City Gun Seizures Down, Homicides Up

By Andy Sheehan, KDKA Investigator

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s believed by many in law enforcement to be the single most effective way to curb violent crime, but this year the seizure of illegal guns has fallen off by nearly a third.

And the Fraternal Order of Police says this is a direct result of the sidelining of the three Pittsburgh police officers involved in the Jordan Miles incident.

“You took your talent away and created apprehensiveness among the other officers making the same arrests,” said Chuck Hanlon of the F.O.P.

The three officers – Richard Ewing, Michael Saldutte and David Sisak – have been on paid suspension since the January incident in Homewood while the U.S. Justice Department investigates the arrest and what some contend to be the beating of Miles.

Since then, gun arrests have plummeted.

Last year city police made 659 arrests for illegal gun possession, but through November of this year the number of arrests as fallen off sharply to 469.

At the same time, homicides in the city have climbed from 40 last year to 56 this year.

“You have 200 less guns taken off the street and it’s a direct cause of what happened to those officers,” Hanlon said.

Public Safety Director Michael Huss says while he’s concerned about the drop in gun seizures and the increase in homicides, he’s not convinced the two are related. He says aggressive police work must also be balanced by a person’s civil rights.

“There’s a balance of policing in our community that we always try to get it right, and most of the time we do, and it’s a credit to the professionalism in that bureau,” Huss said.

But at Willie Tee’s Barbershop in Homewood, hard-feelings over the Jordan Miles incident have widened the divide between the community and the police.

“They beat a kid almost to death and he had a bottle in his pocket – not a pistol but a bottle,” said John Turner.

People say more officers walking a beat might improve strained relations.

“If they showed a little more presence and talked to the people during the day – just come to know the people and let the people know them, it would be a better situation out here.”

  • dan

    Mike Huss must be the biggest idiot in the world. Is he serious…And really interview people at WILLIE t’s barber shop…get real ! Interview some people with jobs!

    • danette

      dan said, “Mike Huss must be the biggest idiot in the world. Is he serious…And really interview people at WILLIE t’s barber shop…get real ! Interview some people with jobs!’

      It would be fair to say that since Dan is employed he does not get a haircut.

      Get real-Dan the bigot.

  • stephany stephenson

    Hanlon is right clear the officers , they did nothing wrong but try to clean up the worst place in the city!

  • Stephen Wood

    Willy T’s barber shop is one of the biggest crack dealing places in the city!

    • LIttle Stevie

      And how do you know this?

      Stephen Wood gets a Willy T bouffont!

  • Tommy Truth

    Suspend more good cops and watch the whole city burn!

  • Samuel Klingensmith

    MIke HUSS is a IDIOT!!!!

  • Alan Bradford

    The numbers don’t LIE…Get a clue HUSS, this city is a mess..bring the good guys back!

  • Brian Edmonds

    Move out of the city before you get killed!

  • Tommy Truth

    The kid didn’t even have a broken bone from what I heard, and was released from the hospital in 10 minutes.

    • Tommy tells lies

      Tommy Truth said, “The kid didn’t even have a broken bone from what I heard, and was released from the hospital in 10 minutes”

      You’re a freaking liar and flamer. Get your freaking ears cleaned out ya bigot. Your brain wax is clogging your canal.

      Christ Almighty, it takes more than 10 minutes to eve register in the ER let alone be treated.

  • George stanton

    The city is a joke, no wonder nobody wants to live in this filth!

  • flash

    Good cops can take guns off the streets. Not while suspended.

  • Amanda Beck

    This is what happens when you stop the police from doing their jobs. Good job everyone in charge!

  • Ann Kline

    Didn’t this kid run away when told to stop, and assault the police? Report the whole story!

    • Ann Klein is dumb

      So Annie, it takes 3 budge-a-g-aloops (in plainclothes) to apprehend a 5’9″ 150 pound kind to the ground when they sat upon him saying, “Where’s your money? Where’s the drugs? Where’s the gun?” Miles recited “The Lord’s Prayer,” prompting police to twice choke him and slam his face into the snowy ground,

      Yeah Annie, Report the whole story.

  • Andy

    Who hired this HUSS anyway, what a moron!

  • concerned

    This city is going to HELL and we suspend the best cops on the force. Who makes these stupid decisions?

  • x man


  • mayor stupidstal

    yea a azz klown buddy, i know it..he in the same boat as me!

  • concerned

    Bring these cops back to work! We need a hundred more of them!

    • insignificant

      Will you pay more in taxes?

      I didn’t think so.

  • pgh fire

    Fire Mike HUSS !

  • Sick of It

    Willie Tee’s Barber Shop? Really?

    A person’s civil rights? People who are repeat offenders should have NO rights. They don’t follow the law, so why should we GIVE (I said GIVE) them the right to use illegal weapons and sell drugs.

    Why do we have idiots running this city? WHY???????

  • kye052707

    This whole story makes me sick. Enough is enough. Get these guys back to work. They obviously did nothing illegal or even against department policy. It’s been a damn YEAR and nobody can come up with anything. It’s tough as hell being an inner-city cop and all of these idiots posting negative comments obviously have no idea just how tough it is. Try patrolling the city’s worst ghetto every night, constantly encountering people that hate you and want to harm you while you are trying to make their ‘hood a little bit better for the decent people who live there. Makes me sick how nobody respects these guys anymore. Which leads me to my favorite quote…

    “Hate the police?? Next time you’re in trouble… call a crackhead!”

  • sam powers

    These Officers civil rights have been violated, wheres the fairness in this for them?

  • dan

    Who put Mike Huss in this position. He is one of the stupidest people I have ever seen on TV. These 3 officers should take his job, the mayors and chief of police…Then at least we would have a city safe enough to bring your family too!

  • Sandy

    Mike Huss needs fired what kind of answer was that? Are you afraid to tell people the truth? Your pathetic HUSS.

  • Samuel Klingensmith

    I agree lets petition to have Huss fired. That was the biggest load of BS I ever heard!

  • rational

    Listen to the police or get your ass kicked stupid. If I ran and didn’t listen to the police when i was a kid I would expect to get my ass kicked. Get a life MIle!

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