GREENSBURG (KDKA) – Lawyers for three of the six people charged in connection with the death of a woman in Greensburg earlier this year were in court today.

Those lawyers filed a motion on Monday arguing that there is no proof 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty was tortured or raped before she was killed.

Therefore, those charges cannot be used as aggravated circumstances for the penalty phase of the trial if they are convicted of first degree murder.

So far, the judge has not ruled on that motion.

There were several other developments during today’s proceedings, including the judge putting a $5,000 cap on what the trial will cost taxpayers.

Two of the defendants, Peggy Miller and Robert Masters, are in talks for plea deals.

Also, the court is waiting for cell phone records, which were confiscated from all of the defendants.

Ricky Smyrnes, Melvin Knight and Amber Meidinger, are facing the death penalty in the case.

Daugherty’s body was found in the Greensburg Salem Middle School parking lot stuffed in a garbage can and bound with Christmas decorations last February.

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