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Local furniture store chain Roomful Express is going out of business.

Recently, the company announced it was $18 million in debt, but said it was negotiating with its lenders to try to remain open.

However, the lenders were apparently not willing to work out a deal.

Going out of business sales will soon commence at all local Roomful Express Furniture stores, after an Allegheny County judge ordered the chain into receivership.

The company, which did business for decades as Freight Liquidators before refocusing its efforts on crafting a more upscale image, made the announcement after lenders forced an $18 million judgment.

A toll-free phone number (1-888-696-7378) has been set up to answer customer questions.

If you are having difficulties picking up paid merchandise or arranging for delivery from Roomful Express, we would like to hear from you. Click here to tell us your story.


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  1. Becki Kerelitch says:

    well we had to cancel our layaway order that we only owed $34.00 on..We are suppose to be refunded an $1800 check..I am worried sick about this!!

  2. D. Rhea says:

    We ordered furniture on Nov. 24 with a credit card, which was to be processed when the items came into stock. I called the store yesterday to check on the status of our order and was told that only orders made on or before Nov. 23 would be honored, that our items were NOT in stock, and to cancel our order because it would not be fulfilled. I then checked to see if we’d been charged and we hadn’t. Imagine my surprise today when I went in to cancel the order and was told they’re not giving refunds and that they’d run my card after admitting the order would never be fulfilled. I was offered credit for in-store merchandise for items they had no intention of delivering and hadn’t charged me for until AFTER I inquired. It is now a pending transaction. I have to wait for it to clear and then file a dispute with our credit card company. NOT happy!

  3. William Connors says:

    I made a purchase at roomful express on 11/22/10. I was just notified today that my order will not be fulfilled. They also told me since I paid with a Visa that they are not able to credit my card back and I will have to contact my credit card company. My order was for $3600.00 dollars. Basically I paid this company $3600.00 and got nothing in return. How could this possibly be legit in any way possible? How can a company get away with this? There doors are still open for liquidation sales. Where is the money going to?

  4. Samantha Costlow Bayura says:

    I’m suprised they did not go out of business long ago. We had a bad experience with them. We purchased a living room set 2 years ago during a new years sale. The couch was on back order and the remainder was delivered it was nothing like the one I had chosen in the store. I called to explain and they told me it was because the cushions were not broken in and offered to give me the ones from the floor model. Absolutely crazy. After about 2 hrs of complaining they agreed to let me come in and pick out a new set. When the delivery men came they didn’t even put togehter the recliner, and stacked the cofee and end tables on top of each other. This June as my husband was sitting on the recliner the bottom frame broke. I didn’t worry to much about it knowing that i had purchased the 10 yr warrenty on everything. After trying to call for 4 days I finally got through told the woman my problem and she took all my information and then proceeds to tell me that only the fabric was covered in the warrenty. What good is the fabric when the frame is broken. I sent a email to someone at corporate and all they could offer me was some money off of the repair. Too bad my husband had already fixed the chair himself. I made it my mission to tell everyone not to shop at Roomful express. I wonder now though if I do need to use the warrenty on my fabric or on the wooden coffee table would it honored.

  5. anonymous says:

    My question is about the warranties. Are those covered by another company or will roomful still honor these for cleanings etc (obviously not for replacements). If not, I’d hope we get some money back. I didn’t pay for that for nothing.

    1. Aca says:

      Should be another company which should hold up just fine. RE did not do thier own but had subcontracted companies. Good Luck!

  6. Becki Kerelitch says:

    The warranty is another company..and let me tell you I investegated that company and it all got bad bad reviews….so we did not get the warranty which does not make a diffrence cause we are not getting our furniture anyways..I was told by the customer service that we are not gurateed a full refund…wth?? I am really mad about this situation and I was never contacted by roomfull express about this situation….we may end up in court?? I don’t know..did anyone else choose to be refunded their money????

    1. ACA says:

      Yeah I did not find too much when looking on the surface of the protection company. Though the agreement is through them. RE would have been like the middle men in the situation. You are the same Becki from below comment too right? I am glad you got your stuff. Like I said before, if you call the Ashley Distribution Center or Headquarters and just ask if they are still doing RE deliveries and they say yes, you know you are pretty safe with that brand.

      If you buy something now. try to pay with a Credit Card. It will be the only recourse you may have other then Cash and Carry. Which means you pay cash and take it with you right then.

      On a side note, working with the Attorney Generals office, I can tell you the court will not allow for complaint based lawsuits while in “receivership” or liquidation. This protects the liquidation company IE: PNC/Gerber Brothers from a number of lawsuit issues. You can go to the court of common pleas but you will just be at a loss of more money for the filling fee that will get you nowhere.

  7. Mike says:

    The worst part is the hundreds of people and friends that will lose their jobs during the holiday season. The timing is never good, but this is worse. is for Roomful employees needing to connect or share help.

    1. Aca says:

      Hey Mike, you obviously work for or worked for R.E. Do you know of anyone named VictorI am not sure how to substantiate or deny this claim that this moron I am talking to on here has made. He thinks with my Initials ACA I have to be an employee named Victor. I don’t expect you to know every staff member but are you familiar with that name?

  8. roomfulofliars says:

    Here is the real deal:

    Roomful deliveries were stopped for Friday Dec 12. You may get deliveries later, or you may not. Roomful is asking that you call their new number at 1-888-

    696-7378. What they don’t tell you is that this new number just dumps you into their regular customer support call center. You will wait on hold, and then it

    asks you to leave a message but you can’t because the mailbox is full. This is just their way of appearing to do something, but they don’t care as they have

    their money. Third, don’t think for a second that you will get one cent back if you have an order.

    Whatever money they have of yours, go to the store select something for the same price that is IN STOCK and go get it yourself at the Crafton warehouse. At

    this point you are dealing with individuals that do not care, are losing their jobs and will steal your money and still sleep at night. If you don’t have a

    truck – beg borrow or rent one! Do not trust them to deliver your order as their delivery company quit, do you want to trust them to get a new one?

    If you thought that Roomful Express Customer Service was bad before, you should see it now. And for anyone considering buying from the liquidation sale, all

    SALES ARE FINAL so if you get bad furniture, you are stuck with it.

    Here is what you need to do to get action:
    First, CALL SAM IN SALES at (412) 788-0181 and ask for a status update on your order. Leave a message for Sam if he is not in. Do not take no for an answer

    or tell them why you are calling. Sam will tell you that is not his responsibility, do not believe him. You can call this number on Saturday and Sunday as

    Sam works weekends.

    Second, call the main corporate office number at 412-444-2300 during the week and dial the following extensions and leave a message. Michael Kuhn, Owner 303,

    Greg, VP Sales 304, Heather Blinkey Delivery Manager 239, Security 301, Leach 233, Warehouse 390. Continuing to call and leave message after message is the

    best way to get their attention.

    1. Aca says:

      You sound like a scorned person who use to work for the company. You are a foolish to believe that you can get anywhere with those extensions. You do know that Michael Kuhn is no longer with the company right? I think the warehouse guy is done also. What is security going to do for you? Greg seems to be in charge of PR and making statements now. I doubt he has time to answer you since his number can be found on like a dozen sites which will make his phone light up like a Christmas tree.

      As far as All Sales Final. No sh!t, are you kidding me? roomful does not own the company anymore, in 2 months or so, the stores/name/company will no longer exist at all. If you had dealt with liquidation in any way, you would know all sales are final. You also pay more right now then if you were to buy while they had a friends and family deal or a great sales weekend.

      The 888 is a toll free number, that will send you to customer service. That would be called a courtesy. You can call straight, but it still does the same thing. I would imagine they can keep on top of the situation and I would bet they have a skeleton crew running it now. PNC wants the cheapest payroll so they will run with minimum staff.

      If you order from Ashley Furniture, the orders are still getting filled. Call the Ashley headquarters and they will tell you the same thing. Quite making accusations you can’t back. I agree that if you have CASH money down, try and find something to take then.

      It is really rude to know that you think people are looking to steal your money. Or to think that any of the staff sleeps well at night when they are losing their jobs right before Christmas. Again, a foolish thing to say. If you have been laid off before, you would feel for the 500+ people who will be out of jobs (between staff and suppliers, along with delivery guys…)

      Pittsburgh will take a big hit on the revenue tax dollars lost. Looks like last year they paid taxes on almost 90 million dollars worth of merchandise. You will most likely see your taxes go up based on this company alone.

      I tried calling and reaching Sam with no luck. I did get someone who said Sam could no longer be reached. I hope you sleep well at night. Since you come across as a “what you don’t know, can’t hurt you” kind of person. And you don’t seem to know much of anything. It was a waste of my time to read your comment and an even bigger waste that I had to reply.

  9. Becki says:

    Ok we thankfully got our furniture..It was an Ashley leather sectional..I wish everyone luck who is waiting on their furniture….do not wait for a refund check go pick something out!!!!

    1. Aca says:

      You are 100% correct. Pick it out now!

  10. justan says:

    what about the free tv from best buy with puchase,can you do anything about false advertising

    1. ACA says:

      Straight from thier website.
      Concerning Promotions

      Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill selected giveaways that were offered. During the promotion customers had the choice of Roomful Express Gift card or other choices. We will offer the following in store credit to be used during the store closing sale.

      Item you qualified for You will received instead
      Vacation $100 In Store Credit
      Camera $100 In Store Credit
      DVD Player $100 In Store Credit
      Best Buy Gift Card $150 In Store Credit
      32” Best Buy TV $300 In Store Credit

      For those qualifying customers, please present your receipt at your Roomful Express/Ashley Home Store location where you made your purchase. Please allow 2 business days to verify your claim.

  11. niki says:

    We ordered a full bedroom set. Solid cherry wood. And it was suppose to be delivered and we had no call no show. We paid in full, cash! At the mcknight store when we scheduled a delivery. We called them and spoke to a manager after the customer rep. was rude and no help and the so called manager didn’t help at all claimed she couldn’t give any information, was rude and had an attitude when I asked if there was a delivery number so I could contact the company to see if my furniture was on its way. Their excuse was that the snow storm made a push in delivery. There wasn’t a snowstorm at all… and then the manager said that they don’t deliver at all and we went to a third party so its on us and she cant do anything about it and just kept making tons of excuses. Just to find out that the delivery people just left the store with our furniture and how funny that 2 minutes after I hung up, we got a call saying our furniture was being delivered now. How convenient. Very unpleased with this store. No wonder theyre going out of business.

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