Bus Driver Steers Kids To Safety

Slick roads nearly caused a school bus accident this morning in Carrick; but the driver credits steady nerves, skill and some prayers for bringing his bus filled with students to a stop before it struck a car.

Bob Schwarz, a bus driver in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District, was driving a dozen students to St. Sylvester School when his bus began sliding down the steep incline of Waterman Avenue.

Schwarz told KDKA’s Brenda Waters he was detoured down the hill because of construction in the area. Once the bus was on Waterman Avenue, though, he said realized he was in trouble. “What I thought was just snow was a sheet of ice.”

Schwarz, however, safely guided the bus down the icy hill — stopping within an inch of hitting a parked car. The bus came to a stop sideways in the middle of the street.

Schwarz said the students all managed to stay calm; and, most importantly, no one was hurt.

Baldwin police responded to the stranded bus and called in a borough work crew to salt the area.

Once crews spread salt under each tire on the bus, Schwarz and the students were on their way to school.

Schwarz has been a school bus driver for ten years in the district.


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  1. Onizushta says:

    #1: As I resident of this area between the city and the boro it is apparent that the city gets to these roads last. These streets sit for days before they are salted.
    #2: The work crew who has been detouring traffic off of Spencer (who signaled this school bus, with students, to turn down this visibly treacherous stretch) have been routinely allowing PAT buses through the same area.

    1. Onizushta says:

      What I mean in my #2 comment is that PAT buses are flagged through the construction area without detouring.

  2. Christi says:

    It’s funny to see this story because last night at 10pm, I was in the same situation because this is really the least steep hill to go down in these conditions. I came within a foot of that very car you see in the picture. I believe it should be a known fact that if there is ANY possibility of bad weather in any form, those residents need to move their cars off the roads. This area is neglected constantly and us residents on those streets are trapped as were surrounded by hills, untreated hills.

    1. Jenn Long says:

      That car owner is a very lucky person 🙂

  3. G2 says:

    you all comment on the road and the car that u almost hit. how about how the driver kept the kids safe and no one was hurt. if my kid was on that bus after seeing these pictures he would have gotten added to my xmas list. i know my kid wasnt on the bus but thank you for all parents.

    1. marty says:

      he is greatly appreciated and liked by his parents and students

      1. Dee says:

        I agree! This is our bus driver also and we feel the same way. We are grateful to have such a great bus driver! Thanks Bob for taking such good of our kids and keeping them safe!

  4. Jen says:

    It makes me mad that it was Baldwin Boro road crews were the ones that had to come and help with getting the bus off the street and not the CITY even though the city was called to salt the street. I just can’t understand that the PAT buses were able to stay on their routes, but the school bus had to detour down this hill. Bob is a wonderful bus driver and I am so glad that he was able to keep my kids safe and calm along with the other kids on the bus. THANK YOU Bob and THANK YOU Baldwin road crews for going out of the boro and into the city to do their job.

  5. Christi says:

    I’m not saying anything bad about the driver. He did phenomenal and deserves all the credit at how he handled the situation but this would never have happened had the city taken care of the roads. We shouldn’t have to worry and risk lives in situations like these because the city gets to us when he gets to us. Its uncalled for!

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