Hunter Injured After Falling From Tree Stand

DRAVOSBURG (KDKA) – A hunter is recovering after officials say he fell out of a tree stand Saturday.

The incident happened around 4 p.m. in an area near Dravosburg.

Emergency crews say the man suffered injuries and was flown to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.

So far there is no word on his condition.

Stay with KDKA for the latest details.

  • john

    anyone dumb enough to be in a tree stand without a saftey harness, sounds mean to say but deserves what ever happens. yes,even if a deer come’s by and shoots him for a trophy on stupidity.

  • steelkat

    just because you’re to much of a puss to kill rocci…

  • john

    no problem with the killin as long as i can do the grillin……

  • Mike

    A very mature comment by Rocco. Let me guess…this guy is a vegetarian. Typical; I guess plants aren’t living things. Just another miserable jerk.

  • clint

    get well hunter and bag a big one

  • mike

    Every year this happens… common sense isn’t that common.

    • Frank Bonadio

      I agree !!

  • MK

    Folks, there was a man not to long back who died from a tree stand fall & he was wearing a harness. It suffocated him. I have a friend who had on a harness & it collapsed his lung after breaking his ribs. He’s still in a nursing home. The families of these men certainly don’t need your “know-it-all” idiot remarks. Think before you feel the need to make asinine comments.

  • alden

    The key is don’t climb atree to get a deer, Did the indians climb in trees to kill deer? I don’t think so.

    • Rocco

      Great comment. That is exactly my thoughts.

    • Alden the Ape

      Indians? I don’t know many people from India who are hunters. Native Americans would have never have climbed a tree to kill a deer, though.

      • arealpita


  • tom

    hey I’m apollock and I don’t drink whiskey and drive you idiot just take one shot at atime??????

  • Mal

    He got what he deserved. It’s better that some slope-skulled hunter takes a fall rather than killing or injuring an animal.

    I only wish that more hunters were injured or killed.

    • Mal Hunter

      I wish you were dead too. Wear leather or eat any meat at all? You know you do.

      Burn in hell, Mal!

      • Mal

        You would be wrong, Mal Hunter.I do not eat meat or wear leather. In fact, I’m a hunt saboteur. I’m the one that made this guy fall from the tree.

    • Mac

      Hers another one boys..” I don’t believe in hunting so NO ONE should be able to hunt”. I dont believe in being a jerk but it obviously doesn’t stop you from being one.

  • Bandit

    I hope you feel that way about your family members as well!

  • chris freeman

    My congrats go out to mk for words well put.. As for mal you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. I have hunted out of tree stands for more than 30 years and its a matter of being careful. Besides you could show a little compassion for the poor guy. You’ll be the first one to whine when you hit a deer with your car and say this state needs to do something about the deer population. Well they are it’s called hunting you moron and we slope-skulled hunters treasure it.

  • Jeff Held

    Many such resues have taken place withint the station’s “viewing area”, but why is this the only one to get air time? KDKA relies on their viewing area when soliciting advertising sponsors but when it comes to news, we are lucky to see anything more than 15 minutes outside of the city! There have even been several fires or accidents resulting in death that don’t even warrant a mention on the broadcast! Hey KDKA – The majority of your viewers live out here in the boonies. Maybe you need to do a better job of covering stories that matter to them!

  • SwedishSnus

    KDKA was about 12 hours late reporting the fatal hit-and-run on the South Side last night, but they can sure fill up their home page with up-to-the-minute sports garbage. HEY KDKA! SPORTS IS NOT NEWS!!!

  • Ari Hait

    Why do you think KDKA was 12 hours late?? Because they didn’t sream “First on” or “Only On”? Their video looked like it was from last night. Same pictures as the other stations. Pay attention goofball.

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