2-Year-Old Rescued From Claw Machine At The Mall At Robinson

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Crews rescued a 2-year-old girl from inside an arcade claw machine in the food court at the Mall at Robinson.

“She was happy, she was calm and everything,” Joey Shutka with Robinson Township EMS said. “One of the security guards was entertaining her.”

The little girl’s mother and a friend were sitting near the Maxi Claw. The toddler and a sibling were playing near the machine.

“The mother looked at her phone or something and two seconds later she looks in and her daughter’s standing inside of the machine,” Shutka said.

When a key couldn’t be found, the fire department stepped in and removed the door.

The child was returned safely to her mother. Apparently, it’s not the first time it has happened.

“I guess that’s like the third time it’s happened at the Robinson Mall from what I was told by security guards,” Shutka said.

Many vending companies are trying to child-proof those claw machines by adding slats inside the trap door at a 45-degree angle so it can’t open all the way.


One Comment

  1. lisa says:

    hey mom what were you doing?

  2. GldnGrl says:

    I hate when parents let their kids go off alone like that… SHE’S TWO!!!!! Keep her close. I’m sure the text message she got was TOTALLY important.

  3. Laura says:

    Both of you, give it a rest! It is IMPOSSIBLE to watch a child every minute of every day. Then, if you do, someone else will call you a “helicopter parent”. I could see something like this happening to me, and I’m an awesome Mom! Stop being so judgemental.

    1. joe says:

      (2) why was she out of the stroller anyway? didnt you ever hear of hold the kids hand? what if someone would take your child? it only takes 2 seconds idiot

  4. joe says:

    watch your kid… its not anyone elses fault cause your not watching your kids at all times… blame the claw machine… IDIOT! (take claw machine out of mall cause you dont watch your kid..??) lucky they didnt charge you with neglect… if your kid falls out of window in your house.. you going to sue window maker for too big window too… dumba

  5. Laura says:

    Wow, Joe, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Do you actually have children…and go places with them? It’s completely inappropriate to call me an idiot, and I don’t appreciate it. Trust me, it only takes a second for a 2 yr old to escape, and it is not a reflection on anyone’s parenting skills. I don’t know the person in this story, but I’m just saying, she could be a great and attentive parent, and the child is Houdini… I have a Houdini of my own. Relax! All is well, and the baby is fine. I mean, nobody see’s the humor in seeing a kid in a claw machine???

  6. f. kruger says:

    Watch the brat or leave it at home….Ever heard of a babysitter….these breeder cows have to put up with the brat 24/7/365 and must feel they have to give us a dose of the “fun”

  7. LauraIsABadMomTrustMe says:

    If you catch something playing a claw machine you get to keep it. The claw machine should be allowed to keep the kid. If the mother wanted it back she could have threw some quarters in there.

  8. Rj says:

    LOL now that’s funny….

  9. Terri says:

    I also had a “Houdini” of my own. she made me a nervous wreck, but I watched her like a hawk. I actually bought a baby harness that I used in certain public places in order to keep her safe and near me, this alleviated the problem of her ripping her hand out of mine and “running away from me”. I caught hell for it from a few strangers but it was better than say…Me holding her hand and she pulls away and runs into the street! I have seen these mothers in restaurants, at the mall, etc. who’s kids are running all over the place with the parent totally oblivious. Some parents today act like their kids have a god given right to run wild and do whatever they want. There is obviously no parenting going on at home or elsewhere.

  10. tellinitlikeitis says:

    No biased comments like on that story of the young black kid who was found wandering in crafton?? Was the mother a crackhead? Maybe the kid was tryna escape from the crack den they call home? Oh.. not in this case huh? Only if the story is about a black family do you read stupid assumptions like that on the comment section.

  11. FixPGH says:

    on Wpxi she is quoted as saying she “wants those machines taken out of the malls.” Seriously? Because you can’t keep your phone in your pocket to watch your kid you want all claw machines, which have been around for how long now, taken out of malls. Yay I love it when people just try to ban everything because they don’t like it. A small, small percentage of children get into these things, yes they should have modified the structure so that they can’t open very far by now but still, watch your kids!

    1. SWF-PJB says:

      I totally agree: what if it was a child molester that grabbed her up? What good would having no toy machines do then? She should be glad that it wasn’t nothing more than the child being stuck in a toy machine but she can’t stop at blaming nothing else but the toy machine. She was grossly negligent–no phone call is that important!

  12. Tom says:

    Hey mom can I borrow that kid I could really use a couple nice grab bag gifts for the neighborhood kids I will return the kid same day of service thanks and let me know btw is there any prizes left in that machine or did you get them all? Hey I gotta go my 2 year old has my rifle!

  13. john w says:

    i dnt blame anyone in this incident, was a accident, kids do thangs…tey shoulda had better secured locks on da machine!! ppl on here, act liked they nevered answered their phones unexpectedly, for all we kno it coulda been someone importat, it wasnt like she wasnt watchin her kid, fo crying out loud!!!!

  14. SWF.PJB says:

    The mother is an irresponsible idiot & should have that child removed into protective custody–not because of what happened but because she refuses to take any responsibility for it. Even if they bring in a machine with a smaller door, and change this or that, how does that help if her child wanders off again while on her watch and ends up in the arms of an abductor, or falling down escalator steps or hit by a car in the parking lot.

    Yes, things happen quickly but unless she’s willing to examine things that she can do differently & better to prevent it from happening again, she’s a bigger fool that she appears to be.

  15. TL says:

    Just got back from the mall where I witnessed a 2 or 3 year old boy taking the escalator by himself!! The mother had other screaming children around her on the second floor and was just sort of watching. About half way up the boy lost his balance and tumbled down a few escalator stairs. A couple guys saw what was happening and ran up to where he was tumbling. The kid was shrieking and the idiot mother rushed over. Disgusting. Why do you need a license to drive, but any neglectful, half wit can be a mom??

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