Pony Killed In Mt. Pleasant Township

By Trina Orlando

MOUNT PLEASANT TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A little girl’s pony was shot and killed less than a week before Christmas.

It happened outside of the family’s home on Bingham Road in Mount Pleasant Township.

The Achhammer family was at the Overly’s Country Christmas light display last Thursday night and came home to find their 16-year-old pony named Midnight had collapsed. When they went to bury the animal the next morning, they found it had been shot in the head.

The Achhammer’s have four other ponies, including Midnight’s colt.

Hayley, 6, visited her ponies in the yard each day and is taking it the hardest. Her mom says there is no easy way to tell a child that someone intentionally hurt your pet.

The Achammer’s are speaking out because they are hoping someone will come forward with information that will help police make an arrest. Anyone with information is asked to contact State police in Greensburg.


One Comment

  1. Jason says:

    What kind of pathetic, sick sob shoots a girl’s pony the week before Christmas?
    This psycho deserves the same fate.

  2. Dennis says:

    There are too many morons with time on their hands and guns… I hope they catch and prosecute this SOB

  3. Debbie W says:

    Can’t believe this happen in the area that I grew up, why would someone want to kill a pony or any other kind of animal, they need to find and punish this person or persons, but before they punish them, make them replace the pony.

  4. freddy g says:

    that is a disgusting story. why would a pony person expose their pony to non pony people?

  5. Sara Sams says:

    Freddy g your an idiot. The pony was on its own property. People need to respect others property.

  6. Sharon Cooper says:

    I have a pony that I would like to donate to the little girl for Christmas. Every year I take them to the Washington County Fair and they need someone who will appreciate them as much as I do. It would mean alot to me if they would accept my offer for their daughter to have this pony. I have 4 and I would like to give her something to grow up with.

    1. paula achhammer says:

      i would like to thank you for the offer but my daughter halie has found a new great horse that has been named bo thank oyu very much i apperciate it

  7. James Trice says:

    Hayley is my baby cuz and i agree with everyone that said it was ubsurd that someone would that to that little sweetheart. I would like to thank the person that gave her the new horse, and thank everyone for the donations and support.

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