NEW YORK (KDKA/AP)The NFL and its Players’ Association have agreed to extend the deadline to file a collusion claim, though the new deadline is not known to the public. NFLPA spokesman Georga Atallah told The Associated Press that he was “legally obligated” to not reveal the new deadline.

The union had until this week — 90 days after the start of the season — to level charges that teams had conspired to restrict players’ salaries this past offseason.

The joint statement from the NFL and NFLPA said both sides were working toward “a new CBA that will be good for players, owners and fans.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers players voted back in October to give the NFL Players Association their backing to decertify in the event of a labor lockout.

By disbanding their union, the players could sue the NFL under antitrust laws if there is a lockout. The last time the NFLPA disbanded the union was in 1987.

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