Scenarios For Steelers To Clinch A Playoff Spot

By Mike Vukovcan

Pittsburgh clinches a playoff spot with:

1) PIT win + JAC loss or tie + NE win or tie + MIA loss or tie OR

2) PIT win + IND loss or tie + NE win or tie + MIA loss or tie OR

3) PIT win + IND loss or tie + NE win or tie + OAK loss or tie + SD loss or tie OR

4) PIT win + IND loss or tie + MIA loss or tie + OAK loss or tie OR

5) PIT tie + MIA loss or tie + OAK loss or tie + SD loss or tie + IND loss


One Comment

  1. wait..wouldn’t being AFC North champs negate all these scenarios? assuming, of course, the steelers win it?

    1. Mark says:

      Yes they could just win the AFC North and be good…however they can lose the division too in which case these scenarios come into play

  2. KD says:

    Wishful thinking! Maybe Ben can break a fingernail next and whine about it for the rest of 2011. How about being concerned about Miller and how badly he got hit. They just broke Ben’s nose! He is such a whiner and baby no wonder girls don’t want to be with him. Please tell some news about the other players or the Pens who are real men! Tired of hearing about poor BEN! He is not what everyone thinks he is. He is a disgrace to all prior quarterbacks.

  3. Rikchard says:

    Apparently KD thinks that he can do a better job than Big Ben can or he wouldn’t spend that time complaining about what Ben complains about. I think the Steeliers will be in the playoffs and maybe bring home another trophy and maybe Big Ben
    can let KD what it is to play at the pro level and ask the other players in the league that do more whining and they are not winning as BIg Ben proves that he can win, whining or not. And how does KD know if Ben isn’t concerned about Heath Miller. Maybe KD should ask Ben about that

  4. Bdog says:

    I agree with you Rikchard! KD…he’s not whinning at all. It’s the media who keeps asking him about it. Also their are not too many QB’s that would play with a broken toe plus a broken nose. He didn’t miss a play! Where are you getting this whinning thing?!?!

  5. @!Mark Thanks, I know they could lose it; I just wanted to double check that my idea was correct before I started spouting off at the mouth like a Balitmore or Cincy fan (or player)

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