By David Highfield

NORTH SHORE (KDKA) — When the Pittsburgh Penguins take to the ice for the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day, they’ll be inside Heinz Field, but outside there will be another rink for public use.

Construction crews are working non-stop day and night to get the temporary community rink ready in an area next to Stage AE, which is normally a parking lot.

Rich Cubin, from Rink Specialists, says they have a layer of man-made sand, with eight miles of tubing on top.

Industrial anti-freeze will be pumped through the tubing to keep the ice on top cool. Cubin says they have a “400-ton chiller system” to keep the anti-freeze at 10 degrees.

Hockey fans may recognize the dasherboards being installed from Mellon Arena.

The rink will be open for public skating starting Dec. 24 and it will run through Jan. 1.

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