OAKLAND (KDKA) – The University of Pittsburgh is looking for a new head football coach after Dave Wannstedt resigned Tuesday afternoon.

The news came as a bit of a surprise and has been the big topic on campus.

“Is there a better time to pick a coach? Probably. When the season’s over, but for now there’s not much more you can really do,” Tim Tritch said.

Now, Pitt must find a replacement after Wannstedt stepped down after six years at his alma mater.

“Just gives a greater sense of community to bring the campus together. It’s a great way of meeting people and going out and supporting your school,” Kiernan MacDonald said.

The centerpiece of Pitt’s campus is the Cathedral of Learning with learning being the key word. Graduation rates are very important to students on campus, not just for the student body in general, but the football team as well.

“I like Wannstedt a lot, I think he’s a great coach, really helpful with the team. I like the way his players’ main goal was graduation, which I think is a really big thing. But, you still have to win the big game and he just wasn’t able to do that.” Dave Dziedzic said.

“We are studying for a science degree and they are out there playing football, and it’s like ‘Wow. I wish I was getting paid to do that.’ We pay so much money to go see a game,” Grace Schott said.

Wannstedt’s record was 42-31 with no BCS bowl bids. That was enough for some to say bring on basketball.

The Panthers still have the Compass Bowl to play in and it remains to be seen if Wannstedt will be on the sidelines for that game.

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