Police: Dormont Shop Owner Shot Robbery Suspect

DORMONT (KDKA) — Detectives from Allegheny County and the Dormont Police Department are investigating after a man was shot and killed in an apparent robbery attempt.

According to county dispatchers, the shooting happened shortly before 11a.m. in an alleyway near the 2900-block of West Liberty Avenue.

Police say a 39-year-old man walked into Bill’s Auto Parts armed with a gun and stun gun, ordered the shop owner, Bill Miller, and a delivery driver to the floor, and demanded money.

“The actor entered the garage, had two victims at gunpoint, put them on their knees,” said Asst. Supt. Jim Morton, of the Allegheny County Police.

Police say the owner of the business pulled a gun from his pocket and fired one shot at the robbery suspect, hitting him in the chest.

The suspect stumbled out the back door and died a short time later.

Police have not released the name of the man.

The D.A. is investigating whether any charges will be filed.

The D.A.’s office says this is the third incident in the last week in Allegheny County, where the intended victim of a crime has fought back against his or her attacker.


One Comment

  1. David says:

    Better tried by 12 than carried by 6. This store owner should get a medal.

    1. Deana says:

      Well said, David. For the love of God, charges??? The only one who should have charges pressed is the dead man. This country had better wake up, and so should the defense attorney that would be dumb enough to take this case. Please let this be the time I get called for jury duty. It would be my pleasure.

  2. Russ says:

    Yeaaa good guys!!!!!

  3. Big Dan says:

    Another dead idiot. Yeah for the owners and employees.

  4. waff says:

    One more criminal off the streets. +1 for the good guys! Let’s hope the idiots running the Allegheny County court system don’t give the store owner who defended his life a hard time… although it is Allegheny County. May God be with you.

  5. jeff donatelli says:

    God bless this store owner.
    if more people defended themselves the crime rate would PLUMIT.

    great job my friend, you are a hero

    1. t'mara says:

      plummet, i think you mean.

      if more people had guns is what i also think you mean…if more people had guns there would be even more accidental shootings. read some of the latest headlines for tragic examples.

  6. Bill Salerno says:

    I have known Bill “gomer” since I was a kid that’s one place you should not try to rob.
    Well I hope this teaches a lesson to all. Since dormont,beechview,and Brookline are all going down hill. Maybe people wiill think twice this christmas seson about robbing people.

  7. whatgoesaround says:

    thats’s what people get. This is a new day… people are defending themselves. but idiots still think they can get away with robbing. hope u got a nice seat in hell buddy.

  8. Paul says:

    Another one bite the dust.
    When will they ever learn. We will not be victims to punks with guns.

  9. Harry says:

    I would love to be on that jury.
    too bad Rendell did not sign that gun law.
    This poor man will probably need alawyer and that is rendells fault.

    please let this law abiding citizen walk free today.

  10. Jeff says:

    I LOVE it. That is one loser that wont be sucking up taxpayers money by sitting in jail. GOOD JOB i hope more people start standing up to the lowlifes of society.

  11. kevin says:

    i have known this man (Bill) for over 20 years, he is the last person you would want to mess with. he is a local hero to all one more for the good guys.

  12. expittsburgh says:

    What a happy ending! Hopefully no charges are filed.

  13. Michelle says:

    reminds me of my father in law who pistol whipped a robber inside a Moon Township adult store back in the 90’s!

  14. sannies says:

    “D.A. is investigating whether any charges will be filed.”
    Are they nuts? If there was no crime being committed, there would have been no death. I’m only glad the innocent man was not hurt. How dare anyone charge a person defending their life’s blood!

    1. cjb says:

      No charges will be filed…This story is old news.

  15. scott says:

    Thumbs up

  16. Jack says:

    I’m puzzled by the comments which invoke God’s name after one of His less fortune children was killed. I defend the right of the owner to protect his life and property, but, tragic events like this are not the time to gloat and cheer because a peron loss his life. The labling as punk, loser, low life ……………. who are these people to judge another………… now that’s God’s duty. Instead, pray for Bill, who apparently is a good guy that he doesn’t suffer from remorse for killing another. Pray for the perpetrator soul and forgiveness.

    1. E says:

      I casually knew Westbrook..he was not one of goids less fortunate children. He was healthy, reasonably inteligent, and employable..Times are tough right now. he made a decision to turn to violence, and crime..This was his fault, that decision only leads to Prison, or the grave.

  17. Joe says:

    You can’t pray for a person’t soul after their dead.

    How do you know Bill doesn’t suffer from remorse?

    It doesn’t take judging to know someone trying to rob another person or business is a low-life.

  18. Mary says:

    This reminds me of the time my uncle shot a guy in the leg after the guy refused to pay some of the girls my uncle was pimping.

  19. Jack says:

    Bill had every right to protect himself, but I wonder about the people who are giddy at the death of the perp. He has family that are now mourning his loss, he is dead, it is the survivors who suffer.

  20. Bea says:

    The three victims who fought back this week did more to deter crime than the police have. Do you think criminals aren’t saying to themselves, gee this could be me next time.

  21. Tim Stevens says:

    I don’t care what color the perp was he got what he deserved.

  22. Uncle Sam says:

    One less hand out of our pockets!

  23. tax payer says:

    Bill saved the tax payers alot of money but it only cost him 25 cents

  24. Anvil says:

    I’d rather see a criminal die at the hands of a person defending themselves with a legally-owned gun, than an innocent person die from an illegally-owned weapon.

  25. jcb says:

    Good for Bill!!! All i have to say of the matter is One Less!!!!

  26. Jim says:

    I have lived in dormont for 32 years, we can’t just standby and let the low lifes take over. I’m a registered and licensed gun owner, and carry mine with me at all times. I don’t want to use it but like Bill I am prepared to do so if. Necessary !

  27. LTCF says:

    You can thank Fat Fast Eddy for vetoing the Castle Doctine, he prefers you retreat. That’s easy to say by him considering he’s surrounded by armed undercover PSP body guards

  28. Door Gunner says:

    Note to self: Dont bring a .380 pimp pistol to a 44 cal toting Combat Vet gun fight

  29. Arfcom says:

    Good shoot and FUArock

  30. Costis says:

    Thank you for your service.

  31. Shanika Brown says:

    I hope this guy gets the chair, he is required by law to try to make a exit. you can’t just shoot people for no reason. You have to try to escape first.. this racist is going down

    1. JCB says:

      LMAO!!! You are too funny. Listen Shanqua! or what ever the hell your ghetto fabulous name is. The only racist ppl i see around me all the time is you and your peeps!!! lol

    2. David says:

      Guess one of your “boys” got himself a new tuchus popped for him between the eyes while robbing someone’s house. That’s the only explanation for the ignorance of your statement. Tell you what, next time someone breaks into your house, YOU negotiate with them while waiting for the cops to show up. Let us know how that works out for you. If you’re still alive to do so.

    3. Rtk says:

      Going down? ooooohh I guess not!! What happened Sha nay nay?
      Oh and I found your Ebt card I will drop it in the mail box

  32. HooDat says:

    @ Shanika Brown……Was he ur baby daddy that got capped?

  33. Jim says:

    Dear shanika, when faced with an armed intruder, you are permitited to use equal or slightly greater force than what is being used against you. This intruder came in armed with a pistol and a stun gun, put the owner and the delivery man on their knees, the shop owner had every right to defend his and the delivery mans life. This was not as you call it a racist event, this thug weather he was black, white, green, or blue, came to them, with bad intent. This shooting was completely justified. Would you be happier if the innocent shop owner would have been killed?

    1. JCB says:

      Sure she would as long as he was white…which in this case he was.

  34. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Isn’t it odd that KDKA will delete all racist posts except the ones posted by Blacks against Whites?? Just sayin’

  35. Jim says:

    How did you become such a raciest shankia? But to set you straight mike tomlin works for the roneys, as you put it. A cracker, the police chief reports to the mayor, a cracker, and Pitts new coach… Well he reports to a whole bunch of crackers. This debate should not be about color it should be about what really happened in dormont, look at this thru non raciest eyes then ask your self what would you do if a PERSON pointed a gun at you and you had the ability to. Protect yourself?

    1. Luke'sLacky says:

      uh huh and Nate Haper is Luke’s token lacky. He’s about as educated as a bag of hammers. Check him out when he’s @ a crime scene in his Pimp Dady suits and hats

  36. shankia brown says:

    The bugh will have a black mayor as soon as Ricky Burgess runs, he runs council and the city now..where U been?

    1. David says:

      HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Dream on, Angela Davis Jr!

  37. Jim says:

    This isn’t a black vs white competition , get your head in the game, quit being such a racist!

  38. shankia brown says:

    Jim this is white and black and it always has been, sorry things arn’t going the white way for you and your upset. Blacks people are finally getting their dues…You can be upset all you want, its our time now!

    1. David says:

      Who ARE you? Some perpetually angry person who thinks that you’re OWED something? Tell you what, you can get in the grievance line right behind the Jews, the Irish, the American Indians, the Chinese, the Catholics, & the Mormons. Spare us the “we have it coming” diatribe. “You have it coming” to you if you’re willing to work for it. No one owes you anything.

      As for your pathetic assertion that this store owner did something wrong, well, like I said before, better tried by 12 than carried by 6. And since dolts like you, who think that its anathma for people to defend themselves, are a distinct minority in every corner of this country except for Berkley & San Fran, I’ll take my chances at trial. Hung jury means I (or this store owner) walk. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  39. shankia brown says:

    another typical racist, spewing his hate at the black folks because they get what they have coming!

    1. David says:

      Yeah. B/c its so “racist” to tell you that you ain’t owed JACK. But of course, you crying about “crackers” isn’t racist at all. HYPOCRITE! Go back to your Obama worshipping. Maybe he’ll send you money from “his stash.” Simpleton.

  40. CMB says:

    This was never about race! why let this jack ass shankia get a reaction out of you? notice there are no other black folks on here that share her ridiculous opinons? stop giving her the attention..she loves every second of it

  41. Burgnerdman says:

    Maybe now the criminals will think twice about trying to take something that doesn’t belong to them. It may cost them their life. Call your PA State Senator, or Congressman. Have them vote yes on the Castle Bill. Soon! Governer Elect Tom Corbit will sign it.

  42. Bill B says:

    If a white robber went to the North side and got killed by a black shop owner. shankia would want to throw a ticker tape parade for the shop owner..

  43. Jim says:

    If he was robing the place I’d be right there with her but only because a shop owner stood up against crime and won. Forget all this race stuff this guy got shot for one reason only, he threatened the life of a shop owner that was prepared to defend himself!

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