Steigerwald might be stirring up some controversy with a chapter in his book that rips women play-by-play broadcasters. He said when the women came on during the Pitt vs. WVU Backyard Brawl game his next step was the mute button.

If there is one thing in the world of sports he could eliminate it would be Major League Baseball. He will never watch it again until there is a cap in the game. It hurts him to say that because it used to be his favorite sport.

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  • John

    Who really cares what this fidget thinks? Next….

  • Don-Mars. Pa.

    Steigerwald is the most sarcastic sports reporter I’ve ever seen. He puts down Woman’s Basketball, yet would watch baseball if a cap was put in. Pro Baseball is now one of the most boring sports they show on TV. I turn it on when I can’t sleep, after about 3 times with the pitcher stepping off the mound after 20 seconds of signal’s from the catcher, or most batter’s stepping out of the batter’s box 3 or 4 times every time they come to the plate, I’m out like a light! Totally boring! You want to watch real baseball, watch the little league world series! Catcher throws the ball back to the Pitcher and immediately he throws another pitch!

  • Level Green

    He is yesterday’s sports analyst….why plug his book, why give him air time.

    I have to agree with him on the women announcers though. Keep them on the sidelines with their low cut dresses and questions that someone writes for them….



  • Tammie Adelman Pituch

    Read his book…. he has more knowledge on sports than anyone in this town! I am a girl and I LOVE hockey and football! Would not be caught inside PNC Park for a Pirate game! He is sarcastic and opinionated…. that’s why he was good! Want the women out of the locker rooms too! They don’t belong there!! He has been a fixture on sports in this town for 30 years!

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    […] this is also the same guy that said that he won’t listen to female broadcasters, so he’s not exactly a bastion of intelligent thought or good judgment. And paragraph eight […]

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