Pa. Wine Vending Machines Off Line

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Local shoppers may have liked the convenience of wine kiosks at grocery stores, but it looks like they will have to get their holiday spirits elsewhere.

As of Tuesday night, all 30 wine vending machines across the state were shut down, including ones in Pittsburgh-area Shop ‘N Save and Giant Eagle stores.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in Harrisburg said there were too many malfunctions with the machines.

“Most of them have to do with the dispensing of product,” Stacy Kriedeman, a spokesperson for the PLCB, said. “It might be the turnstile is not turning, the computer screen freezes up, the door may not unlock. Most of them have to do with people not being able to get the product that they purchased.”

The PLCB will try to remedy the issues. The developer, Simple Brands, will assess each dispenser to improve its efficiency.

Bob Jamison, of O’Hara Township, is looking forward to the fix.

“The ability to buy liquor and wines and beer in supermarkets – it’s a great convenience,” he said.

The PLCB said in a statement they do plan to have all the machines back online in early 2011.


One Comment

  1. bruceUSA says:

    I wonder which state leaders owns stock in Pronto kiosk business???

  2. R_pgh says:

    End this ridiculous endeavor and just sell the wine from the store shelf. How can Pittsburghers stand to be treated like this?

  3. stevemuckqueen says:

    R_pgh is absolutely correct. The state has no business selling any retail product. It’s a throwback to prohibition. Think about it….we HAVE to buy our liquor from the government…..Crazy!

  4. Sonni A. says:

    These things are incredibly stupid…put the product on the shelf, not some silly vending machine!

  5. Gayle says:

    In other states, we can walk right into a grocery store, buy what we need, and head home. Why is it so difficult in PA?

  6. Chester says:

    Dump the entire State Monopoly. This is similar to the ” Customer service sensitivity training” for state store employees. In the end, we pay for all of this foolishness, while some politico,s brother-in-law or cousin twice removed profits. Were any bids taken on this automated folly, or was it just awarded

  7. maccorkle says:

    Back online in early 2011?? Remember that this is Pennsyltucky. Don’t hold your breath (no pun intended).

  8. Sacha says:

    Beer and Liquor should not be a state controlled product. Maybe when we get a new governor who isn’t fervently trying to pass stupid laws, we can come out of the stone age and just buy alcohol in its own isle in Walmart, Giant Eagle, Shop N’ Save, Food Land, and anywhere else you would buy groceries like you can in every other state but Pennsylvania. Every time I go to a grocery store on vacation it’s a constant reminder of how out of touch our state government is. I just walk up the the register with my food and a case of beer and the cashier looks at your id. Really? How difficult a concept is this? Seems like it would actually save the state money instead of having to pay “state employees ” to sell alcohol from stores with limited hours of service.

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