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Roomful Express Furniture is going out of business, leaving some customers in a very tough situation. Complaints have been growing from those who are waiting for either their furniture or a refund. The company put together a list of answers for scenarios that customers are facing on its website:

  • Roomful Express Website For Customers
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    1. Mike says:

      Just feel bad for the hundreds of people who are going to be out of work. Another resource is

    2. roomfulofliars says:

      Here is the real deal:

      Roomful deliveries were stopped for Friday Dec 12. You may get deliveries later, or you may not. Roomful is asking that you call their new number at 1-888-

      696-7378. What they don’t tell you is that this new number just dumps you into their regular customer support call center. You will wait on hold, and then it

      asks you to leave a message but you can’t because the mailbox is full. This is just their way of appearing to do something, but they don’t care as they have

      their money. Third, don’t think for a second that you will get one cent back if you have an order.

      Whatever money they have of yours, go to the store select something for the same price that is IN STOCK and go get it yourself at the Crafton warehouse. At

      this point you are dealing with individuals that do not care, are losing their jobs and will steal your money and still sleep at night. If you don’t have a

      truck – beg borrow or rent one! Do not trust them to deliver your order as their delivery company quit, do you want to trust them to get a new one?

      If you thought that Roomful Express Customer Service was bad before, you should see it now. And for anyone considering buying from the liquidation sale, all

      SALES ARE FINAL so if you get bad furniture, you are stuck with it.

      Here is what you need to do to get action:
      First, CALL SAM IN SALES at (412) 788-0181 and ask for a status update on your order. Leave a message for Sam if he is not in. Do not take no for an answer

      or tell them why you are calling. Sam will tell you that is not his responsibility, do not believe him. You can call this number on Saturday and Sunday as

      Sam works weekends.

      Second, call the main corporate office number at 412-444-2300 during the week and dial the following extensions and leave a message. Michael Kuhn, Owner 303,

      Greg, VP Sales 304, Heather Blinkey Delivery Manager 239, Security 301, Leach 233, Warehouse 390. Continuing to call and leave message after message is the

      best way to get their attention.

      1. Aca says:

        You sound like a scorned person who use to work for the company. You are a foolish to believe that you can get anywhere with those extensions. You do know that Michael Kuhn is no longer with the company right? I think the warehouse guy is done also. What is security going to do for you? Greg seems to be in charge of PR and making statements now. I doubt he has time to answer you since his number can be found on like a dozen sites which will make his phone light up like a Christmas tree.

        As far as All Sales Final. No sh!t, are you kidding me? roomful does not own the company anymore, in 2 months or so, the stores/name/company will no longer exist at all. If you had dealt with liquidation in any way, you would know all sales are final. You also pay more right now then if you were to buy while they had a friends and family deal or a great sales weekend.

        The 888 is a toll free number, that will send you to customer service. That would be called a courtesy. You can call straight, but it still does the same thing. I would imagine they can keep on top of the situation and I would bet they have a skeleton crew running it now. PNC wants the cheapest payroll so they will run with minimum staff.

        If you order from Ashley Furniture, the orders are still getting filled. Call the Ashley headquarters and they will tell you the same thing. Quite making accusations you can’t back. I agree that if you have CASH money down, try and find something to take then.

        It is really rude to know that you think people are looking to steal your money. Or to think that any of the staff sleeps well at night when they are losing their jobs right before Christmas. Again, a foolish thing to say. If you have been laid off before, you would feel for the 500+ people who will be out of jobs (between staff and suppliers, along with delivery guys…)

        Pittsburgh will take a big hit on the revenue tax dollars lost. Looks like last year they paid taxes on almost 90 million dollars worth of merchandise. You will most likely see your taxes go up based on this company alone.

        I tried calling and reaching Sam with no luck. I did get someone who said Sam could no longer be reached. I hope you sleep well at night. Since you come across as a “what you don’t know, can’t hurt you” kind of person. And you don’t seem to know much of anything. It was a waste of my time to read your comment and an even bigger waste that I had to reply.

        1. Mike says:

          If you purchase a product and pay for it, you have a legal case to receive that property regardless of receivership. If you do not receive your order or refund, you need to file a complaint with the Attorney General Office in Harrisburg, PA. Theft is theft period.

    3. Steve Roush says:

      It is not the employees fault that they are going out of business and they are very willing to help you anyway they can. I had paid cash for furniture that was not in so they allowed me to pick anything I wanted from the shworoom floor. I am very pleased with how things worked out as I could have received nothing. Just be nice and work with them and hopefully you can find something in the store to replace what you had ordered. The employees are just as frustrated as you are!

      1. Nick Miller says:

        I agree 100% with Steve. I paid cash and they told me they could not get it. I asked if I could pick something else out. they said yes. I found something about $100 more. They marked it down for being a floor display piece so it was even cost.

        While I was there, people were just nasty. You should have heard the threats and cursing they employees were getting. They were still being very civil back. These people are about to lose their jobs and they still are working hard. You could not pay me what they are getting paid to work in conditions like that.

        A little Christmas Spirit goes a long way! I feel for all of those people. My experience could not have gone any better in all of that madness. I will miss Roomful Express.

    4. john kizziar says:

      …understand that you might have some early Errol Garner recordings, if so I would appreciate a return e mail…


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