Steigerwald: UConn’s Streak Great, But “Nobody Cares” Nationally

Pittsburgh (93-7 The Fan) – John Steigerwald, the author of the new book “Watch the Game,” joined The Fan Morning Show live in-studio.

Steigerwald shared his opinions about the historic winning streak by the UConn women’s basketball team.

He says the streak is great for women’s basketball, but nationally “nobody cares.”

Steigerwald has an issue with UConn coach Geno Auriemma, who complained about coverage of the streak and said it would be different if it was a men’s streak.

Steigerwald also took calls from listeners who both agreed and disagreed with him about the streak and women’s sports.

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  • Steigerwald Sucks

    I am quite sure more people care about this streak than they do about Steigerwald. What a tool he is.

    • mike

      I agree. I used to think his brother was the idiot of the family. Now I see that it is a tie. I am a huge hometown fan, but there is more to sports than just Pittsburgh.

    • Samuel

      Umm…not really. Women’s sports are not exciting, its women trying to behave like men. Did the Greeks involve women in athletic contests? I believe not because they are not meant to be muscular men their are meant to be femine beautiful creatures.

      • suz

        wow, what century did you crawl out of? just because women don’t make a ton of money in professional sports, or because most men don’t want to watch them doesn’t mean it’s not an important part of our society. obviously women play sports for the love of the game.
        you must not be very athletic yourself, and probably feel threatened by women who are better at sports than you. how sad.

      • Steigerwald Sucks

        Yeah, you are right, Samuel, more people in this country care about pompous Steigerwald. I guess by your rationale, women should just stay in the kitchen, look good and serve you, right? I am sorry for not remembering the Greek athletic history that was back in 1600 B.C. That’s right, things are exactly the same as back then and I apologize for forgetting that.

  • Hello

    Gender Sports Equality:
    Pittsburgh Passion, WNBA, the Williams’ sisters, UConn Lady Huskies are but a few of the many female athletes that we celebrate and admire. I don’t doubt that they would be competitive and on any given day beat many male teams but in all honesty their statistics must be followed with an asterisk because of their gender as well as their competition’s gender.
    Congratulations Ladies!

  • hockeymom

    Steigerwald…you are an idiot…not quite as much as your brother though!!! He is top dog in that respect! STINKERWALD

  • mike

    After years of listening to Paul blunder call after call and announcing the wrong name ( just because both of their numbers end in 8, Letang is not Kennedy !!) Now i can turn my ire to another Steigerwald for a change. That whole family must have pictures of someone in a very compromising position.

  • mike

    you know the difference between the UCONN women and the Pitt men? the UCONN women don’t lose every time they are ranked in the top 5

  • Mike

    His comment about how a JV Boy’s basketball team would easily beat the UConn women’s basketball team was even worse. He and at least one announcer on the 93.7 the Fan morning show then had a conversation about how women’s basketball was not real basketball. They lost a listener and they lost my respect.

  • jan

    He was always negative. If any new sport tried to make it in Pitttsburgh ie indoor tennis etc. rather then permote it he would mock it. talk about biteing the hand that feeds you

  • eddiethesnitch

    Even with Title IX, you simply cannot force someone to like, let alone watch, ANY sporting event, including in this case women’s basketball. Just look at the plethora of empty seats in their playoffs. And yes, there’s also a litany of men’s sports that are also not exciting. It is what it is. You cannot force it down someone’s throat.

    • Oh Yeah?

      Who is forcing anything down anyone’s throat? Drama King Steigerwald is just on his usual soap box because there isn’t any Steelers fines to talk about this week.

  • Dave

    He is correct.



    John STEIGERWALD is the perfect example of a ” RICHARD CRANIAL “

  • JCL

    Steigerwald’s are bad. Get rid of them both. Paul is terriblly boring. Why do the Pens keep him around? Bring someone on with excitement, What do you think Pittsburgh?

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