Will Pa. State Stores Go Private?

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) – Mike Pintek talked with Wendell Young about the privatization of the state liquor stores.

Young, the president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776, says going private is not in the best interest of the Commonwealth.

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  1. Imu says:

    This is a HUGE mistake.

    I used to live in a state that had private liquor stores. No matter how you try to prevent it many of them will become run down centers of crime.

    While I do believe that they should be made more efficient they should stay as State Stores.

    There is nothing wrong with the state receiving the extra financial returns on a controlled substance on which it must turn around and spend so much on the effects it has on the population.

    1. Mac says:

      Anyone that thinks this is a huge mistake has never gon into a State Store and spoke with the rude union protected people that work there.

    2. Josh says:

      Yes, there are at least 3 things wrong with that.

      1. Receiving extra financial returns (because you can’t trust government to spend money responsibly)

      2. Controlled substance (creating controlled substances automatically creates crime where none existed before, causes market imbalances and invites corruption, all while doing nothing to resolve the social ills that are cited to justify these policies).

      3. It is not the government’s responsibility to spend money “educating,” “treating” or otherwise interfering with the lives of alcoholics. The “population” is not the government’s child.

  2. cliff says:

    leave them as state control the state will raise taxes to cover what they lost

  3. Nikki says:

    As Pennsyvanians, we pay a higher price for liquor/wine because the state has a monopoly on these items. Not to mention that privatization would increase accessibility to the consumer But I doubt that PA will sell off the stores as it is one of only a few things that makes money.

    1. Josh says:

      I agree. If only they could just stop wasting/stealing revenue, instead of constantly trying to dream up new ways to pay for the existing waste and corruption.

      News flash people, our state wouldn’t be broke, and we wouldn’t need to raise more money to fund rampant government, if you simply paid attention to what your elected officials were doing, and demanded accountability.

  4. Josh says:

    State-run business means no competition. It invites corruption and always results in lower standards.

    Crime in close proximity to liquor stores is a separate problem. This is not a valid argument for supporting state-controlled industry (aka fascism).

    Pennsylvanians, on average, don’t understand how unreasonable the system they are living under is, because many do not spend much time out of state and have no frame of reference.

    End the state stores, end the drink tax, bring back free market capitalism and watch your consumer options multiply.

  5. shelley conrad says:

    as a previous bar owner……it makes no sense that the same organization that sells you the liquor…then controls when and how you can sell the liquor….big time monopoly that needs broken up…along with the PLCB…..talk about a thin blue line…it does still exists and breaking up the lliquor stores will help a little…the rest will take a huge BROOM!

  6. BJC says:

    I hate it when folks say “news flash people”! OH the arrogance of some who think that “most” people haven’t gone out of State…and what is “rampant government” anyway.

  7. GldnGrl says:

    Of course a UNION rep isn’t going to like that. Unions SUCK … the life out of America. They were created to keep workers safe now that’s what OSHA is for… what kind of unsafe environment does a liquor store have.

  8. RSQ says:


  9. 19tb says:

    @RSQ: Yes they have benefts and a pension. The same taxpayer funded state pension we can no longer afford. They are cashiers who know nothing of the product, and are indifferent to customer needs. They should be paid the same as a cashier in a non-union grocery store. Privatize them.

  10. time1234 says:

    The only people who want state stores not to become private is the over paid workers their

  11. John says:

    IF it goes private Wegmans Target and Walmart will get their hands on it, Smaller stores will not survive. We are suppose to be creating solid jobs not taking them away! The prices are a little high but booze is not a needed item If you want it this is what you pay for it. The clerks have good product knowledge I have found. I have been shopping in PA for 15 years and have always been satisfied. I went to Delware to get booze and the clerk tried to sell me yellow tail merlot! Only total has good prices thats all. History shows EVERY YEAR AFTER A STATE GOES PRIVATE TAXES GO UP!!!!

  12. marsha lehman says:

    i live in johnstown pa it would be better to sell the state stores and than to keep them!! i was just in vegas you can buy everything out of a grocery store or wallmart!!!

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