Classmates Mourn Moon Senior Killed In Crash

MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A Moon High School senior died in a car accident over the weekend.

Phillip Walker, 18, was driving on Spring Run Road Extension in Moon Township just before 10 p.m. Sunday.

The left side of his vehicle took the brunt of the force.

“We believe the car came down around the bend and for some unknown reason went through that telephone pole, sheared that telephone pole in half and continued down the road until it came to a rest against the guardrail,” Moon Police Captain Greg Seamon said.

The accident hit hard at Moon High School.

“It’s a tough day,” Moon High School Principal Michael Hauser said. “I’ve seen more kids in tears, but I’ve also hugged more kids today than I have in the last five years.”

Counselors were brought into the high school. They were available to all students who may have needed to speak with someone about the accident and the death.


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  1. hc says:

    Shame these kids are driving around in SUV’s. If they had a car that handled well and could brake well, they may still be alive. It really is a shame people think these SUV’s are safe. Think again!

    1. Raise the driving age!! says:

      These kids today should be 21 before they are ever allowed to get into a killing machine on wheels. The majority of teenagers are immature, high or just too stupid to pay attention while driving because they are too busy texting all of their friends what they are doing every second of the day…like anyone with a real life even cares!!! Thank god this teen didn’t kill another innocent driver who actually knows to be in control of a vehicle. No one under 21 and especially no one age 16 deserves the right to drive. Also no one over the age of 75 should be driving either!

      1. ray says:

        i believe that you are only viewing your prospectives and don’t realize that a lot of kids hate doing things like that. my bestfriend was close to phil and he was a really good kid. you need to think about things before you speak like that

      2. angry friend says:

        wow way to be considertate. you didnt know phil, if you did you would know he was a nice person and cared about everyone. do go and post things about people you dont even know. think about the family and friends that are going to read your rude comment. you shouldnt say stuff like that unless you know what really caused the accident…your really going to feel stupid when every thing you said was wrong and it was caused by ice or deer or somethign like that…your goign to burn in hell for what ur sayin

      3. Keep the driving age says:

        This is all you have to say about a kid who lost his life last night? Shame on you. You can put this opinion somewhere else other then the page that everyone who is close to him will be reading and seeing. Phil was an awesome kid. and you have no idea what you are talking about.

      4. Classmate says:

        i bet you felt differently when you were 16, and even 18. and you’ll feel differently when you’re ocer 75.

      5. trish says:

        You are very judgemental aren’t you! He could have been a really great kid. Don’t forget that accidents do happen and he is a someones child who are suffering very much and especially three-weeks before the holday. My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.

      6. Moon Student says:

        You didn’t know Phil like the rest of us students did. He’s not a stupid driver and doesn’t text while driving. I believe Phil was fully in control of what he was doing when the crash occurred. Sometimes bad things happen to good people doing all the right things, so don’t be too quick to wave your crazy opinions around just because no one knows who you are behind your computer screen. He was a great person.

      7. Moon Student says:

        Look you inconsiderate person, you know nothing! Phil was one of the safest drivers in our school and sure as heck a better person than you! So don’t you even dare start stereotyping this great man because he was twice the person that you will ever be!

        So next you go and comment about the driving age and how ‘inconsiderate’ teenagers are, don’t. You’ve have said enough with this one comment.

      8. Liz says:

        May I ask at what age you got your driver’s license? Or are you “the exception” because it sure seems like you know everything and aren’t afraid to step out of line when stating your opinion. I cannot explain how much this ignorant comment irritates me. NO ONE is safe when it comes to poor, icy road conditions. I know this road, it’s right by my house. It’s not an easy one to drive. So before you outspeak again, get your facts straight and be mindful of the people you are affecting by your assuming, hateful comments

      9. John says:

        wow way to be nice about it. You dont even know the kid and your agressiveness is pathetic. I actually went to school with Phil. This accident wasnt alchol or drug related and he wasnt texing. Just shut up, your dumb

      10. Nick says:

        the problem is, it’s a shame you weren’t the telephone that got hit. it was an accident, so shut your mouth, alright?

      11. melissa says:

        this should not have been allowed to be left on this site. As hard as it may be i think that we should all ignore that comment and leave messages sharing the loving memories you’ve had with the Phil and all the nice things you have to say about him and also sending condolences to his family. Quit with the aggresive comments and sterotyping and all arguing… this precious kid just lost his life!!!

        R.I.P Phil you will be missed.

        and to his family you have my deapest and dearest condolences .. your in my prayers.

      12. MOON STUDENT says:

        you dont even know phil and you dont know the situation. you need to learn to speak before you talk. phil was a great kid and was no doing anything wrong or wreckless. If he was your friend or your family maybe you would be a little more considerate. AND HOW DARE YOU SAY THANK GOD AN INNOCENT DRIVER WASN’T HURT, HE WAS THE INNOCENT DRIVER YOU IDIOT. HE WAS AN 18 YEAR OLD KID DRIVING HOME, HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT.

      13. matt says:

        uncalled for. honestly, what makes him any less innocent than anyone else on this planet? what if this were your child, would you still have the same opinion of the driving age? would it still be all his fault? Phil was a great kid. He doesn’t deserve to be blamed for something that was not his fault.

      14. Stacey says:

        You must be a real idiot yourself. Practice what you preach…’re an adult and adults drive just as recklace and if not more. My understanding of where this accident occurred, there is no way he was speeding. He came out of a plan and turned right. Where he crashed is only a few feet away. He would not have been able to gain speed. I believe it was icy that night. Don’t judge others before you can judge yourself idiot.

      15. Courtney McNary says:

        It would be great if you could be a little more respectful. Phil was the best person I knew. His death is a tragedy and I’ll never forget him and how great he was. You need to watch what you say. Tons of students and people who adored Phil are reading this and are heartbroken. IIt took everything I could even to watch this news coverage and it is unnecessary for you to be bashing him. Seriously its bad enough this is happening. I’m still waiting to wake up from this nightmare and you are going to say these things?! Seriously, watch you mouth. You’re hurtful words are not welcome. …. Phil, we love you with all we have baby doll. You’re with the angels looking down on us now. We;ll never ever ever forget you ❤

      16. S says:

        so then more 21 yr olds can die? If you learn to drive when you are 40 you can see 40 year olds making the same mistakes. Hope that if you ever get in an accident, or your child people do not just say “Raise the age stupid teenagers” He was a great kid and unfortunately a lot of older people take kids lives with their poor driving skills.

      17. Tyler Blake says:

        Hey moron, ive know phil since i was in elementary school. He was a bright kid, always made people smile, responsible, and would do anything for anybody. Get to know somebody before you post a gutless comment like that. He was a safe driver, the part of the road he hit had black ice, no speeding, no texting, and he was paying attention. Maybe when a tragedy like this happens to somebody close to you, youll understand other peoples point of view

      18. Patty says:

        I knew phil just not very well, as I was on my way out of high school he was on his way in. When i did meet him, through track and field, he always was a cool laid back kinda guy. It is a true tragedy to have lost someone so young and with so much to look forward to in life. And to the “Raise the driving age!!” person, you are a detriment to society. Clearly you have a very limited education if you believe raising the driving age will solve a problem. First off there is no problem. most teen drivers are just as responsible as adult drivers if not more so. Second. What do you think will happen if you raise the driving age. Instead of having inexperienced drivers at age 16 you get inexperienced drivers at age 21. combine that with the right to drink alcohol at age 21 you are sure to have more deaths. The fact is teen drivers are not the problem. The problem is people like you who believe that since they are a so call “experienced” driver they are the king/queen of the road. So “Raise the driving age!!” person, I implore you to look at yourself and ask the question, Who is the problem, the 18 year old innocent kid who just lost his life 3 weeks before Christmas or you the scrooge who want to blame all of societies problems on those who come after you. Newsflash: you were 18 once too.

      19. To the ignorant sob says:

        Who knows what happened, it is obviously cold out, so most likely it was black ice. How dare you assume that because of his age, he was automatically texting or high (as we all know what happens when one assumes). Anybody with words as hurtful and arrogant as yours should not be privileged to talk. Its the ignorant pos’s like you who need to think before you speak because one day, you will get you’re @$$ beat, which I truly hope I’m the one privileged enough to do so. You make me sick. I hope you feel the pain of losing two people within a year both of which died in two separate car accidents, and not because of they’re stupidity. Learn to think before you hurt anybody else with your biased assumptions.

      20. Pam Horvitz says:

        Are you God? Were you there? You are pathetic. Why don’t you go pick on someone of your own mentality – like a slug.

      21. Neil says:

        Phil was not a reckless driver, as anyone who knew him will tell you. We should be remembering Phil, not spewing nonsense about teenage stereotypes. Phil was a great kid and will be missed by his friends, school, and community.

      22. STFU says:

        You dont know what happened so dont you dare judge.

      23. parent of a moon senior says:

        Regarding “raise the driving age.” It has taken me some time to consider your comments, and I realize that I wasted my time over an inconsiderate, small minded, waste of DNA. Prayers need to go out for you as well .Think about the life of a beautiful person like Phil and the effect his death has on others like his family and friends, kids who do not know how to handle the death of a young person, reeling with countless emotions. You should feel deep shame! Enough about you. Everything I knew and heard about Phil is an example of what a young man should be. Kind, considerate, understanding, emotionally strong are just a few things that can describe Phil. Any parent would be proud that their children were like Phil. They say the good ones die young, what a shame it is to lose a fine gentleman like Phil Walker. You will be fondly remembered always and your short life will set a lofty example to be patterned after.

      24. darryl says:

        you better hope noone finds out who you are

      25. SANDRA WALKER says:

        How dare you!!!! I am Phils aunt. Have you ever lost someone you loved like a son, a daughter? No, of course not

        we miss you PHIL!!!!!!!!

      26. Dave says:

        Karma will get you back…she always does. I pray you are forgiven before that.

      27. Ricky Borne says:

        sir or mam… u are gross. and should never speak again. you did not know him so you dont know what he could have been doing. did u think that he may have just pulled out of the bon meade plan literally 200 feet up the street and hit a sheet of black ice. and if you are old enough to go over seas and die for your country, why the hell wouldnt you be able to drive??

      28. Sean says:

        Regarding “RAISE THE DRINKING AGE” This was very immature and disrespectful of you to be so rude and judgmental to such a dramatic tragedy. You did not know him, you weren’t there and u didn’t know what happened. That’s very stereotypical of you. Teenagers shouldn’t drive? You shouldn’t have freedom of speech. Grow up man. Seriously. Would you say this to the people who were closest to him? I doubt it! What if someone you knew had died in a car accident and they happened to be a young adult? How would you feel then… I knew Phil for only a year and he was a great kid. This was very sad.

      29. aj says:

        f you man shut the hell up

      30. Anne-Marie says:

        I hope your comment is taken off this site. Shame on you

      31. 2011 says:

        you really sound heartless they are talkin about a young boy who losted his life and your rambling on about who should be driving and how teenagers are immature. Please get a life watch what you say

      32. waldo says:

        To the person “Raise the driving age!!,” You deserve to never drive again or even breathe for that matter. For you to comment on this and say what you said, you deserve to be in jail.

      33. waldo says:

        You will get yours one day. You have NO IDEA what his family is going through and the history of this family and what they have already been through. I suggest you pull your head out of your ass and get a clue. Next time you comment on something like this, get your facts straight.

      34. waldo says:

        Go ahead and make the driving age 21. How many dumb ass drunks kill someone every day because they are 21 OR OVER and they decide to drive drunk, compared to how many teens possibly hit a patch of ice and side off the road. Huh? HOW MANY!!!!????

      35. seneca valley student says:

        you are an idiot. how about having some respect for this person and their family. you act like this kid meant to do that. the driving age is irrelevant. it could have happened to anyone you moron. ever hear of black ice, or slick roads? i’m a senior at seneca valley, 18 also, and the past few years there have been too many deaths in our school due to cars, however none of them were because of irresponsibility behind the wheel. like others said, you didn’t know phil, and you go and bring drugs into this. just because some kids are bad drivers, doesn’t mean we all are. have some consideration for this community, the classmates, and most of all the family you arrogant prick.

      36. .. says:

        i cant believe you would go on here and judge my innocent brother when really it wasnt his fault he never drank nor did he ever do anything wrong or speed and he did in fact know how to drive his car your so rude i cant believe you would write this.

    2. Jimmy says:

      yeah its a real shame. damn them SUV s. are you mad? a beloved student has died and the debate is about the car he was driving. please be more considerate

      1. again says:

        i was considerate. its a shame some people didnt get what i ment.

    3. Abc says:

      What in gods name is wrong with you.

    4. ??? says:

      this is what you have to say about a dear friend and student who died? that it was his car? did you even know him…his family?? did you ever think that maybe he hit black ice and lost control of the car? it doesn’t matter what car you own if you hit black ice…nothing is going to help. did you ever think that it’s the only car he could of drove probably to help his family out? did you even know him or is family? what is wrong with you? you should be offering condolences not bringing up debates about what type of cars people should drive. you have NO idea.

    5. Classmate says:

      you should really be ashamed of yourself. we’ve lost a classmate, a teammate and a friend and this is all you can say? it is really beyond disrespectful.

    6. parent says:

      it wouldnt matter what car he was driving on black ice..get your facts straight

    7. aj says:

      why dont you shut up right now. hows that sound before i shut you up myself

    8. AT says:

      better hope to god that i or anyone in moon doesnt find out who you are or you might be seeing our boy phil sooner than you think

  2. kasey says:

    Before posting ignorant comments about someone you dont know maybe you should consider who is going to read them. Not all teen drivers are reckless. More adults who think they can speed in their suv’s and get away with it while texting or whatever cause more accidents than teen drivers. Get over yourselves and have some compassion for god’s sake! Before you open your mouth think about what your going to post on the internet for everyone to see. You dont know this poor kid. Grow up.

  3. photomom says:

    Agree with kasey. And shame on Raise the Driving Age, for his/her insensitive comments, about this tragedy!!! You don’t know what caused this accident. You could make your point in a much more sensitive, tactful way. You should first and foremost, be offering your condolences to this family, and his friends.

  4. Courtney says:

    Phil is an amazing person. He always had a smile on his face and lit up the room anywhere he went. It absolutely amazes me that someone could be so ignorant by posting that. Not all teens are reckless, stupid, and get high. Maybe you don’t remember that you were young at some point in your life. Phil was an innocent driver. Phil we all love you and miss you dearly ❤ Rest In Peace buddy ❤

  5. Don't feel safe with kid drivers says:

    No I do remember honey and I never took drugs or put anyone’s life at risk by driving recklessly. Yes the driving age should be raised and I don’t know him or any of the hundreds? thousands? of other teens that wreck every year, they should not have been behind the wheel either. It is the lawmakers fault actually…I am not blaming them, it is not their fault that the laws are too lenient on age. The truth is you guys are CHILDREN you have no right to be driving a 2000lb machine that you have no idea how to operate properly. He wasn’t even wearing his seat belt because kids are irresponsible. Point is why are you in such a hurry to grow up?

    1. RIP says:

      You can go to hell. All of you that are disrespecting the fact that someone lost their life. You didn’t even know Phil, so WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? We lost a beloved classmate, a student, a team mate, a brother, a grandson, a son…a friend. So you need to stop. Yes, things like this happen all the time, but has it ever actually effected you, or someone you love? Obviously not, because you are one of the most inconsiderate people out there, so once again you can burn in hell. Rest in Peace Phill. Your smile is engraved in my mind for all eternity. We love and miss you.

    2. Rest In Peace Phil says:

      half the adaults i see driving dont wear their seatbelts either, so I guess you think their to irresponsible to drive as well? this could have happened to anybody, not just a teenager. R.I.P phil

    3. Ashley says:

      Children are ‘irresponsible, immature, stupid, and on drugs’ yet they’re telling you how to conduct yourself. Don’t make ignorant remarks about an incident when you have no clue what the person was like, what he had to experience as a child, and how this effected others.

    4. Stacey says:

      I think you need to also realize that most adults don’t know how to drive either….adults are just as recklace if not more than kids are. I have seen to many adults that think they know it all and then guess what? They end up causing deaths themselves.

    5. Liz says:

      Okay you TROLL…get off your high horse and get real. I guess that “adults” such as yourself are SUCH amazing drivers, that NEVER drink and drive, ALWAYS wear seatbelts and are completely IMMUNE to car accidents yourself. You are the most ignorant person I have ever wasted my time arguing with. Grow up, get a life, and start showing some compassion. Start showing some respect in this time of need of all the students of Moon High and of the family who lost a member just weeks before the Holidays. You may say teenagers are “immature” but they sure aren’t as IGNORANT and HATEFUL as you.

    6. driver says:

      he was 18, a legal adult. legally to do what ever he wants, like drive. dont like the driving law get out of the country

    7. Moon Parent says:

      What about the thousands of Adult drivers who are out there drinking and driving? They are just as dangerous as teen drivers are. I know a guy that lives near me that drove while drunk and killed a 28 year old kid on a dangerous road here in Moon and he still has his license and is able to be with his family while the kid he killed doesn’t get that chance anymore. I see women and men reading while driving and texting while driving and trying to reach back to their little kids while driving. IS any age safe to have a license? Its not just teen agers. Most adults should have them either. I think you need to rethink your stand on this issue…


      go to hell

    9. Dan M says:

      Dear Human,

      You say us “Children” have no right to be driving. I have a few questions for you then.

      1.) We can’t drive…but we can go to war?
      2.) Have you ever been in an accident? If so, what age were you?
      3.) Do you have children? If so, How can you sit there and make hurtful comments about someone’s child?

      just three questions I’d like answered. You call all of us “Children” but it takes an ADULT to admit we’re wrong. Maybe you should act your age, delete your comments and write a strongly worded letter to your “Lawmakers” that have wronged you so much to lash out at grievers.


    10. Classmate says:

      like someone else said, you can go to hell.

      it’s never okay to say that about anyone who has passed. Phil was way better than that. you have no idea what we’ve been going through as a school.

      until you go through the same thing we’re going through, shut the hell up.

    11. Barbie says:

      you make me sick…

  6. Feel safe with kid drivers says:

    You’re probably just an unhappy, overweight middle aged woman with nothing better to do with your time. Go step on a stair master and get some therapy.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I agree with “feel safe with kid drivers”

  7. Nemo Gib says:

    how about you just take your hurtful words and shove it. you have no idea the pain that is behind losing someone like this. your rude and reckless words should be forbidden. BUrn in HELL .maybe your the one that does not deserve to live, He had his life on track. he was a perfect boy, never harmedanyone. you have no right to judge at all.

  8. ashley says:

    Last time I checked, adults could get in accidents, too. I know some teenagers who drive better than most adults. And why are you even starting this discussion? The point is, a teenager lost his life. Are you really that socially ignorant that you have to post about the car he’s driving instead of offering condolences? You need to get your head checked.

  9. Courtney says:

    I have never done drugs always wear my seatbelt and drive very safely. So get your brain checked because there has got to be something rattling around in there. I don’t understand how anyone could be this rude over a tragic loss. There are plenty of old folk who wreck everyday and kill people from drunk driving. It’s not just young ADULTS who can drive wrecklessly. Anyone can. There are many stupid people in the world but miss I can promise you that Phil was not one of them. He was an amazing person that had a great impact on many lives. ❤

  10. Emily says:

    Im an adult and the insensitive comments made about raising the driving age, and complaining about what these kids are driving, etc. are completely uncalled for! These kids just lost a friend and no one is sure what caused the wreck yet. So, dont throw around your rude and immature assumptions until you know the final cause and the truth as to what happend. Always remember… karma is coming and shes just around the corner.

    1. LIke^ says:

      I completely agree

      1. christian says:

        thumbs up to that one

    2. Classmate says:

      Thank you so much for feeling for us. and i agree with what you’ve said 100%.

  11. Rachel Richardson says:

    I wanted to offer my condolences. I remember when a friend of mine died in a car accident. I know the pain. I am praying for you all.

  12. I Understand... says:

    I lost one of my best friends a few weeks ago in a car accident & a lot of people blamed her boyfriend. No matter what the case was or how the accident happened, NOBODY could’ve stopped it. God needed another angel & was taking her either way. The same goes for this boy. Though I didn’t know him, there’s NOTHING anyone can do to stop tragedies like these. If God needs an angel, he’s gonna get one. The ones with such rude & inconciderate comments need to be in an accident with someone who loses their life & MAYBE they’ll understand how hard this is to deal with.

  13. michalle m. says:

    Wow. How hurtful and mean you are for passing judgment on a wonderful young man you don’t even know. I hope you never have to find out how hard this is.

  14. shelley says:

    I am betting that you didn’t raise your own children right, because you have such a distorted view of teenagers.

  15. william wright says:

    Keep Philip with you always, make automobile safety your cause..Remember him every time you get behind the wheel… drive like your life depended on it. RIP Philip, you will be missed.

  16. anonymous says:

    dont make judgements about people you dont know. he was not a person who drove recklesly. he was a good kid with a big smile and even bigger heart. he could light up a room with his smile just by walking in. we will never forget the way he could make us laugh. he has seen so much in his life and you would not know it by looking at him. the only good thing is that he is now with his mom and doesnt have to be strong everyday. go check yourself before making comments and judging someone. rest easy phil walker<3 always loved.

  17. anon says:

    yes, he saw things no 5 year old should see but he was a beacon of light for everyone in his short life. I hope he is up here in his mother’s arms. God bless his sister and grandparents who are left to grieve.

  18. Fellow Student says:

    I know I never had a chance to meet Phil, but it was a devastating Monday morning at school when we got the news that one of our own was no longer with us. From what I hear he was a great kid. He was on the soccer team, and he never did anything wrong. Its sad that people post comments not realizing how the family feels. Just imagine all the things Phil wanted to do during his life that he never got the chance to do.

  19. I never met Phil, but this kid has touched many peoples lives and his sister and family are going through alot. don’t sit there and say kids shouldn’t drive. Many adults are getting in crashes and can barely drive being on thier phone so don’t sit here and say kids can’t. I find some kids more responsible then adults. but I just want to send my love to this boy and his family, Rest in peace

  20. Classmate says:

    it’s really upsetting seeing some people acting so inconsiderate and disrespectful after we have lost a classmate, a teammate and a friend. they should really be ashamed of themselves. i know for a matter of fact that if it was someone they knew they wouldn’t be leaving such arrogant comments, and they would be furious as well in reading some of the comments that are already here. Phil was the nicest kid ever, and there wasn’t a single soul who didn’t like him, whether they knew him or not.
    in mourning the loss of Phil, we ask that you leave only the nice comments and memories of Phil. If you have something inconsiderate to say, keep it to yourself. it’s simply the polite thing to do, and any person with common sense would have already know that.
    thank you.
    and rest in peace Phil.

  21. christian says:

    its ashame you guys are pointing out things like he shouldn’t be driving an SUV or he was probably high or not paying attention…he was a great kid who had a horrible accident at least have the decency to keep those comments to yourselves

  22. NOTE to the RUDE WOMAN says:

    Accidents can happen at any age. Not all teens are bad drivers. It takes time and experience to learn how to be a good driver. So raising the driving age will only limit the time used to gain that experience. Maybe that rude woman should spend her time being less disrespectful to the friends and family of this young man and spend her time taking a lesson in Sympathy. The fact is a young man died and his friends and family should not have to endure ignorance during this difficult time. My heart goes out to you for your loss.

  23. Linah says:

    This is a reply to the “Raise the Driving age comment”. After reading your comment, I would be ashamed to write my name on the credit too. As a former classmate of Phil, I find your comments not only repulsive but extremely offensive not only because of your stereotype of a beloved classmate but also extremely offensive to myself and everyone else in the Moon Area community. First, you personally do not know Phil, so it shows your “stupidity as you stereotyped him” to even judge his character. As comments earlier have expressed, Phil was a levelheaded kid who could make just about anyone smile. Trust me, its an honor to have known him, and maybe someone like you would have benefited knowing someone like this because he would have changed your “bitterness” toward the teenage population, and maybe his positive attitude could have rubbed off on you. Secondly, I hope you have learned from the 40+ comments above, that your insensitivity to this tragedy is hurtful, and that we all stand behind Phil and miss him. The problem not with society is teen drivers on the road, it is the people like you who stereotype people you have never met, and yet truly think your immature comments are helping society as a whole. You have obviously never met Phil and never will because of these unfortunate events. So please, do everyone a favor, and keep your repulsive, inconsiderate comments to yourself and let them stay in your closed mind. Rest in peace, Phil. We all miss you.

    1. Classmate says:

      thank you so much linah. could not have said that any better.

  24. Moon Student says:

    Rest in Peace Phil. Our school will be celebrating your life tomorrow (when we actually have school) by wearing crazy colors and soccer socks. I hope you see that and smile.

    We’ll see you again someday, but until then, I’ll see ya’ later.

  25. @ LINAH says:


  26. to Linah says:


  27. anonymous says:

    i have one thing to say to the person with the rude person, only the good die young. he was an amazing person who could brighten anyones day. he has left a lasting impression on anyone that he has met. he will be missed and loved in the community. i only wish that i had one more day with him just to tell him all the wonderful things about him. im sure we all would have liked that. unfortunatly he was take too soon from us. our class will never be the same without the smile we all knew and loved but by this unfortunate event we all came closer together. will all miss and love you phil, be happy with your mom and watch over your sister.

  28. Nellie Lynch says:

    My deepest condolences goes out to Phils family, friends, classmates & teammates, I can’t believe the heartless & rude comments!! Phil sounds like an AWESOME person who will be sadly missed. My prayers are with yinz all. R.I.P Phil

  29. A.E says:

    Linah said it best. These repulsive comments don’t need to be made. You can think what ever you want about Phil, but if you didn’t know him then you don’t know the truth. Rest In Peace Phil. God Bless his family and friends. KDKA should be ashamed to keep these horrible comments up.

  30. Anonymous2 says:

    I’m sure you’ve realized this by now, but whether or not YOU THINK the driving ago needs to be different or what not this is NOT the forum to be trying to force your views onto everyone else. Why would you think that on an article of this nature, about hundreds of students classmates and friends, is the place be JUDGMENTAL, RUDE and INCONSIDERATE of these teenagers emotions. If you want to discuss that, go to a forum where driving ages, laws, etc. are discussed and do not STEREOTYPE and DISRESPECT every teenage in the world. If you’d had/paid attention to your own children you would very well know that EVERY TEENAGE is their own person and that there is no excuse for how you are acting. I’m not a teenager, but I still feel that you are out of line. Kids, my prayers are with you and Phil and I hope that you all stay strong and there for each other.

  31. classmate says:

    how dare you make comments like that. a family, school, and a community are all grieving right now and you dont even have the decency to offer condolences. all you can comment on is how teenagers are irresponsible drivers and how he was probably high or something. you do not know phil so what makes you think you can make a judgement like that. phil was one of the happiest kids ive had the chance of knowing, he could light up a room with his smile and will forever missed. so please think before making these insensitive comments about a situation that you dont even know all the facts. rip phil ❤

  32. Emilie says:

    How dare you post comments like that. Phil Walker was a wonderful person and friend to many. You should be ashamed for saying anything that could taint the memory of this innocent victim. His crash was a horrific tragedy, not the result of “teenage stupidity” or whatever you’d call it. You claim that teenagers are too young and immature to drive, and yet here you are, as an adult, posting nasty comments about a wonderful boy that you didn’t even know. I hope you’re proud of the example you’re setting. People like you make me sick.
    Phil, all of your friends and family at Moon are praying for you and your family. You didn’t deserve to be taken from us so soon, but I know that you are in a better place now and that you will be watching over us all. Thank you for leaving such a lasting impression on the students of Moon Area High School. You have brought us all closer together than I ever though possible. You will never, ever be forgotten. Thank you.

  33. Sam says:

    Phil! We had a dance-off at Prom 2010. You’re an awesome kid. I’ll see you up there one day. We can dance again!

  34. Michael says:

    Rest in peace bro. It’s never supposed to happen like that or at this age. God bless and watch over us all at moon.

  35. Moon High School Student says:

    I miss you Phil. I miss making funny faces at you during lunch. I miss watching your soccer games. You have a beautiful heart and i bet it is even bigger up in heaven. You have touched everyone in Moon even if they didn’t know you. You were one hell of a dancer! I thank you for always being able to put a smile on my face. You lived your life to the fullest, and now I think that me and the everyone else needs to follow in your footsteps. We need to live our lives to the fullest because we never know when our time is up. Watch over us in Moon. But more importantly, watch over Abbee. She loves you and she was like your best friend. I have never seen two siblings bond closer in my life. I hope you reunite with your mom, Phil. We love you and you will never be forgotten. rest in peace. ❤

  36. Former Student says:

    I hope you’re with your momma, Phil. We love you, and we miss you so much. I’ll never forget you or what happened to you. You’re one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It’s pathetic that some people on this page are leaving such rude comments, but I don’t even care about commenting back to them. The things they say do not matter because they are not true. Everyone loved you Phil. I’ll forever pray for you and your family. ❤ Rest in peace, and watch over us. I really hope you know how much you are loved.

    ps. Loveee Linah's comment. Phil has such amazing friends.

  37. JR says:

    Arguably one of the best human i have ever met. Phil was always smiling and laughing. He lived his life to the fullest and will never be forgotten. RIP Phil.

  38. Aaron says:

    Very, very unfortunate and ignorant comments above.
    This is one adult who is very proud of the students in the Moon Area. “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young…” 1 Tim 4:12
    Praying for Phil’s friends and family.

  39. Moon Parent says:

    As for the person who commented on raising the driving age and their remarks. I think it is wrong of you to judge all teen drivers. I myself have 2 very responsible drivers in my household, those of which would never think about driving intoxicated or while texting. From what I hear about Phil from my kids and the rest of the classmates he would never attempt these things either. The police don’t even know how this accident happened, it could have been a deer that ran out in front of him and he may have swerved to avoid it. That area of road he was killed on is a dark and wooded area. He may have dropped something and attempted to pick it up, which I know, I and other adults have done while driving. Things happen, accidents happen and I think it is wrong of anyone to come on here and automatically assume that this poor kid was texting or otherwise. You should be ashamed of yourself and get over you bitterness toward teen drivers. Just because a few kids do it and cause accidents doesn’t mean they all do it. Rest in Peace Phil Walker you will be missed.

  40. Debbie says:

    My sympathy goes out to this family. I had the pleasure of working with Phillips Mother Michele when her life was taken so tragically. I saw the pain they all endured and cannot imagine how this is for them now. I take peace in knowing that Phillip is with his mom . I know she was there waiting to greet him. May God Bless and keep you all in this time of need.

  41. moon student says:

    I have nothing to say to you other than that your comment should be deleted, and that you are a horrible human being. I am not going to waste my time typing a long message about how horrible you are because i don’t think you understand anything about life. I honestly feel bad for you.

  42. mb says:

    I think the administrator of this site needs to remove the “Raise the driving age” comment. This person does not deserve all the attention they are getting.

  43. missyouphil says:

    Phil was an amazing kid with a lovable personality and we’re all going to miss him more than anything. I think these ridiculous people should just stop talking because it’s irritating me and everyone else. Absolutely no one agrees with you and what you have said and no one thought you were being considerate what so ever. You don’t know him, so keep your unthoughtful comments to your stupid self. You should be absolutely embarrassed to say such a thing. I’ve never seen anyone with such a small heart and a low amount of sympathy in my life. We love you Phil. Rest in Peace

  44. a grieving classmate says:

    I can’t believe someone could write something so rude about someone you don’t even know. He was only 18, he was an awesome kid and went threw things you could not even imagine. You have no idea what our school, community, and his family are going through. Sure as teens we overreact, but this is not overreacting, this is showing respect for someone we all loved. If you were in our shoes I’m sure you would feel extremely hurt by a comment like yours. That is extremely disrespectful. I can’t believe you thought you had the right to say something like that. It’s SICK. I hope you regret it.

  45. A former classmate says:

    It is astounding to see so many people posting such hurtful comments about not only a group of children that I have known to act more responsible than adults around them, and such a wonderful child. Phil was an amazing friend and an amazing person, and should not have his name tarnished by your opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this is a place to respect and cherish the memory of this wonderful child. Goodbye Phil, you will never be forgotten. As for the rest of you, please allow us to mourn and post our love for this young man. Your posts are just inconsiderate and have no place here.

  46. Moon Senior says:

    some of the comments and the authors of those comments do not even deserve the time to be criticized.

    Phil was an amazing guy. He has left an everlasting impact on our Senior Class. I have never been more proud of my school than i am today. In a day we have all come together, and grown, matured, and learned. It’s sad it happened over this. I have never been happier to be a part of the Class of 2011. We will definitely not be the same without Phil. A day will not pass that we don’t remember his smiling face.

    My prayers, thoughts and love go out to his family and friends. Phil will be greatly missed, and never forgotten.
    May he forever Rest in Peace.

  47. A fellow classmate says:

    Phil was a cheerful happy guy… Always smiling and made everyone laugh… These rude comments aren’t necessary and no one has the right to judge anyone they don’t know.. Rip Phil u were a truly wonderful person

    Linah ur comment said it the best

  48. Ann says:

    I am so sorry for the family’s loss. I hope you find comfort in the love of each other and may God wrap his arms around you and help you find peace.

  49. Jenn says:

    i may not have known phil that well but he is really a nice guy. he was in my study hall last year and he always made everyone smile. he didnt deserve this.. everyone needs to watch the roads.. expecially with his weather. rest in peace ❤ phil you made a difference.

  50. Cyndi Z says:

    I am a parent of a senior at MAHS and unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to meet Phil. I do have a daughter that is mourning this tragic accident along with many others. I have one question……. Aren’t we supposed to be good role models for children and give them all the positive education we can??? These horrible comments are totally uncalled for. People like you are giving “US” as adults a bad name with children! What are we teaching these kids? Let’s be rude and untactful and that will make you a better person? I really don’t believe it is of any importance what type of car we drive, or how old we are when a tragedy occurs! We all need to remember that children of all ages and situations read this post! As for the neighbor that commented about the accident on Flaugherty Run Road……. How well do you know that family? Do you know that he has children too? Do you know how that will make those kids feel to read your comment as they gone on here to offer their condolences to Phil? We all need to think before we run our ridicules mouths and realize how bad your ignorance hurts multiple people in many different ways! Haven’t you been taught through life to think before speaking? Some thoughts you may have with different situations are better left in your own head and unsaid. Let’s learn from these peoples ignorance and not follow their footsteps now or ever!
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Phil, his sister his grandparents, and to all who mourn this tragedy! I cannot take the pain away but you should keep in mind he is in a wonderful place! He is looking over each and every one of you and will guide you wherever life leads you.
    As for the comment the other rude person said about the accident last year…… I want the families of both sides to know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers! Please let the ignorant posts go in one ear and out the other. There are multiple victims in both families. My heart goes out to all of you!
    RIP Phil!

    1. Friend of PArent says:

      I didnt hear anyone say anything about the accident on Flaugherty run road, and I didnt hear anyone say it happened ;last year. It is wrong of you to judge someone elses comments when you dont know their situation. Maybe they lost someone in a drunk driving accident. There have been so many accidents in the township over the years you have no idea which one this person was talking about. But this isnt the time or place, this is about Phil and we need to respect his memory. RIP Phil

      1. Cyndi Z says:

        You know what you meant and if you honestly thought about the point I was trying to make, it indeed has to do with this tragic situation. You totally got the wrong point I was trying to make. No matter the situation, people need to think about what they are saying and who it might hurt, Just as some of the comments made here pertaining to Phil! I greive for people in situations like this! My heart goes out to Phil, his family, and all who are mourning over the loss!!!! Maybe you should read it again and realize what the point actually was. People should not use hurtful words especially in times like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. John says:

    R.I.P. Phil. you have left a lasting impression on many. you were a great kid always smiling and by far a better person than myself. you will be greatly missed and always loved.

  52. Moon student;; says:

    As an adult, you should be ashamed of yourself. Accidents happen no matter what age. You, however, need to grow up, look at yourself in the mirror and recite that comment to yourself after you put yourself in our shoes. And don’t tell me that you wouldn’t of been appalled by that comment. Next time, before you speak think about others, rather than how yourself. Put yourself in their place.
    Rest in peace phil<3

  53. Taylor says:

    Rest in Peace, Phil. i love you and all of us seniors have your back<3 You were one of the greatest people I've ever known. You brought so much love and happiness to everyone's lives. I don't know how we're going to finish the year and graduate without you. Whenever i see the sun shining down, I will always know it's you.

  54. Fellow Student; says:

    No words can describe the grief our whole school is going through right now. For you to come on here and make such horrible comments is completely uncalled for. Phillip touched the lives of all of us and was one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. We should be taking this time to morn the loss of our fellow friend, classmate, and family member. Rest in Peace Phillip, you are for ever in our hearts and on our minds ❤ love you buddy!

  55. Student says:

    So your going to sit there and tell us that they need to raise the driving age when in fact you have no problem letting 18 year old men getting drafted or voulanteering to fight wars in 3rd world countries while you sit back on your ass and comment about horrific accidents on the internet… You dont deserve rights. you dont deserve anything. to say something like that when you have no idea what happened or who phil is so so ignorrant and narcistic that you should be absolutelly embarrased. You have officially lost your speaking privlidges for the rest of your life. RIP Phil You will never be forgotten.

  56. Mark - Moon Senior says:

    I’ve known Phil since we were both in elementary school, and now he is gone and there is a whole community in shock and grief. The last thing that we need is ignorance and assumptions. The accident happened right down the street from my house (literally a 3 minute walk away). I drive on the road all the time and it’s dangerous even for the most experience driver (this has nothing to do with a driving age).


    Just rest in peace Phil, Moon misses you and you’ll never be forgotten.

  57. mom23 says:

    To the students of Moon HS- my deepest sympathies go out to all of you as I feel terrible for the loss of your classmate Phillip, and that you must experience something so tragic. Please disregard what negative and ignorant adults say for they sometimes don’t think before they speak. And to Phillip- rest in peace.

  58. LB says:

    UNREAL how we have experts on this thread , A YOUNG MAN LOST HIS life , HE MAY HAVE SWERVED TO MISS A DEER , speed may not have been involved , he may have died even with a seat belt , Celebrate this young mans life , do not cast stone and pass judgement on him , his friends and family are hurting enough , I do not know this young man but I worked with his Mother , I hope he is in heaven with her and at peace .

  59. moon mom says:

    The person who chose this forum to rant about teen drivers and make inaccurate assumptions about Phil Walker is beneath my contempt. The family and friends of Phil Walker need to disregard this ignorance and celebrate the life of a young man who was taken too soon and will be missed by so many. Soar with the angels, Phil.

  60. mom in moon says:

    Goes to show how ignorant one person can be!!! My deepest sympathy to this wonderful family!! Phil was a wonderful person! I never had any question about letting my daughter ride in the car with Phil he was very cautious. It honestly does not matter what age you are or what type of vehicle you drive when the unexpected happens! Next time think about what you are saying I can believe how you can be so incredibly rude!

  61. @raise the driving age says:

    just so you know. he was not drunk. nor high. and his phone was found in his BACK POCKET. so really. get off of phil’s case, you horrible. horrible person.

  62. DUFF says:

    dear reality,
    its time for you to get off of this page and never open your mouth ever again. Phil, a person who lived a better life in 18 years than you probably ever will, has just passed away, and you come on here talking trash. Anyone who has anything to say about moon students, kids driving, or anything about the topic needs to stay away from this page. Being a moon grad of 2010, i know first hand about this school more than anyone. If you come on here and want to talk about moon students or anything of the sort, its time to shut your damn mouth. RIP Phil, always smiling down on us.

  63. stop talking says:

    No one would treat anyone like trash if people had some respect in this world. How dare you even write something you know nothing about that is just so ignorant. Phil was a wonderful kid loved by all and hated by none he had so much going for him and will be greatly missed so please just do not speak and keep it to yourself when you know absolutely nothing! if you have no nice words to say about Phillip then just do not talk or be disrespectful by writing on his page. you have no idea what any of us his friends or his loving family are going through so please just stay out of our lives. Philly we all love you and miss you dearly you could not have been a better person or had a bigger heart or smile, we love you and we always will! Abbs and the Walkers please stay strong.
    rest easy

  64. I ride for P Dub says:

    Rest in peace Philly…
    P.S. you really know how to make a fire last.

  65. pam says:

    i do think the legal age of driving should be higher. I am 40 and still dont have a drivers license. I have two children ages 22 and 18 who also still dont drive. And i do support the idea that after a certain age people should have to retake a road test every couple of years. That said i am very sorry that this young man lost his life. It doesnt matter what time of year it is it is sad. I am sorry and offer my sympathy and thoughts to his family and friends.

  66. Fellow moon student says:

    Shut the hell up. Do you go to moon? Well I do. And we all loved phill. When you went to highschool everyone had their own groups nothing has changed. Phill was a person that everyone loved and wanted to be friends with. So untill YOU come to our school and see how his death is effecting us don’t comment again.

  67. Moon student #365 says:

    Look this is suppose to be a website where we can post our goodmemories of phil not to fight or disagree with disrespectful people. who dont care. We do care so let them be. they arent worth the fighting. once they loose a close one then they will understand. and we will be waiting to hear them miss that one person. so please just stop that argueing. Thanks:)

  68. william says:

    What can we take away from this tragedy? The strength of the Walker family, the overwhelmingly positive nature that both of the Walker children have, make these attributes yours and Phill will be with you always.

  69. Becca B says:

    My sister lost a friend to an ADULT drunk driver! She was very hurt and cried for days. I am very sorry for those who have lost Phil. From what I’m reading, he sounds like a great guy. As for those who leave rude comments, you should feel ashamed. There is no reason to post such horrible comments when this is a time for mourning. Accidents can happen any age!!! Again my prayers go to Phil’s family and friends!!

  70. SANDRA WALKER says:

    Aunt sandy!

    1. moon student says:

      I think I speak for all of us by saying we are sorry for yourloss and phill was a great person. And please tell abbee that we are here for her

  71. Ryan P. says:

    Hey Phil,

    I just want to let you know that I always looked up to you. You were one of my best buddies and I will always miss you. Right now, though, you need to watch out for your sister. She loves you a lot and misses you a ton. I know you’re up there with your mom right now, but remember your sister and parents are down here and miss you alot. We all love you and will never forget you. It’s wrong that an ADULT thinks that the only reason you died was because you were only 18. He should be ashamed that a 14 year old like me knew it could have happened to anyone. I’ll never forget you, man! You went with us to Kennywood, played Guitar Hero with us, and were even there when I caught my first bass. I miss you alot buddy, and I will never forget yo

  72. Matt says:

    You are just plain dumb. how can you be so heartless and write such comments, when friends and FAMILY are going to see them. As you can see by all of the comments, phil was loved by many. And what do you know about driving? your prob a women
    R.I.P Phil

  73. Moon Highschool Student says:

    rest in peace Phil. You will be greatly missed. For not knowing you, I heard that you were an AMAZING guy.

    We will all see you up in Heaven one day, Phil

  74. Bartus says:

    A stupid, ignorant comment from a stupid, ignorant person

    Phil, you were a great guy and the community will miss you deeply. my prayers go out to your family

    1. moon student says:

      I agree with you mark

  75. ? says:

    the rude comments i have read just shock me i do not know phill personally but my older brother does and it breaks my heart that some1 would say suck crule things about a boy who didnt get to live his full life if i where u i would be ashamed

  76. Anne-Marie Z says:

    Dear Walkers, God Bless you all, I am so sorry that this site has been used by a thoughtless idiot to cause more hurt. We are all with you and praying for you. Janet is a lovely lady. I wish I knew what I could do to help.

  77. Carrie H says:

    I have known Phil since he was just a little boy. He was a terrific kid, and his family is amazing. I pray for his family during this tragic time. I don’t know why things happen the way they do, but I know that God will see them through. Fly with the angels, Phil.

  78. anastasia smallis says:

    For all you ignorant people saying the things your saying, even thinking the things you are you have no respect for anything not even yourself, thats why you cant admit to your name with your crucial words. I didnt know Phil but that doesnt matter in this case what matters is that i do have a heart and out of the goodness of my heart to think and take time to say something nice. Things happen to everyone around the world no matter gender, age, race, etc and i am damn sure that if one of you trash talkers have any children you wouldnt appreciate the things being said about this young boy towards your children. I can only speak for myself but in this instance I will speak over all of the people who dont know what life feels like and doesnt appreciate what they live for. this needs to stop and it should have never started. Phil, your in a better place and thank god you dont have to deal with the people down here because as you can see they are very rude and ignorant. Your in such a better place so live on and watch over us through thick and thin but whatever you do please find a soccer ball and have some fun! Your in my prayers and i know alot of other peoples prayers too.

  79. Rest Easy Phil says:

    Rest Easy Phil… Tonight really showed how many people loved you. You really knew how to light up a room. It was hard not seeing that smile on your face tonight. To the Walker family, the community is here for you. Abbee we will all get through this together, your brother was a great guy.

  80. Moon Alumni says:

    Rude! That comment is horrible. Obviously what you said was wrong and inappropriate! You should go out and do some charity work. You need to think of what your words may mean to other people. Your not the only person on this earth. May Phil rest in Peace, and may his family find comfort in love in this horrible time. May they know that there are people out there that love you and will be there for you if you need it!

  81. Marcy Cuervo-Hoeper says:

    What a shock to hear this news. It sounds to me that Phillip will be sorely missed by many, many people. I knew Phillip’s mom, we were friends while attending Moon High. Phillip by all accounts, was very much like his mom, kind, sweet, compassionate and just a beautiful soul. My prayers are with his family and friends that God will grant peace and comfort during another dark time. Perhaps the only comfort is that Phillip is with his beautiful mom. God Bless

  82. kyle says:

    driving age this with your lips alright you loser

  83. SW says:

    I work at the Moon Area High School and have seen firsthand how deeply affected both students and staff have been affected by this tragedy. It absolutly doesn’t matter what he was driving or how old he was-this a life lost! Phillip had many friends. This is the time the family needs support, not criticism especially from strangers. I am praying for the family. This is a terrible loss for them. I am praying for his many, many friends that won’t have Phil in their lives. I am also praying for the people that are so harsh and quick to judge because they need it as much as anyone.

  84. Barbie says:

    Phil was a great person! Anyone would have loved to know him. He always knew how to light up a room with his smile. Everyone at Moon Area High School will deeply miss Phil and will definately alway remember him for everything that he has done. Throught this whole week, Phil has definately tought me about the value of life. Appreciate life while you have it. Live every moment to the fullest and accomplish your goals. Tomorrow is not promised. Make the most out if life because you only get one. I thank Phil for teaching me this lesson. My prayers and support go out to the family during thsi rough time.
    R.I.P. Phil~ Watch over us from above!

  85. Courtney Mc says:

    I already commented before but I just wanted to again.
    I still can’t believe this is happening. It’s awful we are all facing such a horrible tragedy. The viewing was the hardest thing I ever went through. Anyway…
    Phil, I will never ever ever forget you. I’ll never forget meeting you. The boys on the soccer team told you I thought you were cute. You were and still are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. From that day on we were friends. We texted every single day. Well the texts since those days when you were a little freshman have become less frequent but I will always cherish our friendship. You mean so much to me Phil. I miss you. I love you. Thank you for changing my life ❤

  86. Concerned citizen says:

    This is why I strongly believe that KDKA has done a terrible thing by allowing people to post comments about their stories. This one person has everyone focused on hatred and not the real story…..a young man has lost his life. From the comments that I read “a great young man” at that. This poor boys parents are mourning and you people are focused on hating those that make useless comments. Good job KDKA!!!!

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