Some Steelers Critical Of Harrison’s Latest Fine

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Steelers locker room was buzzing Wednesday with reactions to linebacker James Harrison’s latest fine.

Not much was held back by Steelers players, who appear to feel as if their backs are against the wall on this matter.

The players took aim at the National Football League, Commissioner Roger Goodell, the media and even the NFL Players Association while trying to get their point across.

“They’re hypocrites,” Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward said. “You know, you say one thing and you do another. You talk about safety, but you add on two games. You talk about [how] you don’t want players to drink, but our major endorsement is Coors Light. That’s all you see is beer commercials. You say you don’t want us to gamble but then you have spread games online. So for us, as players, we just play football. Whatever the NFL decides to do, we’re gonna do.”

Frustration was at an all-time high for Harrison, one day after he received his fourth fine of the year. The $25,000 fine was for a hit on Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

“The media, y’all control what goes on,” Harrison said. “Y’all are like I said before, y’all are like puppet masters, and y’all control the puppets that make these calls. That’s all. And if y’all going saying that this is unfair, that they’re doing wrong, and the media starts to say this more and more, then I think things will start to change. But until y’all do something about it, I don’t think nothing’s gonna change.”

“Where’s DeMaurice Smith when all this is going on?” Steelers linebacker James Farrior asked. “He’s supposed to be our leader. I haven’t heard him one time.”

This topic seemed to completely overshadow the Steelers’ upcoming game against the Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s sprained foot that had him in a modified shoe at practice today.

“It hurts because it’s my plant foot,” Roethlisberger said. “It’s my right foot. When I hit the ground I wanna get the ball out, and so it makes it tough. [I’m] just, you know, playing through pain.”

Roethlisberger was nearly stationary the entire practice, but he said that he plans to play in Baltimore.

It remains to be seen whether the Harrison situation will become a factor in Sunday night’s Baltimore game.


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  1. art says:

    james im with you iv seen enough.your not out there playing tennis your out there playing football.your out there making plays that joe green or jack lambart would have been proud of.and none of them got fined not one with protecting players as the other man.but im like jack,bring on the dresses

  2. Joe says:

    This is completely ridiculous. Can anyone please tell me when the “putting all of your weight” penalty was introduced to the NFL? Its hard to watch football as it is, dealing with the 42 commercials every quarter, but now its even worse the players are not aloud to even play regular football. I love seeing these quarterbacks get drilled, ITS THE GAME!! You do not see any obscene penalties or fines being brought to any players that hit Ben. Hmm I wonder why? Please let me know Mr. punk ass commissioner.

  3. Dor says:

    We all the fans are behind you and the team. Someone needs to fire the Commissioner and get a real person in office who know the true meaning of “FOOTBALL”…The NFL isn’t playing flag football but tackle football. Next thing you’ll hear you can’t look at the opposite team funny or you’ll get a fine.
    We the fans want to see real football with good hits. Not baby hits.

  4. B. Worthlessberger says:

    In the NHL, intent to injure is a major and you are ejected and are subject to a fine. My advice Mr. Harrison is not come out as you did a few weeks ago and say that you do intend to injure other players and I wouldn’t express frustration after showing the intent to injure. Just pay your dues or play by the rules. I don’t hear hockey players whining, only NFL players like you.

    1. juice says:

      Football & hockey are 2 different sports….no comparison. Harrison is just playing football, he aint whining.

  5. Angry Fan says:

    This is completely obscene! Just because Roger Goodell is a sack of lard, and couldn’t tackle a dead cat, doesn’t mean he should fine one of the most skilled NFL players of all time (not tom mention a Pro Bowler AND Defensive Player of the Year). And really, how can you NOT lead with your helmet? What are you going to lead with? Your genitals? Really, start playing NFL Football, not Powderpuff Football! Go Steelers!!! Let’s plant the Ravens in the ground!

  6. Steve says:

    I agree with Hines and the steelers 200% ….! The NFL administration IS a bunch of Hypocrites.

    Cortland Finnegan and Andre Johnson get into a fight on national tv, and NO Suspension but a 25k fine, BULL$hit!

    Roger Godell, cant handle the fact that James is a Defensive powerhouse! A monster on the field who gives Steeler nation his all, in every game. James is a professional athlete and a damn good one!
    James, I salute you! You Earn a paycheck, put food on the table for your wife and kids, by playing STEELER FOOTBALL! Hard nosed, “in your face!” football, which the league admins obviously cant handle .

    HOWEVER, The NFL has an easier time handling those paychecks that come in from endorsements from companies like coors light or making a profit from the pictures of hits that our super steeler James Harrsion makes.

    Referee’s, heres another NFL joke… they are worthless! they suck! my dead grandmother could do a better job officiating. The penalty calling in Steeler games this season alone, is ridiculous, and completely out of proportion. Why dont they just admit that they are targetting Harrsion and his teammates, blatantly!!!!!!

    When you watch the replay of the hit James made on Buffalo Bills quaterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, you can see the referee was just itching to throw the flag. and the penalty?, what a f$cking joke! “Harrison was penalized for roughing the passer on the play.”

    Roger, are you just making this $hit up as you sit in your office, collecting a free paycheck?! Inquiring minds need to know. When was the last time you put on shoulder pads?! When was the last time you actually played football?! We already know how much of an a$$hole you are, we just want to know, how far you are going to go, before KARMA finally catches up with you.

    Dear Roger, you sir are an a$$hole!

  7. Tired of the whining... says:

    Man up already and shut up! Maybe if you all weren’t so worried about this stuff and paid more attention to playing football you wouldn’t send your fans into cardiac arrest because you needed overtime to beat a team like the Buffalo Bills. Coach Tomlin, man up too and get your guys focused!

  8. Honey L.Malik says:

    God Bless & praying that God can work his miracles & guide the people in the right directions. We all need to pray for this world & nation we live in now . Stand up for jESUS ! I agree with evryone on here & points have been made & we’re all upset with what is going & should have fairest to all players too.

  9. Chaser says:

    It is time… time for a revolt. Roger Goodell is ruining America’s Favorite sport and he and those around him don’t even realize the mess they have created. Take all the good things that the commissioner has done since he took the position, and throw them out because this fining and suspending fiasco overshadows everything. His legacy will be remembered for how he almost destroyed the NFL. Roger… retire now by choice or the fans will make it happen in the very near future. Want proof… when you have premier players in the NFL openly speaking out against the league and the players representative, the handwriting is on the wall. LEAVE NOW!

  10. Don says:

    I think the Steeler Nation ought to set up a “fine payment” dontation site where fans could donate to pay these fines. This way the Steeler defenders would be free to play the game the way the fans want them to, not the way League Management wants them to.

  11. dag01 says:

    Goodall must not have control of his life and it trying to control others or maybe he is a control freak. Whomever put him in his position should terminate him and let football be played like football should be played. The players know the outcome or what can happen playing the game. I say replace Goodall and soon

  12. Bowman says:

    Folks, talt is cheap. Boycott NFL gear. don’t go to away games. Let’s hit them in thewallet where it’ll hurt. Dan Rooney got this clown his job. He doesn’t make many mistakes, but, he made a big one here.

  13. Lori says:

    Maybe the offensive line should pay the fines when THEIR quarterback is hit for not offering them the protection from the defense players. Isn’t this football? Players get hit, even quarterbacks. Play your game, James !!

  14. Renee says:

    If I remember correctly there a 2 helmets hitting together during the music for Monday night football????????

  15. Rex says:

    Steeler Nation is the largest fanbase and the NFL is losing money because of the poor fan bases of other teams. NFL cannot afford for Pittsburg to win a seventh Super Bowl so will help to cause them to lose games. Some teams suffer blackouts in their own cities because they can not fill their stadiums. Nice to see Pittsburg winning even though they have to play against the refs also.

  16. DC SLIDEWAYS says:


  17. fan of the hits says:

    last time i checked and played football we hit. even when we played back yard football….we hit,,,, if any one needs hit by harrison it goordell. people watch this game to see hard hits and big plays. if it keeps going like this we will soon see balarenas in the draft, or the nfl fan base is gonna decrease. hats off the harrison. keep up the good work. i will be looking forward to seeing you knock someone unconcious this saturday. i bet if harrison hit ward, ward would get up, smile and wait for the next play and hit harrison. now that is football…

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