Nativity Scene Moved From Borough Property In Canonsburg

By Ralph Iannotti

CANONSBURG (KDKA) — The location of a nativity scene has ignited controversy in Canonsburg.

Canonsburg resident Megan Hartley fired off a letter to the Canonsburg Borough Manager Terry Hazlett.

Among other things, her letter read: “There are plenty of nativity sets on display every year in front of many churches in town and in front of private homes as well. We do not need another one in front of a government building.”

Hartley was referring to a crèche which has been put up in front of the borough building every December longer than most folks remember.

Rather than risk an expensive court suit, Hazlett decided to have the Knights of Columbus put the display up this year on private property just down the street from the municipal offices.

“If the government is promoting one religion over others, that’s not fair,” Hartley said. “We have Jewish members of this community, Muslim members of this community, atheist members of this community – we even have pagan members of this community and having a Nativity set up doesn’t represent a single one of them.”

“It’s illegal to have a crèche on government property, so we took it off,” Hazlett said. “Now, if we can find a way to move it back onto the property we will, but we want to make sure it’s legal first,” Hazlett.

Anthony Lewandowsky called moving it “an abomination.” He added someone might be offended by the statue of Perry Como, which stands in front of borough offices. “Will that have to go too?” he asked.


One Comment

  1. A says:

    If this nativity has been in the community for longer than most can remember, yet all these citizens find it offensive, why has it taken so many years to become an issue? Seems that one person always wants to spoil everything for everyone else. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but no matter how ridiculous it may be, no one can take CHRIST our of CHRISTmas!
    Have a Merry CHRISTmas Ms. Hartley!

    1. Sean S. says:

      Separation of church and state, anyone?

      1. Paul B. says:

        No such thing. Do your research.

      2. rpm says:

        this cpontrywas built on the word of god she she doesn’t like nothing stopping her from moving im sure there would be enough people to help her out

      3. JM says:

        There is no “separation of church & state”. People do not know their history. This was only mentioned by Thomas Jefferson so that the government does not “endorse” only 1 faith, such as Methodist, baptist, Catholic, etc…… If you were to go through the archives from the 1700″s, which are on file, you will see that the Founding Fathers intended this to be a Christian nation and that they solely relied on God in their decision making….STOP WATCHING THE EVENING NEWS AND DO YOUR HISTORY HOMEWORK!!!!!!!

      4. JM says:

        Next time, before you repeat what you hear from the evening news….look up the facts….or better yet….click this link…………it was Thomas Jefferson who used this phrase in 1802… has NOTHING to do with what your Liberal news people are brainwashing you with!!!!

    2. Shane Hatch says:

      Christmas was originally a roman holiday known as saturnalia. The Christians high-jacked it for their own purposes. So, it would be more accurate to say, “Christmas is not, and never was, a Christian holiday no matter how hard they try to make it one.

    3. A Palinista says:

      Attention: From now on, your taxes can be paid at your local church.

      There is NO seperation of church and state.

  2. John Snyder says:

    Oh My God, will someone tell me whats wrong with this here. Please, this has been a tradition in Guntown longer than most of our grandparents have been married. If you want your religion represented at the borough bldg. go out and buy whatever it is that is a symbol of religion, and donate it to the borough. Becasue the creche I believe was donated to and not purchased by the borough.

  3. Michele H says:

    For all that is wrong with the world and going wrong with the world, is now REALLY a good time to start attacking God?? If you ackowledge and/or celebrate Christmas you are a hypocrite!!! There would be no Christmas if it weren’t for the birth of Christ!!! Why is it okay for every other religion to express their beliefs, but not the Catholics??? This country would be a lot better off if people would concern themselves with the issues that REALLY need addressing – homelessness, unemployment, taxes, the everyday things that effect us ALL! I hope that if I were ever in the Canonsburg area, Ms Hartley that I would NOT see one sign of Christmas at your home, because if I did, you are a HYPOCRITE! I REALLY think you need to find something CONSTRUCTIVE to do with your obvious abundance of spare time.

    1. Dana Spallinger says:

      Christmas’ origins lay in pagan history and pre-date Christianity. It like most things in the Christian religion were borrowed from other religious and cultural sources. Please review human history so as not to repeat it’s mistakes.

      Happy Holidays!

  4. Debbie S says:

    I cant believe that Ms Hartley feels that she needs to be the community speaker. Ms Hartley is telling the town that the Nativity scene is against her religion and we are not allowed to express ours?? Now Ms Hartley your forcing your religion upon us and how is that right. I dont live in your town and you are very lucky because I would personally put up multiple Nativity scenes on my property. Whats so bad about a baby in a manger? How does that offend anyone really?? How is that offensive I really would like to know? Isnt it bad enough that God was taken out of our schools now you want to take him out of our homes to? So what it was on government property. I dont tell you what to believe. Whats next are you going to try to get rid if Christmas?

    1. bill says:

      Hey Ms. Hartley. Its called CHRISTmas. It was when Jesus was born. Why is this offensive? He loved us ALL.

  5. Emily says:

    Wow! This is truely a shame. When the pledge of allegiance, which i recited EVERY morning at school, was removed from public schools it made me sick! Recently a little boy who wore his cross around his neck everyday all day, including to school, had 2 remove it because it offended other kids and their religions that made me even more sick! This is the final straw for me. All these other religions wear their clothes, head pieces, jewelry, etc. and not 1 word is said because everyone has the right to worship their own beliefs. In my opinion, we who believe in Christ, are being ostrasized by these other religions. I dont care if there were a million nativity scenes in the neighborhood if this 1 has been up for longer then anyone remembers then LET IT BE!! Just like every other religion we who believe in christ should have the same freedom of religion also. SHAME ON YOU MS. HARTLEY!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! Thank you for ruining a tradition for a lot of people.

    1. paddymurphy says:

      They never removed the pledge from schools and no child has ever been forced to remove a crucifix. Your making things like this up to make your point is not very christian. A nativity scene on public property is illegal. End of story.

  6. Sick of bending to please foreigners says:

    …so Christians have to concede to make other religions happy….I am sending the ACLU, every temple, mosque, and etc…a CHRISTMAS card. This country was founded on freedom of religion, I believe we have the right to display OUR CHRISTIANITY, since we have to bend to make other religions happy.They shove their muslim, hindu, athiest religions in our faces, and we have to respect it…I am offended that I have to have MY religion hidden because it is offensive to others. They are always free to go to Islam, India, and Iraq to celebrate if they don’t like the sight of my CHRISTMAS TREE and my CRICUFIX.

  7. ticked off american says:

    all of you can go back to your own countries and try just once to disagree with their philosphies. You are all welcome to come to america for a better life but don’t you dare tell us how we should believe. Or live. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  8. Mike Dennison says:

    Hartley go back to were you came from. You are not needed or wanted here.

    1. Vik says:

      I agree with you Mike, Hartley needs to get out of Canonsburg. How could that woman show her face in this town again?

      I got a message for you Hartley, “With God with me, who can be against me?” You don’t have a need for God in your life, you turned a lot of good people against you. Shame on you for causing Christians to think ill of you.

  9. cakr says:

    True Christianity does not depend on and is not propagated by outward displays of statues, jewelry and symbolism. Jesus said that He was building His church and the gates of hell would not prevail against it. True Christianity is spread by the preaching and teaching of God’s Word with the unction of the Holy Spirit.

  10. Dave P. says:

    Are you kidding me…why in the world would you (Hartley) want to damper such beautiful holiday spirit with such a childish display. I been part of this community for over 40 years and that nativity been there for as long as i can remember. We who were born and raised here in canonsburg love tradition but do not love change. Your actions tell me one thing…you have to find something to do during the day. Like it or not we are a christian community. And to show my christianity i am offering you my services to help you move, give you a ride out of town or better yet to the airport.

  11. LEK says:

    Christmas is about Jesus and his birth, if you don’t like it, keep your mouth shut and don’t celebrate it. I think someone should make a formal complaint that it was moved. Mrs. Hartley says she is not trying to be a grinch, she is worse. She is the reason our country and our children are disrespectful, killing each other and everyone is out for one thing, themselves. You take the church out of life and you end up with nothing. She needs to go away and live someplace where she can harm only herself

    1. Dana Spallinger says:

      Christmas didn’t originate as a Christian holiday. Even the bible has conflicting accounts of the mythical Nativity event.

      The American land was taken from the Native Americans at the cost of their lives, so please be more compassionate about ‘change’.

      1. JM says:

        Obviously Dan Spallinger… voted for Obama. You can keep your change…and take it over to Europe with the rest of the Progressive Commies.

  12. Chris says:

    Wow. The anger in these comments is frightening. They also point to a lack of any understanding of constitutional principles. The courts established long ago that a single religious symbol on government land is not appropriate. I appreciate Canonsburg doing the right thing, even if unpopular to some.

    1. Drew says:

      You have obviously never been to Washingon DC where every historical government building has Bible scriptures and Christian principles written out. Out country’s history is based on Christianity. You can’t erase history and what actually happened

  13. dan says:

    I have to stomach a mosque at ground zero after the 911. and now this…..Why do the good people of the world have to continually be stomped by all the people who want to do harm…its a sad world we live in, things need to change before its too late!

  14. Andy G says:

    Christ’s birth and death mark THE most defining moment in human history it can be denied or ignored but it doesn’t change the facts! It is not just a tradition, believe it or not this country was indeed founded on christian principals. If people of other faiths want to recognize there symbols at this time of year then bring them down and hopefully the borough manager will take the consideration to display them.

  15. Darren says:

    If you live in Canonsburg, call your pastor and see if your church would be willing to host the nativity scene instead. I would think that most of the churches in town would be happy to display it. It beats getting all worked up over a sourpuss…

  16. Lew says:

    I am offended by a Perry Como statue in front of a government building! There could be one person out there that worships Como as a religion. THE COMO STATUE MUST GO!! Like Christ (‘Christ’-mas), we can’t have government supporting any religions.

  17. Andrew says:

    Mrs. Hazlett should contact the (American Center for Law and Justice) for free leagel advise. Why is the minority ruling this community? That’s not what this country was founded on. Thanks word FM.

  18. Donna J says:

    My grandfather was born in Canonsburg and had his hair cut by Perry Como. I was born in Washington, Pa. so I keep in touch with my roots. I cannot believe that one person makes a complaint and changes tradition for all the rest of the majority of believers. I would not dream of going to a foreign country and telling them to take down a religious statue or whatever. If I lived next door to Ms. Hartley I would find the biggest nativity set I could and put it up so she would see it every single day of the year and not just CHRISTMAS.

  19. Dr Michael says:

    Some day we will all stand in judgment and I hope this person repents and not only asks forgiveness but also accepts Jesus and sees the meaning of Christmas and what this season represents.

  20. mike6875 says:

    I seen this BEAST on kdka news this morning, looks like she was on welfare all her life and can’t afford a nice Christmas and wants to ruin everybody else’s Get off the welfare and get a job, then maybe you can have a nice Christmas BEAST..

  21. Drod says:

    This is probably the same woman that will complain if she doesn’t receive her CHRISTMAS bonus!! What a jerk!

  22. Bill F says:

    Why dont all the people that object to Christmas symbols show up for work on Christmas day They sure do take the holiday benifits

  23. melzo says:

    If I write a letter complaining about the government building, can we get rid of that too?

  24. loverofjesus says:

    I hope that every household on Oak Spring Road in Canonsburg put up the a nativity!!!

  25. dag01 says:

    Well hopefully she is not employed because if she is she should not get a paid holiday. Remember the holiday is the birth of Christ and the nativity set represent that. But come to think of it i would think she is not employed cause she has to much time on her hand to whine about something like that. If I lived in Canonsburg I would have not moved the set. Told her to get over it

    1. mike6875 says:

      If you would have seen her on the news this morning,you could just tell she doesn’t know what work is. And if I lived in Canonsburg I would have told her if you don’t like it don’t look.

      1. jenn says:


  26. Secular_America says:

    Hey Christians,stop attacking Megan Hartley she is a brave person to stand up to you bullies. This is not a Theocracy, this is a Democracy and everyone is entitled to speak his or her mind, and when the law backs them up then everyone will just have to accept it. Thankfully our laws are still secular and fair to everyone, and remain so thanks to people like Hartleys efforts.

    1. jenn says:

      It smacks of compromise.

    2. DC says:

      OK, firstly, you don’t live in a democracy, you live in a representative republic. Easy to forget when it doesn’t support your argument. However, if it was a democracy, you’d find yourself in the minority, and mob rules in a democracy. Then you used the wonderful trick of demonizing your opposition. Christian ‘Bullies’. Many people don’t agree with Miss Hartley and therefore are ‘bullies’. Finally, you seem like you are asking people to be tolerant of someone who is intolerant of them. Don’t you see the hypocrisy here???

    3. Chris Schneider says:

      Hey Secular America. Everything you state is correct which means that everyone posting here has the right to his or her opinion and the right to express it. In addition, the folks in Canonsburg have every right to be angry with this idiot with the same protections you outlined.

  27. Philip Gray says:

    Shun the unbeliever! Shun! Shun!
    No really guys, chill out. You don’t see people attacking you because you don’t believe in Allah do you? Oh, you do? Sorry. Guess you guys are a lot alike.

    1. mike6875 says:

      But its OK when they jam their mosques down our throats, as in GROUND ZERO.

    2. JRS says:

      You just became my favorite person ever.

  28. DC says:

    What is truly an abomination is that every time someone is ‘offended’ by something, we, as a society, feel obligated to act. Unfortunately, liberals foster this type of behavior with the support of groups such as the ACLU. We have become indoctrinated in the ‘nanny’ mentality, lacking the courage to simply tell someone to grow up! If someone is ‘offended’ by looking at a nativity scene, what does that say about their state of mind? Will it make it any less offensive by passing the same nativity scene four doors down? Megan Hartley has offended me and many others. Should she be banished, too?

    1. mike6875 says:


  29. Tiffany says:

    If you find it offensive, I think you should move to a country that follows your “beliefs”. After all , your choosing to live here.
    As the quotes goes, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”. I think the US needs to start standing up!

  30. Dan Dan says:

    You remind me of something that is found in a Port O John

  31. Joe Baker says:

    I wanted to let ms. Hartley know that i am beginning to get “OFFENDED” by all the narrow-minded liberals and their opinions in our country! Tolerance goes both ways, we have to put up with a mosque being built at ground zero, you narrow-minded liberals need to put up with talking about, demonstrating, and visualizing Jesus at christmas!

  32. The Dres says:

    Just remember Ms Hartley, when you stand before your god and ask for access to the promise land, remember you were “OFFENDED” by the sight of his image!

  33. JC says:

    A religious display has no business in front of a government building.

  34. jenn says:

    Our country was founded on Judeo/Christianity values, our founding fathers. That means Jesus, Son of God, not Muslin, not atheism, no buddha….. if we keep this up, we will become like the other countries of the world. Why do you think the United States has been blessed and has thrived hundreds of years? Because we placed God first. And He blessed us. The nativity scene represents Jesus, Son of God, who came to this earth to save us and redeem us. Jesus represents God’s love for mankind. Open your eyes people, it is coming fast, the day we will not be allowed to worship or praise or pray… Our rights are being taken from us…. Read the Bible if you don’t believe me and I challenge any one of you to try to find a contradiction. Remember, in the end every knee shall bow every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Whethery ou believe or not, you will have to on that great and mighty day!

  35. jenn says:

    Is she going to be offended by a nativity scene in her neighbor’s yard? That day will come when you will not have the freedom to display it even in your yard. That day is coming, faster than you can imagine. Just like the airport “security” that was put in place to protect us from terrorism, when in reality, it has been disguised as a ruse to strip our rights away. Come on, think about it.

  36. JC says:

    @jenn: I would remind you to obey the word of the Lord – 1 Timothy 1:12 (KJV)

    “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

    1. jenn says:

      That refers to church and church ministry, not voicing your public opinion on a matter.

  37. Fenix1186 says:

    To hell with political correctness. Just deal with it you whiny people. I don’t really care that it is religious or not. This kind of the stuff is why i whole-heartedly enjoy offending people.

    1. Fenix1186 says:

      Note that my comment is against the whiny woman in the article. I am not a very religious person also.

  38. drew says:

    Forgive them for they know not what they do

  39. Jackie says:

    God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life.

  40. Fenix1186 says:

    Religious comments are not proper or effective arguments people… really. Use logic. Fight against this “political correct” BS, becuase this country was based on freedom, not bending to the will of a few whiny people.

  41. Drew says:

    Judgement Day is going to be a long day for Ms. Megan Hartley. Next person in line might want to bring a magazine…

  42. JC says:

    @Drew: I’m disturbed at how quickly you’ve gone from praying forgiveness for others to relishing in the thought of someone’s torture.

  43. C Gavin says:

    This isn’t an issue of accepting Christianity or Christian symbols as opposed to other religious symbols.

    This country wasn’t founded on “freedom of Christianity” but “freedom of religion,” which is the freedom to choose to worship or not worship as we each see fit.

    The Constitution of our country mandates that our government be kept separate from our religious practices.

    Christmas is a Christian holiday. Some people don’t celebrate in a religious way, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s religious.

    As such, Christmas decorations legally and constitutionally do not belong on government property. Neither do decorations for other non-Christian religious celebrations.

    1. Fenix1186 says:

      How bout it doesn’t matter either way. People shouldn’t waste their time with such petty things. That just shows that our society needs something more productive to do.

  44. Lee says:

    I think all the members of the community write a formal letter to place the nativity back where it was, and a formal letter to have Mrs. Hartley removed from the community.

    1. Fenix1186 says:

      I like that idea.

    2. mike6875 says:

      I second that.

    3. JRS says:

      I think all you hate-mongers are the ones who should be removed from this planet. Seriously, all she did was speak her mind.

  45. Hank says:

    The concept of separation of church and state refers to the distance in the relationship between organized religion and the nation state. The term is an offshoot of the phrase, “wall of separation between church and state,” as written in Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists Association in 1802. The original text reads: “…I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.”[1] The phrase was quoted by the United States Supreme Court first in 1878, and then in a series of cases starting in 1947. The phrase itself does not appear in the U.S. Constitution. The First Amendment to the Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

  46. diane says:

    omg unites states one nation under god………. do nt let the door………

  47. nancydrew says:

    Oh good God! this is getting crazier and crazier. these seperation of church peopel can bite it. I dont require a nativity to believe in God, and I dont need Santa and Frosty either to KNOW he exists. ACLU can go scrtach too. they wont be happy til this world is free of God and any semblance of happiness and joy. I will continue to beleive and wish EVERYONE a Merry CHRISTmas!

  48. Ricky and Julian says:

    This is great news. Tired of religion being pushed on people by weak minded individuals that need make believe to get through life. BTW, Jesus was a zombie.

  49. euro says:

    way to go Megan Hartley!!! americans need more of you!!!
    this is the reason the world laughs at americans people!
    and lol @ zombie jebus!

    1. Fenix1186 says:

      Yeah… that’s all we need, more people that whine and complain when they don’t get what they want, like spoiled children.

    2. joe says:

      there is only one reason one only that you today can say anything

  50. nick says:

    Cannonsburg should rent a crane and park it on a property adjoining the building . Hoist the display over the front of the building in the air which would not be “public property”

  51. danojeep says:

    DOES MS. HARTLEY HAVE ANY PAPER MONEY IN HER POSSESSION? IF SO SHE MUST IMMEDIATELY TAKE IT OUT AND DISPOSE OF IT! AND SHOULD NEVER AGAIN MAKE USE OF IT AS IT DISPLAYS THE PHRASE ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ ! OR IS IT OK FOR HER TO BE A HYPOCRITE WHEN IT COMES TO MONEY? These are sick pathetic lonely people who have absolutely nothing better to do with their pathetic lives. We should all feel sorry for these poor lost souls who will all see the light (or the fire) come judgement day!

  52. sli says:

    Megan, we’re (Reddit’s r/atheism community) behind you 100% Don’t listen to these hateful Christians. They don’t seem to know one shred about American history or the Constitution of the country in which they live.

    If you want more god in government, move to the middle east.

    1. Fenix1186 says:

      Agnostic here, not behind Megan at all. We don’t need any more whiny, easily offended people. She should be outcast for her complaining.

      1. JRS says:

        So should you, Fenix.

  53. Erin says:

    One Nation Under God…am I missing something? This is what we’re founded on. We don’t force it…you’re still allowed to practice whatever you like…but if you’re gonna live here get used to it.

  54. DJ says:

    Crazy that one person or small group of individuals that dont particularly like something can change things. You know what? Im offended by Megan Hartley, can I have her removed from Canonsburg?

  55. nancydrew says:

    um, I really feel sorry for the mailperson stuck delivering to this Hartless chick. yikes! betcha the chick won’t even care about all the hate mail she gets and surely won’t hesitate to complain to the post office about it all too. and certainly wont even consider the heavy load the mailperson has to deal with either. Merry CHRISTmas to the haters. God loves you even when you don’t believe.

  56. heathen says:

    Separation of church and state. PERIOD!!!!

  57. nancydrew says:

    seperate this heathen- and you know what i mean.

  58. Nikki says:

    Oh my, this is crazy. Can I say that I don’t want my neighbors to put out skulls, witches and so on because it offend my Christian faith? No? Then why should this offend anyone that is no Christian. Hey, here’s an idea, if you don’t like it, JUST DON’T LOOK AT IT!!!!

    1. Nikki says:

      By the way, I meant the skulls and witches like the items people put out for Halloween.

  59. Shane Hatch says:

    A Church is the place for religious symbols–not a government building. Why is that so hard to understand? There are many tax payers who are not Christian and do not want their tax dollars supporting religious propoganda. It’s called separation of church and state–get used to it.

    1. Me says:

      There are also many Christians out there who do not want their tax dollars paying for abortions.

  60. steve says:


  61. Shame on you says:

    I could not agree with you more! I am not from Canonsburg. I do not really follow organized religion, but I was brought up Catholic and I am spiritual. I have atheist friends and friends of other religions. Never has anyone tried to change another. The problem with Ms. Hartley is, sadly, the same problem with so many today – they have absolutely NO RESPECT for anything or anyone – they don’t even respect themselves! How we expect Ms. Hartley, who looks like she has not bathed in days, who looks sloppy and like she is not clean, who looks like she has no job and is living off of tax payer money or government money, and who speaks like she is uneducated and ignorant – how can we expect her to act any different than she is acting? Ms. Hartley, the fact that you have time to worry about something being on government property tells me you are too busy worrying about other s and not looking in the mirror. This has nothing to do with religion, government buildings or rights. This is all about you not taking time to improve yourself and taking it out on others because you are bored, immature and miserable. Do us a favor Ms. Hartley, get a life and maybe you will learn to respect yourself, learn to respect others, and maybe you will no longer feel the need to push your beliefs on others.

  62. Shame on Ms. Hartley says:

    I was replying to Dave P above.

  63. Jim says:

    But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect 1 Peter 3:15

  64. SS says:

    She spent so much time worrying about the nativity scene that she forgot to take a bath.

    1. JRS says:

      Very mature. Do you need your bottle now?

  65. JRS says:

    Wow. Seriously, wow. The hate and ignorance in the majority of these comments really staggers me. Thankfully, we live in a country that represents all citizens, not just the majority. Go live under Taliban control if you don’t like the laws of our land.

  66. joe says:

    What don’t you understand even the the word GOD IS ON THE MONEY YOU use
    try to take the flag -so far you think your winning

  67. joe says:

    euro there is only one reason -One nation responsible, that gave you a chance today to say anything – dream on

  68. Deb says:

    I see that Ms Hartley listed her community as Jewish, Muslim,, atheist and pagan members. What about the other Members of the community? I havent heard you complaining about Easter? Your not attacking that holiday which is about Christ also!! I am a strong believer in God and I pray. I feel real sorry for you non believers. Its Christs birthday and if you dont like that too bad. How would you like it if you put up balloons and signs for your childs birthday party and I made you take them down because I dont celebrate birthdays or because its not my childs birthday so therefore you cant celebrate? Is that fair to you because I have different beliefs?? I am sure Ms Hartley you are not the town speaker and I hope that the members in your community dont come tell you what to do. Maybe you should write to the president and tell him he cant decorate the white house because its government property. I bet he tells you where to Ms Hartley you are forcing your beliefs on us now and I think that your community should seek a suit against you in court. I dont live in your town and its people like you that needs to get a life! It was a nativity scene and it wasnt hurting anyone if you dont like it then dont look. How was it forcing religion on you really was there a big sign? I dont believe in Santa Clause but you dont see me saying that it has nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas and making people take them down. Your telling us we shouldnt celebrate the birth of Christ but celebrate Santa? OMG so the government can put up plastic lights and stuff but no nativity scenes are you for real????

  69. sk says:

    well if you would all open youre eyes you would see that it was put up 2 or 3 buildings down havent you all heard of compromise so you cant put it in front of the borough big deal its up isnt it instead of wining and being spiteful about it enjoy the holidays you dont need a nativity scene to worship god or christ just be thankful for what you have in youre life instead of worrying about something like that

  70. I see your point but says:

    SK, it doesn’t matter that it was put up three doors down. The point is that she literally made a point to be a jerk because she has nothing better to do than police everyone around her. She needs to pay more attention to herself and not others. This is exactly what is wrong with the world today. It has nothing to do with religion or anything other than people need to mind their own business and pay attention to their own life.

  71. Also says:

    people have a right to voice their opinion (here) of her actions. Every action has a consequence. She voiced her opinion and now, people are voicing their opinion.

  72. Daniel says:

    Why does someone not create a scene with many different religions displayed? That would probably pacify everyone. But I agree that in this country we should not display one religion on government property. Too many private venues to have to display it here.

  73. sk says:

    you know what though everytime they put it up they knew about the seperation of church and state thing i was inevitable for this too happen is it wrong for them to move it no is it right for her to complain maybe not i dont know but everybody being mad about it and hating her for it wont solve anything its the holidays be thankful for what you have dont complain about this

  74. dan says:

    Mrs Harlteys soul is as ugly as her face, and thats ugly….Canonsburg has a new face of evil other than the devil.

  75. stephany stephenson says:

    Your right the devil works in strange ways, and she does look like the devil!

  76. Stephen Wood says:

    Her face is ROTTEN, and looks like swiss cheese. She has craters the size of summer STINK bugs!

  77. abraham says:


  78. Nancydrew says:

    As predicted, Hartless has started complaining about how she is public enemy number 1. Aw, poor Megy. Maybe, if you didnt decide to spew forth your vile contempt of an decades old tradition pertaining to Christ, then maybe the mass of people would not consider you so disgusting. Your lame attempt at bringing attention to your sad self worked. Now you have attention and it isnt quite what you thought it would be, is it now! So, shut up and take it. You caused it and you are to blame. NOT the people you took from- ie the tax paying citizens if canonsburg who didnt mind Nativity on govt property!

  79. Nancydrew says:

    And for you seperation if church and state freaks- BITE IT!!!! Too many people are sick and tired of your hiding behind the ACLU and your pitiful lawsuits and whining! Lawyers cost tax- payers. People who actually work to pay for stupid nonsense from those who are hateful and go against anything good. You dont have to be a Christian to believe in the idea of Christ. Anyone who died for some semblence of salvation of humanity is pretty ok in my book. I can take looking at the Nativity every year to mark the birth of someone who did just that.

  80. richardw says:

    It’s no wonder that she is so resentful, I too would be full of hate if I was that ugly. It doesn’t look like she has had a shower in weeks.

  81. Frank says:

    Ms. Hartley, please do Canonsburg, Washington County, Pennsylvania and the United States of America a favor and stop spending so much time looking for things to complain about so you can justify your purposeless existence. What you should do is spend more time looking through the want ads for a job. And while your looking maybe see if you can find some Proactive on craigslist.

  82. Andrea Heiman says:

    Hartley is a ugly pig, If your going to go on TV do us all a favor and clean up that disgusting face of yours. I got sick looking at you on TV. Get so soap and wash STINKY!

  83. paddymurphy says:

    As a Christian American whose faith is strong enough that it does not have to be endorsed by the government, I support the removal of this religious symbol to private property, where it belongs. That so many people commenting here have no respect for the rule of law is saddening. The hateful comments by those who falsely claim to be Christians is sickening.

  84. paddymurphy says:

    RIchard, Frank and Andrea: Thank you for your thoughtful contributions to this debate. You have truly raised the level of the discussion. Fake Christians like you give the rest of us a bad name.

    1. Frank says:

      You give yourself a bad name. Your a “christian” pointing the finger at others when it is not your place…which is the same thing we did…so i guess your just as “FAKE” as everyone else.

  85. Frank says:

    paddymurphy: Although my comments were said primarly out of anger and are regretfully so, i feel that your comments are also questionable. You feeled “saddend” by the lack of respect for the rule of the law and the “hateful” comments/actions by the “fake christians” yet are quick to point the finger. As for raising the bar of the discussion, you brought nothing to the conversation except how you are the superior christian american who requires no sympbols for religous symbols and whom is also an upstanding citizen who respects the law. The only flaw in your statements are that you’ve already placed judgement and labeled others which is unbecoming of a “christian” in your mind. Also, I’m guessing that in some point in your life you also driven 26mph in a 25mph zone so you’ve techniqually broken the law as well. So i guess you should start your next statement with “As a hypocrit/Christian American…”

  86. JAFFA says:

    Its quite staggering how FEW so called ‘Christians’ posting on this thread actually know anything about their religion. WOW!

    And almost no grasp of the actual CONTEXT of the article.

    Its quite saddening……

  87. mayor stupidstal says:

    stone her

  88. john316pa says:

    Christmas is a time celebrated by Christians. Just face that people. It is about Jesus’ birth. Why does it always take just that one person to take something away that has been there for years and years, just like prayer in schools. It was one woman who removed that also. Come on Christians let’s start using our voice and our rights, it’s time to take our Country back. We know the Lord will back us up.

  89. nancydrew says:

    Well good does overcome evil. The Nativity is going back. AMEN!

    1. sp says:

      Gloating and name calling….hmm, what would Jesus do? How very hypocritical of you. Gotta love those “Christians”. A forgiving bunch, aren’t they??

  90. sandy says:

    As Christians, we need to take a stand, after all our Lord took the greatest stand for us, didn’t He? Who’s property will we be standing on come Judgement Day? Praise Him for this victory!

  91. dan says:

    Amen Sandy, nobody stands up for what is truely right anymore!

    1. sp says:

      Why is your religion “truly right” over mine????

Comments are closed.

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