Source: 2 Steelers To Buy Poplawski House

STANTON HEIGHTS (KDKA) – The house in Stanton Heights where three Pittsburgh Police officers were shot and killed will be sold at a sheriff’s sale.

Now, KD Investigator Marty Griffin has learned that two Pittsburgh Steelers are interested in buying the house.

The house will be sold at a sheriff’s sale on Jan. 3.

Sources close to the sale of the house said James Harrison and Hines Ward plan to buy the house, so it can be torn down.

The home is the site where Richard Poplawski is accused of killing three Pittsburgh Police officers.

“The fear is somebody will come in and buy that and remodel it, and move in. And we can’t let that happen. We can’t let that happen. It just can’t be done,” Gloria LeDonne said.

LeDonne is related to one of the officers and says the family, the neighbors, as well as police want the house torn down.

She said as soon as it’s sold and torn down, she is ready to raise funds to put a park and a memorial at the site.

“To have the building gone and to do a park, not another building because another building is just a reminder there was a house, a building there and what happened. A park where kids can go, where people can go and enjoy and have a new outlook on the area,” LeDonne said.

Sources close to the sale said a number of Pittsburgh Steelers have reached out to people familiar with the auction.

Both Harrison and Ward have indicated they will buy the house and donate it to the city to have it torn down.

“I think it’s a wonderful gesture. I think – the Steelers are – and they’re very generous. And I have met James Harrison at another function we had over on the South Side and he was very generous to come and sign autographs for a fundraiser we had,” LeDonne said.

The Steelers have expressed their generosity and compassion following this incident, before.

They chipped in and purchased GPS units for squad cars that drive through Zone 5 so they know how to get around.

Also, a demolition company stepped up and suggested if the Steelers purchase the house at the sheriff’s sale, they will tear the house down for free. In addition, they will remove the debris for free.

There is one more act of kindness being offered. A gentleman, who is an artist, said he will help build a monument for free.

  • Pattie Imm

    thats our of a kind…a wonderful kind!!!!!!

    • comon' son

      another building is just a reminder there was a house?

      What do you think a memorial is?

      memorial – Of, relating to, or being in memory.

  • georgeann butler

    Rebuild the house and put a homeless family in there where they can live a decent life. Sure people will go by and point a finger but not for long. People tend to forget and besides there is so many memories of these brave men around that the house is not on the map of things to see. The best memory of all is that they house can serve someone who needs it and raise their kids knowing that some kind people did not destroy this home because our men in blue died there. If they did that they would be tearing down plenty of homes and parks and streets and alleys and restaurants. Rethink what u are about to do.

    • Steven Sorce

      Wow! What great ideas everybody has… WITH SOMEONE ELSES MONEY!!! All of you with these ideas need to get together, pool your money, buy the house and act on your ideas. You won’t do anything though will you? That’s what I thought.

      • FP

        Steven I don’t see your loud mouth offering any money up! You have no clue if people on here have donated money to the families involved. Now do you??? Before you go judging all of us you better check yourself at the door. You have no clue at all. Before a group starts to raise money they need to figure out what needs to be purchased and how much it’s going to cost. Then they usually figure out how they are going to raise whatever amount they need. You can’t just say I’m raising money for whatever cause and not have a plan. Just like you don’t go to buy a house without knowing if you have enough money to pay for it or if you can even get a loan to pay for the house now do you? What the hell is wrong with yinz being so negative over a very sensitive subject? What if it was one of your family members that had died that horrific day? You would be seeing red if you heard ignorant people talking smack on making a memorial for your loved one.

      • Ray B

        Steven, I don’t think FB understood your point. If certain people are willing to use their own money to purchase this house, it is up to them what happens with the property, not all of these other folks offering suggestions but no $$$. You didn’t slam anyone over the idea of making a memorial or doing anything else with the property or even suggest that others who commented here had not donated to the families involved. You were not telling them what they should do with it at all and therefore I see no reason why FB should suggest you are a hypocrite for not offering your own money. He seams to have a reading comprehension problem.

  • c svrcek

    i agree…..a needy family could make use of the house and property.most people there have a yard, why have a park? how big could the park be? donate it…maybe a child care facility so many people need so many things……figure it out

  • Mepet

    That would be a mistake to move a homeless family in there. So then how do they pay the utility bills? Tear it down! Make a small memorial park

  • Jamie

    Put a homeless family in the house? Typical liberal theology!!
    Who do you suppose is going to pay for the taxes, utilities, ect? Furthermore how can you chose just one homeless family to move into the house? Do you want to be the one that decides which one family out of thousands can move in?

    That house deserves to be torn down. No good will come from keeping it around. Donate the land to a company or organization serving kids. Sure a park is nice but it wont be utilized year round. What about a recreational center where kids can go all the time?

  • Constance

    I think a memorial is the only thing worthy of the history of this house. If the Steelers, Heinz and James, want to donate so that can happen, so be it. I think it is a remarkable gesture on the part of the Steelers, the demolition guy and the artist. It is a beautiful gesture. The ugly, covertly tracial remarks posted here are the blight on the city of champions. You should be ashamed. But for the grace of God, go each of us.

  • redrock100

    do what Rendel would do. Give it to port authority.

    • greenrock200

      do what Corbett would do. Give it to Santorum.

  • HAP

    Donate the property to Habitat for Humanity………

  • Bea

    What color was the child? Purple, orange? White? That’s a color. And what does this have to do with this story?

  • Bea

    Just as long as the insensitive, greedy, low-life moronic mother who blames everyone but her son & herself for this tragedy doesn’t get a penny from the sale or the county through a lawsuit.

    • FP

      Well said Bea!!!

  • Joan Marie Patrici

    Unfortunately, as a retired Cleveland Police Crime Scenes Detective, I have attendted too many police funerals. Gloria LeDonne, Hines Ward, and James Harrison have a postive plan. No matter how small the park, it is a start. What needs to be done is to bring everyone together and ask this question “When we’ll we stop killing each other and when will the blood stop flowing?

  • FP

    That is great news to hear that Hines Ward and James Harrison are willing to do such a compassionate thing. It shows that Harrison is not always violent. LOL I will never forget that tragic day. I was traveling across the United States when I heard the horrific news. My heart still goes out to the families of the Pittsburgh Police Offices that lost their lives that day doing their job. A memorial park would be a good thing for the families and neighbors. They will have a spot that they will be able to go to remember all of the positive things about their loved ones. Yes it will be sad but they will not have to look at that house and have all bad memories.

    • William Cormier

      Bea, FP, I agree!

  • Mariwe

    The CHEIF would be proud!

  • lauren d cosgrove

    Who cares. What a waste of money that could have been put to good use.

  • td

    You can put new wallpaper up and piant but that place will never be a peaceful environemt ever again. Imagine children living in that house. You would have to be a sick individual for ever wanting to live in a house filled with such horror. the city should have had that place torn down as a memorial to its officers!!!!!

    • td

      yep misspelled paint. the site does not give enough time to type and therefire I was rushed.

  • D

    A memorial park would be appropriate, but how is that not providing a constant reminder of the tragedy that occurred in that house? I think that the suggestion to donate the house to Habitat for Humanity is a great idea. What better way to bring something positive to the site.
    I am also extremely disturbed by the hateful comments that have been posted. It’s that type of sickness that caused this to happen in the first place. When will people realize that hate is hate and that it’s contagious.

    • nicole hater 2

      They didn’t care its their job!!!! Wake up!!

      • Jamie King Chlystek

        nicole hater 2
        Why do you think men and women go into law enforcement? It sure isn’t for the money. It sure isn’t for fame. The do it because they want to care for their community. As a City of PGH police officer, they have to live in the city. You better believe they care! I think you need to wake up and appreciate the men and women that care about you and keep you safe every day!

    • wes

      Should be a constant reminder. All the men and women of law enforcement risk their lives daily for the safety of all, even the idiots on here that say” ugh, another memorial”. These men died because they cared, not because of 50k a year.

  • alicia

    i think this is such a great idea!!! not only should they make it a memorial for the 3 officers killed in that tragedy, but for all officers that lost their lives in the line of duty. i’m already proud to be from Pittsburgh, but this makes me even prouder!! :)

  • Community Leader

    So what have the adjacent neighbors done to have the noise. bother, crime, litter, and other related negative impact from this, “park”, that disrupts the otherwise quiet residential character of the neighborhood?

    • wes

      If I recall correctly, the neighborhood began the movement to have the house condemned and torn down.

  • shawn

    the house itself should be a memorial site im tired of seeing houses torn down and space wasted

  • nicole

    Wow, all I have to say to the rude heartless comments posted here is this…try your best to feel some empathy for the sacrifices and hard work that the men and women in blue do! Someone posted that there are enough memorials?! I would like to see you tell a family of any fallen officer that! I think this is a wonderful gesture on everyone who is involved! God Bless them and everyone who tries to find the negative in this!

    • nicolehater

      how bout we turn your house into a useless memorial park then all they did was their jobs us soldiers arent getting baseball fields named after them

  • Ugh !

    Great, another stupid memorial Let someone buy it and rent it out Leave it to Pittsburgh to make the wrong,schmaltsy decision every time

  • Dave

    Great another stupid,schmaltsy memorial rent it out

  • t'mara

    jamie, i don’t think it’s necessarily a “liberal” idea to house the homeless…just a compassionate one. when you’re in church this christmas, think about the serious lack of concern you seen to have for those less fortunate, and pray you will never be there in need of help from people like yourself.


      T’MARA – Me personally, I am done with handouts. This government gives out way to many and it breeds laziness. I am sick and tired of paying thousands in taxes for abused welfare, WIC, and whatever else. Furthermore, why should someone get a free house, its time for people to stand up for themselves and their families and support themselves. One more thing, show me one damn HUD house where the occupants actually take care of their FREE damn house. They are eye sores and unfair to the entire neighborhood. Earn your house and you will take care of it. Their is zero appreciation and I am sick of it.


        JAMIE – Its refreshing to see another person that actually gets it. Its sad, but as this economy worsens, and it will, more people will begin to see that these entitlements can not continue, the funding will just not exist. The average American has NO idea how dangerous it is that we owe China Billions. Folks will have to take care of themselves and why would you not want to anyway. Americans will have to start accepting responsibility for their actions, work hard or harder, and support their own families. I already “donate” plenty in my taxes and can no longer afford anymore. We give to our church and they do nice community things, but that is it for me. I have had it with the “free rides” that my family and I have been funding. TIME FOR IT TO STOP! If that makes me cold then so be it, but it also makes me a realist and fiscally responsible.

      • Jamie

        ZoeyZotron- Bravo. I was going to respond to t’mara’s comment in regards to mine.. but you took the words right out of my mouth.
        Its not a lack of compassion stating we dont want someone to receive a free house, its realistic. You are right about the HUD houses. You are also correct that welfare is abused. Sure there are people less fortunate, but Im sick and tired of seeing people use access cards to buy junk food and products that aren’t necessities….then drive off in a escalade. It is not the governments job to give handouts. We live in America were we have every opportunity to better ourselves. If we continue giving out ‘free’ things, what intensive do people have to try and reach the American dream?

  • ithilien

    if you have ever visited the street you would feel the horribleness coming from that house. it’s a reminder everyday to the people who live there that evil lived among them, and i think it’s right to be torn down. who wants to look at that reminder everyday? raze it to the ground and let the neighborhood start healing.

  • DAL

    why not just put a flagpole of the U.S and one with a Pittsburgh Police insignia placed in a flower bed with several other flower beds surrounding the whole property. We need a place of beauty where something so ugly happened. You’ll all be surprised at how many volunteers will plant and maintain this site.

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