City Gun Seizures Down, Homicides Up

By Andy Sheehan, KDKA Investigator

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s believed by many in law enforcement to be the single most effective way to curb violent crime, but this year the seizure of illegal guns has fallen off by nearly a third.

And the Fraternal Order of Police says this is a direct result of the sidelining of the three Pittsburgh police officers involved in the Jordan Miles incident.

“You took your talent away and created apprehensiveness among the other officers making the same arrests,” said Chuck Hanlon of the F.O.P.

The three officers – Richard Ewing, Michael Saldutte and David Sisak – have been on paid suspension since the January incident in Homewood while the U.S. Justice Department investigates the arrest and what some contend to be the beating of Miles.

Since then, gun arrests have plummeted.

Last year city police made 659 arrests for illegal gun possession, but through November of this year the number of arrests as fallen off sharply to 469.

At the same time, homicides in the city have climbed from 40 last year to 56 this year.

“You have 200 less guns taken off the street and it’s a direct cause of what happened to those officers,” Hanlon said.

Public Safety Director Michael Huss says while he’s concerned about the drop in gun seizures and the increase in homicides, he’s not convinced the two are related. He says aggressive police work must also be balanced by a person’s civil rights.

“There’s a balance of policing in our community that we always try to get it right, and most of the time we do, and it’s a credit to the professionalism in that bureau,” Huss said.

But at Willie Tee’s Barbershop in Homewood, hard-feelings over the Jordan Miles incident have widened the divide between the community and the police.

“They beat a kid almost to death and he had a bottle in his pocket – not a pistol but a bottle,” said John Turner.

People say more officers walking a beat might improve strained relations.

“If they showed a little more presence and talked to the people during the day – just come to know the people and let the people know them, it would be a better situation out here.”


One Comment

  1. dan says:

    Mike Huss must be the biggest idiot in the world. Is he serious…And really interview people at WILLIE t’s barber shop…get real ! Interview some people with jobs!

    1. danette says:

      dan said, “Mike Huss must be the biggest idiot in the world. Is he serious…And really interview people at WILLIE t’s barber shop…get real ! Interview some people with jobs!’

      It would be fair to say that since Dan is employed he does not get a haircut.

      Get real-Dan the bigot.

  2. stephany stephenson says:

    Hanlon is right clear the officers , they did nothing wrong but try to clean up the worst place in the city!

  3. Stephen Wood says:

    Willy T’s barber shop is one of the biggest crack dealing places in the city!

    1. LIttle Stevie says:

      And how do you know this?

      Stephen Wood gets a Willy T bouffont!

  4. Tommy Truth says:

    Suspend more good cops and watch the whole city burn!

  5. Samuel Klingensmith says:

    MIke HUSS is a IDIOT!!!!

  6. Alan Bradford says:

    The numbers don’t LIE…Get a clue HUSS, this city is a mess..bring the good guys back!

  7. Brian Edmonds says:

    Move out of the city before you get killed!

  8. Tommy Truth says:

    The kid didn’t even have a broken bone from what I heard, and was released from the hospital in 10 minutes.

    1. Tommy tells lies says:

      Tommy Truth said, “The kid didn’t even have a broken bone from what I heard, and was released from the hospital in 10 minutes”

      You’re a freaking liar and flamer. Get your freaking ears cleaned out ya bigot. Your brain wax is clogging your canal.

      Christ Almighty, it takes more than 10 minutes to eve register in the ER let alone be treated.

  9. George stanton says:

    The city is a joke, no wonder nobody wants to live in this filth!

  10. flash says:

    Good cops can take guns off the streets. Not while suspended.

  11. Amanda Beck says:

    This is what happens when you stop the police from doing their jobs. Good job everyone in charge!

  12. Ann Kline says:

    Didn’t this kid run away when told to stop, and assault the police? Report the whole story!

    1. Ann Klein is dumb says:

      So Annie, it takes 3 budge-a-g-aloops (in plainclothes) to apprehend a 5’9″ 150 pound kind to the ground when they sat upon him saying, “Where’s your money? Where’s the drugs? Where’s the gun?” Miles recited “The Lord’s Prayer,” prompting police to twice choke him and slam his face into the snowy ground,

      Yeah Annie, Report the whole story.

  13. Andy says:

    Who hired this HUSS anyway, what a moron!

  14. concerned says:

    This city is going to HELL and we suspend the best cops on the force. Who makes these stupid decisions?

  15. x man says:


  16. mayor stupidstal says:

    yea a azz klown buddy, i know it..he in the same boat as me!

  17. concerned says:

    Bring these cops back to work! We need a hundred more of them!

    1. insignificant says:

      Will you pay more in taxes?

      I didn’t think so.

  18. pgh fire says:

    Fire Mike HUSS !

  19. Sick of It says:

    Willie Tee’s Barber Shop? Really?

    A person’s civil rights? People who are repeat offenders should have NO rights. They don’t follow the law, so why should we GIVE (I said GIVE) them the right to use illegal weapons and sell drugs.

    Why do we have idiots running this city? WHY???????

  20. kye052707 says:

    This whole story makes me sick. Enough is enough. Get these guys back to work. They obviously did nothing illegal or even against department policy. It’s been a damn YEAR and nobody can come up with anything. It’s tough as hell being an inner-city cop and all of these idiots posting negative comments obviously have no idea just how tough it is. Try patrolling the city’s worst ghetto every night, constantly encountering people that hate you and want to harm you while you are trying to make their ‘hood a little bit better for the decent people who live there. Makes me sick how nobody respects these guys anymore. Which leads me to my favorite quote…

    “Hate the police?? Next time you’re in trouble… call a crackhead!”

  21. sam powers says:

    These Officers civil rights have been violated, wheres the fairness in this for them?

  22. dan says:

    Who put Mike Huss in this position. He is one of the stupidest people I have ever seen on TV. These 3 officers should take his job, the mayors and chief of police…Then at least we would have a city safe enough to bring your family too!

  23. Sandy says:

    Mike Huss needs fired what kind of answer was that? Are you afraid to tell people the truth? Your pathetic HUSS.

  24. Samuel Klingensmith says:

    I agree lets petition to have Huss fired. That was the biggest load of BS I ever heard!

  25. rational says:

    Listen to the police or get your ass kicked stupid. If I ran and didn’t listen to the police when i was a kid I would expect to get my ass kicked. Get a life MIle!

  26. tommy Truth says:

    Jordan miles flunked out of college and were still listening to this? The kid and his mom just want money to get out of Homewood.

    1. tommy tells lies says:

      He did NOT flunk out of college ya DOLT!

  27. Deborah Mansion says:

    Some kid mess up, blames the police and the whole city pays for it. That really makes sense….Who runs this place? Fire them.

  28. hater says:

    This is why I left the city. Gun violence is out of control. Look at the 4th of july and light up night!

  29. samuel Klingensmith says:

    Why is mike Huss so afraid to say Miles is a LIAR and these cops are good guys and the stats reflect the murder rate? Its pretty obvious!

  30. Pro cop says:

    How did this happen? people file stupid complaints against the police all the time. Why was this any different?

  31. amanda Beck says:

    Dont the police officer shave civil rights? I think they were violated..

  32. deborah Mansion says:

    This years blood is on the hands of whoever suspended these cops!

  33. ashley says:

    James Harrison and Hines Ward should get these guys back to work, they seem to fix everything else in the city.

  34. kirk says:

    Not related???????? Are you serious Huss… Come on..anybody can see this Hanlon guy is right even if he is pro police.

  35. mayor stupidstal says:

    GUNS dont cause deaths and the police are bad…Lets suspend all the police..

    1. veryannoyed says:

      Hey stupid, guns don’t kill people people kill people. The cops are trying to get the bad people that use guns to kill people off the street. Think before you speak! Next time you need help call a crackhead idiot! Police are awesome you are just jealous you don’t have the balls to do the job!

  36. some guy says:

    Three guys really took over 100 guns off the streets? Thats insane. They should get a medal.

    1. Regulardude says:

      Yeah, and here’s their method. Find black male in baggy clothes. After profiling him which is illegal then jump on him cuff him put fat knee in back and ask them where’s the drugs and guns at? How do I know this? It happened to me except I had nothing but money on me and they took it.

  37. Josh Townsend says:

    Ha Ha ! Mike Huss is a KLOwN, I couldn’t have put it better x guy!

  38. stephenson says:

    Who cares? The city is full of animals. Let them kill each other.

  39. brian says:

    Mike Saldutte was the fat kid when we were in grade school. He only crushed twinkies!

    1. beth says:

      I don’t know who this is , but that is so true

      1. Randy says:

        Bro he is ripped now, you should see him!

  40. brian says:

    I would have to see it to believe it. I grew up with him, He wouldn’t hurt anybody!

  41. weed mon says:

    The mayor and Mike Huss should smoke some reefer and pee on Homewood

  42. HUh? says:

    Hey if these guys are so good why doesn’t the police chief say that? The chief and assistant don’t back these guys at all?

    1. stephenson says:

      HOW TRUE

  43. Insider says:

    The chief is too busy banging chicks to care

    1. Outsider says:

      I heard he said said yo momma wasnt that good

  44. Mayor stupidstal says:

    Mike Huss eats POOP

  45. Sandy says:

    Why do they ask Mike Huss if they are related? Why don’t they ask real cops?

  46. gmak says:

    Dave sisak is good he saved my life once

  47. Party boi says:

    Mike Huss needs a enima

  48. John says:

    I know Huss from my younger days. He has a lot of dirt I can give you. Just use my email address.

  49. Zone 5 says:

    You people think this is funny its not. I know Dave Sisak and this destoryed his family, hes probably going to get a divorce and loose his kid.

    1. stephenson says:

      I know, its sad he loved his job and worked his ass off for the city, and this is how he is repaid…..just sad

    2. panda88 says:

      yep, definitely not funny at all.

      i feel for these officers so much. my grandfather was a retired city cop(RIP) and have an aunt and uncle both working as officer’s in the city. so i could only imagine if this happened to one of them.

  50. carol a. abaray says:

    As a former resident of Pittsburgh, I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing so many problems with the criminal element. I was always proud to tell people whom I have met that Pittsburgh was our “hometown”. Sincerely hope that this situation resolves itself in the best interests of all of your law-abiding citizens.

  51. Samuel Klingensmith says:

    TURDS run the city not surprising this happened to these guys!

  52. fop guy says:

    we need to fire Huss period

  53. Andy says:

    One day I went to the bathroom at the city co building and Mike Huss looked at my JOHNSON and smiled at me…CREEPY

    1. Teenie Andy says:

      You lie because we all know you sit to pee.

  54. jeffy says:

    This is horrible, where are these officers rights…oh that’s right they don’t get any because they are white and cops……sickining

  55. gromek says:

    these are gooooood guys….bring them baaaack

  56. pghff says:

    Maybe mike huss should go check out the streets and see how bad things really are.think before u speak idiot

  57. level Green says:

    Let me see if I have this straight…gun seizures are drastically down while crime/death rate in the black community skyrockets. Someone should see if there is any connection.

    Police policy should drive what the force concentrates on and not individual officers. If gun seizures are down it’s because the Police Department itself doesn’t want to go after them.

    Ask Mayor Skippy…..

  58. hojore says:

    I feel like this story was leaked to beat the Trib’s story on the same topic.

  59. Police Fire Guy says:

    Sisak is one of the most driven cops that I’ve ever worked with. The city was definitely a safer place to live when he was on the streets. It’s a shame that when a cop does a good job and works hard that he gets punished. When the Police tell you to stop you don’t run and act like you’re reaching for a gun. I understand why some cops don’t want to do their jobs. It doesn’t pay.

  60. Tax Payer says:

    Pittsburgh will be Detroit in less than 5 years. GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU CAN! youre probably going to become a victim of a violent crime!

    Get these three back to work!

    1. Tax Player says:

      Get up to speed. St Louis is the worst US city.

  61. Jordan Miles says:

    Im gonna be the richest guy in HOMEWOOD! Mama’s gettin an 8 ball of crack this year for christmas!

  62. Daniel says:

    Perhaps if we had more police Mr. Huss we would be in a better position to fight crime. Take the number of police that we have, subtract command staff positions, divide by 6 for the number of zones we have, then divide by 3 for 3 shifts. See just how many officers we have on duty. Then subtract for vacations, sick days and the like. Plus some hotel workers have better vision and dental benefits than our police. Shameful.

  63. liberal4justice says:

    As my name states – I’m a Democrat that votes down the party line but this case is making rethink my voting habits from Ravenstahl on down. How can an investigation into how 3 cops performed the job tasks asked of them take a year??? Simple math shows that these 3 decorated cops performer their job at an extremely high level. I’m glad my employer can’t take away my job/livelihood without cause. I’ll make sure my vote counts toward improving the streets next time around. Get these 3 cops back to work and layoff the 3 stooges (ravenstahl, Harper, and Huss )

  64. Concerned Crystal says:

    He is not a college drop out! He was in high school ( CAPA) at the time of the attack – Idiot and his head was shaved by the hospital so they can give him stitches.
    If Jordan wasn’t african american this whole story would read differently. Who thought in 2010 RACISM of this magnitude would still exist.

    Please get all the facts straight before you comment.

    1. Sandy says:

      He dropped out of college….stupid! He said they pulled his hair out also, So your the idiot, idiot!

    2. liberal4justice says:

      Where have you gotten your facts from?? They shaved his head for stitches that he never received??? That makes about as much sense as these cops being suspended when he also sent these officers to the hospital. Get some facts so we can stop making excuses for bad acts and truly clean up our streets.

      1. Shanika Brown says:

        I guess you just a Liberal and a racist, figures!

      2. tommy Truth says:

        This city is the stupidest place on earth, suspend guys who protect us and didn’t do anything wrong. Great idea

      3. zone 3 says:

        BLUE FLU !!!

      4. enemyofthecity says:

        Its on. BLUE flu. Time we stand up for each other, who knows who will be next!

      5. tommy lies says:

        “…the stupidest place …”

        There is no such word. You’re uneducated.

      6. Jeff says:

        Hey Shastupid, the big,eared, George Soros puppet of a president and that ugly ho Pelosi that complete idiots without the ability to think for themselves like you votes into office are liberals you moron. I know the liberal, socialist playbook tells you to just call everyone pointing out the obvious or the truth racists but go back and re-read it and have your probation officer help you with the big words….you are the liberal Shastupid! Maybe your weave is too tight. Loosen it up a little, light up a rock and down a forty of old E and pop out another hood rat. I’m sure two more of your homies just killed each other and you need to repopulate the turd population!!!

  65. stephany stephenson says:

    I can’t imagine anyone wanting a police job, especially when the city doesn;t stand up for you. Nobody wants to be swore at, assaulted and criticized all the time. God bless all the public service people, you hardly make enough money for what you put up with !

    1. stephen stepahnyson says:

      Just throw money at it?

      You’re an idiot.

  66. dan says:

    Racism does exist…only against white police officers..get your facts right he was cleared from the hospital then went to a Dr. Office and had those photos taken, he claimed his hair was pulled out, but it wasn’t…somebody charge him for lying!

  67. Concerned Crystal says:

    What are NOGS

  68. Concerned Crystal says:

    What College? When did he drop out? Lets not get into name calling! Like I said if he was a not african-american, or if he had a different zip code then this story would read alot differently. Please educate me with only facts exactly what he did to deserve the beating he received? Please only state the facts, not your opinion. Thank you in advance for your time.

    I agree that we need good officers.

  69. Jeff says:

    Dear concerned crystal (concerned about what I had no idea),
    you should get your facts straight stupid. And if you think what he got was a beating try sneaking around my house at night with no legitimate reason. You’ll find out what a true beating is. Jordan Miles is a punk who should have been beaten alot worse. The people who actually pay taxes in this city want every officer in the city to be as dedicated and professional as these three.

  70. Shanika Brown says:

    If these cops go back to work the BPP is going to march downtown and shut down the biggest taxpayers in the city!

    1. dan says:


      1. Shanika Brown says:

        Black panther party stupid, they arnt from da burg

  71. Micheal Huss says:

    I hear Jordan Miles is going to shave his pubes and say the Mayor raped him so he can get all the monet left in the pension fund1

    1. Mayor stupidstal says:

      I will give MIles and his big mouth mother everyones pensions. Sorry city This just makes sense. I will just raise parking to 100 a hr to fix it!

  72. class of 94 says:

    I grew up with Dave Sisak and in the last year I have watched him sell or try to sell everything he owns. He used to be a great funny guy but he is nothing but depressed, and looks like complete hell. I am not a cop, but he needs help. I truely believe this is going to push him to hurt himself.

  73. Shanika Brown says:

    I have a idea. Why don’t all the racist pigs just stay out of Homewood. We dont want you or need you here!

    1. Jeff says:

      They would probably love to stay out of Homewood you idiot but some one has to come out there and pickup the bodies after you animals shoot each other over your welfare checks. They should just changer the name from Homewood to Section 8wood. Go teach your 5 kids to 5 different daddies to hate some more stupid.

  74. john says:

    It is a fact that those officers took over 200 guns off the streets,and they did get recognized for it. When you are on the patrol that they were on it is part of the bussiness to chase down criminals. they do not know that Miles did not have a gun so a the time they were fighting for their lives. Miles became a criminal when he ran and did not stop after the officers identified themselves and told him to stop.

    this is a tragedy for the officers and their families. although I dont believe sistak had to sell everything he owns, I do believe it is hard on thier personal lives.

    the only person we as a city have to blame it that moron mayor Ravenstahl. the order came from him directly to put those officers on leave. other officers who beat their wives and have hearing pending against them are still on the force because thier cases have not made the media and the idiots in homewood are not rioting so Mayor Mronstahl does not care.

    oh yeah, Saldutte is ripped and maybe he crushed twinkies as akid but the only thing he crushes now are criminals.

  75. James Harrison says:

    I don’t know much about the police but in the NFL these guys just got a career ending injury. Best of luck guys!

    1. Harry Jamison says:

      Off topic

      1. Harry Jamison says:

        James Harrison says, “I don’t know much about the police but in the NFL these guys just got a career ending injury. Best of luck guys!”

        Then he says, “What you don’t know is I personally went to zone 5 and have met some of these guys.”

        So which is it? You don’t know much about these guys.” or do you have a personal relationship with them?

        P.S. You’re still off topic.

  76. Zone 5 guy says:

    BLUE FLU and march this St patty day for our 3 forgotten and prosecuted brothers. WHOS IN?

    1. Out of Zone says:

      BLUE FLU? That’s it!

      Promote officers off the street. You’re a DOLT!

  77. Barney Fife says:

    Skinhead crooks with badges

  78. pghsgt says:

    I agree, blue flu

  79. DARREN says:

    Wake up city of pittsburgh command staff and bring these officers back. Support your local Police!

    1. Warren says:

      OK I’ll support them—with a jockstrap.

      Wear it with pride.

  80. PeaceinNeed says:

    “Can’t we all just get along?”

  81. Jeff says:

    That’s the most intelligent comment I’ve ever heard Chief Harper make….

  82. Jeff says:

    On an unrelated note…..hey Phil….GFY!!!

  83. ta da! says:

    You shouldn’t call your momma, Boomer

  84. Open your eyes says:

    A Pittsburgh police officer has been charged in a late September motorcycle crash that killed a 28-year-old woman.

    According to the criminal complaint, Adam Lewis, the police officer had a blood alcohol level of 0.112.

    They’re all not that wonderful.

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