Kennedy Twp. Tailor Surrenders

By Kym Gable

KENNEDY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Police say a local tailor was doing more than just measurements and alterations.

Antonio Tornatore, 70, touched at least two women inappropriately during fittings at his Kennedy Township shop.

Tornatore turned himself in at the magistrate’s office in Mckees Rocks. Bond was set at $3,500. He was hauled off in handcuffs to the Allegheny County Jail.

Police say they’ve received calls from at least seven other women saying they too were assaulted.

The criminal complaints from Wednesday’s arrest lists allegations like grabbing, groping and forceful kissing.

Tornatore is facing five counts of indecent assault and one count of simple assault.

He was involved in a similar incident in 2008. In that case, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

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One Comment

  1. Bell says:

    Should be NO bail! He should spend rest of life in jail. Who knows how many more people have fallen victim to him.

  2. Dr. Michael says:

    Jeepers is nothing safe? It seems that everytime you turn around someone is getting arrested for something. Where are our morals and values. Keep your hands to yourself.

  3. katlover says:

    Was he on the sex offenders list for that area,?

  4. Joe says:

    Wow, what a really foolish comment about Kennedy Township…..after all, nothing ever happens in any other township or borough or city, eh? Anyhow, “local guy”, the majority of the Montour School Board members are from Robinson, not Kennedy.

    1. disgusted says:

      actually i went to school in that area and know many people from kennedy and let me tell ya, alot of the people there think they are better than everyone else and they live in their own little world.

  5. Lotti says:

    Shame on the court that gave a plea bargain of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, on his first charge! You allowed him to keep victimizing women, this time in front of a child. He can’t be on a sex offender list, because he wasn’t convicted of a sex crime. And 3500 bail? Pot smokers get higher bail. It doesn’t sound like many associated with the law in Kennedy Twp. respect women much. Just let him out, & send your wife, daughter & mother there to get tailoring, since it doesn’t seem like you think he’s very dangerous.

  6. hockeymom5512 says:


  7. Daniel says:

    His specialty was booty shorts hemming…lol

  8. billyd says:

    let he who has NO sin cast the first stone

  9. Eric McGrosky says:

    …I heard the TSA is looking to hire him…

  10. 4 Ur self says:

    Please, anyone else that has been violated by this man step forward. Don’t let him walk again. Don’t be shy speak out!!

    1. disgusted says:

      please come forward. i know the person from 2008 and he was told that he should not go back to that shop two years ago and obviosly he did and he thinks he is better than the law. And he can speak english. i personally have been around him and his family.

  11. LCB says:

    Since when can someone have wine or alcohol in a business and offer it to customers. Let alone be drinking when business is open. Maybe law enforcement should be checking into that. Plus who’s to say he didn’t have spy cameras in dressing rooms.

  12. concerned says:

    Dear Disgusted,

    Your comment has nothing to do with this issue and seems to me that you have a little self esteem problem. Do you watch the news often? It disgusts me as well, but these crazy things happen EVERYWHERE!! I hope the “dirty old man” gets help and hope that you do as well – GOOD LUCK : )

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