PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Local shoppers may have liked the convenience of wine kiosks at grocery stores, but it looks like they will have to get their holiday spirits elsewhere.

As of Tuesday night, all 30 wine vending machines across the state were shut down, including ones in Pittsburgh-area Shop ‘N Save and Giant Eagle stores.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in Harrisburg said there were too many malfunctions with the machines.

“Most of them have to do with the dispensing of product,” Stacy Kriedeman, a spokesperson for the PLCB, said. “It might be the turnstile is not turning, the computer screen freezes up, the door may not unlock. Most of them have to do with people not being able to get the product that they purchased.”

The PLCB will try to remedy the issues. The developer, Simple Brands, will assess each dispenser to improve its efficiency.

Bob Jamison, of O’Hara Township, is looking forward to the fix.

“The ability to buy liquor and wines and beer in supermarkets – it’s a great convenience,” he said.

The PLCB said in a statement they do plan to have all the machines back online in early 2011.

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