Police Find Dead Dog At Perry South Home

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police and humane agents have responded to a house in Pittsburgh’s Perry South neighborhood after a dead dog was found on the property.

According to 911 dispatchers, police went to a home along Maple Avenue to serve a warrant.

The person they were looking for was not there, but police found a dead dog outside the house.

They called humane agents to the scene.

Stay with KDKA for the latest details.


One Comment

  1. Chris Reilly says:

    How is this breaking news? Stop already. It’s a dead dog! This is what happens when you feel the need to broadcast “news” from 4 to 7pm

    1. rick says:

      Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but to others a dog is like family. How would you like it if someone found one of your kids laying dead on the street!!!

  2. Janine Johnson says:

    I agree with Rick. If that was my dog I would be devastated. She is like one of my children. I really think there should be harsher punishments for those who harm innocent animals.

  3. Debbie Williams says:

    When people realize that cruelty to animals is a strong indicator of problems with a person?

  4. Rick Cicchini says:


    I actually live less than a block from this, and was present when this news story was being set up to go live (Though I wandered off a few minutes before they actually went on-air, so I haven’t actually seen the report that went with the image posted on this story.)

    This story is significant beyond “They found a dead dog, big deal” as the warrant being served was for animal cruelty charges.

    For the sake of the investigation I’m going to leave out the details as I’m not sure what’s been released to the public at-large, but know this: This was not even so good as being a bad situation for the animals at this residence. Bad would have been several orders of magnitude above and beyond their living conditions.

    The person living at this residence, though not known to me, has been repeatedly pointed out to me as a person to avoid as he has a criminal history and poor decision-making skills. In fact, he recently was in jail for just such a thing. At least the second time he’s been in jail/arrested that I am aware of since summer.

    I don’t want to go so far as saying he’s an evil man, or even a bad man. I would, however, go as far as saying he’s an irresponsible man who needs a great deal of help before I would feel comfortable with him being responsible for the lives of a tank of sea monkeys, let alone a cat or dog. Or himself.

    One more example of someone who fell through the cracks of society with no one to help him pull himself out.

  5. Fido says:

    Oh God, a poor dead doggie woggie,Boo HooHoo

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