It’s time to wake up with the Fan Morning Show and Gregg Giannotti wants to wake up the Pittsburgh Steelers. He wants the team to beat down the classless New York Jets. Giannotti says he hates everything about the Jets — from their players to the front office.

Paul Alexander wants to wake up the Big East conference and voluntarily give up their automatic BCS Bowl berth. The UConn Huskies earned that bowl berth this year and they stand to lose about $3 million. With a BCS Bowl bid, the team and conference are obligated to sell 17,000 tickets and occupy and pay for 550 hotel rooms. UConn has only sold 4,000 tickets and booked a fraction of those hotel rooms. Paul says they need to wake up and improve their football programs.

Jim Colony wants to wake up MLB properties over the 2011 Pirates calendar. Team president Frank Coonelly told Jim that they request a list of players in April who will be featured in the team calendar’s for the following year.

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