Walmart Interested In Wine Vending Machines

By David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — First Giant Eagle, then Shop ‘n Save and now Walmart is interested in having wine vending machines at several of its stores in our area.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board says that Walmart has preliminary approval to put the kiosks in stores in North Fayette, North Versailles, Butler, Washington, Belle Vernon, Monaca and New Castle. However, negotiations are still going on and the list could change.

The machines require customers to swipe their driver’s license and even give a breathalyzer test before they can choose between more than 50 varieties of wine.

“Why don’t they just sell wine like they do in stores instead of using the machine where you put your cards and things in it?” asked Betty Menke of Cecil.

Others, though, had concerns over whether it would make it easier for someone to buy wine for people who are underage. Frank from South Fayette said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea because I think it’s too tempting for younger people.”

Jeff Merritt from Mount Washington had another concern: “At Walmart – guns and wine – maybe not the best things to have at Walmart.”

Walmart did not return our call for a comment.

  • jim

    north versailles walmart…..better fill it up with thunderbird and ripple for those folks…..

    • coxm01

      I would still hate shopping at Walmart.


      OMG. LMAO

    • lee warmer

      this breathalizer is for linking your DNA with your credit card. information that THEY WILL use against YOU later. and YOU WILL give it to THEM.
      much like the “like this” you attatch to your facebooks. and much like the “cartoon yourself” advertisements. these are simple “supply it yourself” facial recognition attempts by your government.

      • David Arbogast

        Don’t forget DHS will be there too…

      • South Hills

        The systems take cash as well…. :-)

      • Mike


      • superawesome1

        Dont worry about the breathalyzer , you can pass that with a free balloon from the wall mart greeter!

      • kevin

        step away from the keyboard…… help

      • Ar Amytas

        I hate to say it but Lee is correct.

      • Lee Colder

        You’re exactly right Lee Warmer!

        Don’t even LOOK at one of those machines because they will scan your retina and bombard you with Smiley Face emails.

        You’re such a dolt…..

      • Heather

        Paranoid much?

    • lee warmer

      why a breathalizer? why an ID card needed? why vending machines? ask these questions carefully… 29,000+ deaths from guns in the usa 37,000+ deaths from alchohol.. diabetes? incalculable….

      • lee colder

        OMG lee warmer! YES!!!

        You forgot the stink bug infestation was a government conspiracy too!!

      • Heather

        Oh, I meant Lee Warmer: “Paranoid Much?”

    • cooper


  • Rob

    Who cares, Times are changing. let PA get with the program. Beer and wine sales in Gas stations and grocery stores. Please Don’t tell me that sellling in grocery stores and gas stations is a bad idea or it won’t work because you are giving the children more access to beer or wine. TRUST ME parents your kids drink already in High school, It all comes down to the parents not buying it for them, and stiffer penetatlies if you buy for a minor.

    • iroshi

      Times are changing? That’s a very poor excuse for giving up responsibility. Both WalMart, parents, society in general are hoping someone else will take care of things. Does everything have to be dumbed down?

    • Green Peace

      I love the way people are so wound up over other people drinking/doing drugs/other bad things/… I would love to hear someone say “Please pass a rule so I can’t do something” But no its always so someone else is not able to do what they want.

      • Simon Girty

        Well Said, Peace

    • John

      it is a bad idea and we will all pay more taxes when the liquor stores are gone mark my word down with todays date and then you can complain later about paying more taxes to make up for the loss in money to the state treasure.

    • Atom&Yves

      @Rob: generalizing hurts credibility. I’m aware of many high school students, several who will graduate at the end of this school year, who have never touched alcohol. Dealing correctly with peer pressure is the key to keeping students clean and headed in the right direction.

      @Jeff Merritt from Mount Washington’s “guns and wine”: Relax, only a miniscule % of Walmart shoppers come even close to the sports dept, much less the “guns”. Of more concern should be ‘wine and vehicles’. How many Walmart shoppers ‘walk’ to the store?

      • paul

        Saying that you know of a few who don’t drink isn’t helping your credibility much either. That’s also a generalization based on who you happen to know.

  • marc

    ^ i work there,
    jim is right on the money

  • Larry Hacker

    Boozy customers are easier to take advntage of, ie:CHEAT!

    • Phil

      dude…. you don’t drink the wine at Wal Mart… you bring it home. Selling wine (bottles) at Wal Mart will not lead to boozy customers… unless they open a bar inside the joint. Get real.

      • steve

        Greta idea Phil! I vote for bars in Walmart!

  • Walmart wants to put in wine vending machines

    […] […]

  • symbolicalhead

    Submit to a breathalyzer just to buy a bottle of wine? Wal-mart seems to be going TSA,

    And what is the point anyway? If I wanted to get drunk I could… I don’t know… drink the bottle of wine they just sold me.

    Short version is it is demeaning and insulting to customers, makes shopping at Wal-Mart just exactly as much fun as getting pulled over, and has obvious health risks to boot.

    • LittleOldMe

      “SEEMS to be going TSA?” You must have missed the story about the new partnership…

      • WishOurWalmartSoldGuns

        I’m not sure how much Walmart wants Big Sis to be in their business. Less governmet intrusion = less government intrusion.

        Having said that, this does point out the fact that TSA doesn’t have a clue how to stop incidents, and is hoping and praying that someone will tip them off. They sure as hell cannot find anything on their own….

  • Rationalist

    Hey Rob, YOU get with the program It’s people like you that sit around condoning small things that grow into big problems!

  • Adam

    I’d rather see Beer and Wine at gas stations then at Wal-Mart. That way all of the states lost liquor revenue will at least be compensated by local businesses additional revenue.
    If Walmart gets it, then within 10 years, we’ll be drinking Chinese wine and beer.

    • Debbie

      Texas has allowed selling beer and wine in grocery stores, including Walmart, as well as in individually owned liquor stores since before I moved to Texas over 26 years ago. They also sell beer in convenience stores and gas stations. It’s never been a problem that I’m aware of. As for Walmart selling Chinese beer and wine, that’s just hogwash. It’s never been that way. I hate when I come back to Pittsburgh to visit family and have to deal with getting beer and wine. It’s a huge pain in the arse. PA needs to loosen up and move into the 21st century as far as beer, wine and liquor sales go.

      • lee warmer

        stand up and be counted,for what you are about to receive..we are the dealers,we give you everything you need.

  • tom

    I really can’t wait for my local WalMart to get a wine vending machine.

  • NoMoreKoolAid

    Why doesn’t Wal-Mart just change their name to Nanny-Mart? First they meddle in obamacare, then Big Sis encouraging Narcs at the checkout and now clean breathe to buy a frikkin’ bottle of wine! Sometimes “big box” isn’t too big too fail. A $5 discount isn’t worth it…shop local and leave Nanny-Mart implode.

  • Marie

    Why the breathalizer? Wal Mart is allowing the DHS to scan you. You are already being watched.

    • lee warmer

      hear,hear Marie!!

  • JD

    How about weed vending machines that require you to not reek of pot, to have showered in the last 5 days, to not have erectile dysfunction, and to not be on government assistance of any form? The machines could also give “enhanced pat-downs” before vending any product.

  • Mike

    Adam, I’ve been to China several times on business and found souvenir buying is difficult because anything I can get in China I can get at Walmart for a similar price. I’ve got to draw the line at wine and beer. Walmart may eventually sell Chinese wine and beer, but it sucks! The wine is made from rice (gag), and the best beer they have can most closely be compared with Bud Ultra light and forget about anything amber or dark.

  • Tom Cox

    Walmart will not sell you ammunition if you have alcohol in the basket. I am the shooter and my wife drinks wine. I don’t drink but thanks Wallyworld for making me safe anyway. Idiots.

  • Paul

    NoMoreKookAid: the breathalyzer is not unique to Walmart, it’s a requirement of the PLCB and their kiosks regardless of which stores they’re in. The whole idea is absurd and hopefully one of the first things Tom Corbett and the new Republican legislature does is put a merciful end to the State Store system and bring PA into the 21st century like most other states.

    As for shopping at Walmart; when a third rate store like Giant Eagle which gouges people on the price of their food and is named one of the worst chains in the nation … Walmart is a much better option than buying local. Haven’t crossed the threshold of a Giant Ripoff in over ten years and won’t ever again.

    • John

      Paul get ready to pay higher taxes in PA. when the stores are gone like on your clothes and all groceries.

  • Phil

    “Jeff Merritt from Mount Washington had another concern: “At Walmart – guns and wine – maybe not the best things to have at Walmart.”

    Oh come on people. Use your heads! You only BUY the wine at Wal Mart to bring home to drink like normal people. Same as what happens when you buy wine at your favorite wine purchasing establishment. What idiot envisages boozy customers shooting up the place? What kind of people do you yanks have living up there???? Move down south with us. You’ll feel safer…and we have guns and wine available at Wal Mart! Don’t be ridiculous!

  • earl

    I didn’t know they made wine in china.

  • Hank Warren

    Walmart also added propaganda from DHS in their stores. Endless DHS surveillance (with help of the private sector), yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • Hankless

      Tune off Pinhead Pintek and take a deep breath, Hank Warren.

      You’re wayyyyy off topic

  • David

    I miss the good’ol days. I remember visiting Florida many years ago and you could purchase mixed drinks, at Jack’s, in a plastic cup and a straw that had the paper still attached on the top 1 inch or so. So long as the paper was on the straw it was not an open beverage.

    I hated PA, having to go to a bar to buy a six pack, nasty.

    Where have all the good times gone…

    • David

      opps. I totally forgot to mention that you could purchase these mixed drinks at the drive thru window. Good times…


    We should all be banning walmart anyway. They are putting telescreens in their stores so big sis/brother can tell us what to think daily. If you dont shop at a chinese junk store, you arent responsible for what they do.

  • Alpiner

    In Calif. we have plenty of really dumb laws. But we can buy booze at grocery and drug stores.

  • Hick from the sticks

    Jeff Merritt from Mount Washington had another concern: “At Walmart – guns and wine – maybe not the best things to have at Walmart.”

    Ah, shucks, Jim! You know that us hillbilies don’t shoot our guns and drink wine at the same time, that’s only shooting and drinking beer.

  • Tone Loc

    This way underage can buy them without having to show ID … money over safety ….

  • Justin Case

    On a related note, DHS and janet want you to say something if you see something at wal-mart. I usually don’t shop there, but of the few times I’ve been to a wal-mart, everyone looks like a terrorist to me except me. Everyone speaks a foreign language, Everyone wears some type of sheet for clothing. Everyone looks at me like I’m the enemy. When I walk down an isle, everyone scrambles in the opposite direction and hides their face. All the women look like they have a bomb strapped to their belly. And everyone looks and acts like they just got here this morning and don’t know they can’t blow snot directly from your nose onto the floor of the store they are in. I see people pushing a baby carriage in the street because they have no clue what sidewalks are. And every shopping center is little mexico, little vietnam, little india, little this and little that. I’m still trying to find little America. Or what is left of it. And Americans seem to be at war with their own government. Or the other way around.

  • Bookwench

    In Texas Walmart sells wine & beer along with guns & ammo. God Bless Texas!

    • sean patriot

      Right on, and almost near the same isle.

    • No DeLay

      No one cares what happens in Texas.

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