Crafton Water Main Break Impacts City Residents

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A water main break and rushing waters damage several local homes this morning.

The break happened on a Crafton street, but it was City of Pittsburgh residents who were the ones impacted.

The water kept coming down Brett Street in the city’s Westwood neighborhood. It flowed down steps, through yards and kept flowing for more than three hours.

“All I know is that my son woke us up about 6:30 this morning saying that there was a stream going down the front yard,” said Angel Bankert, of Westwood. “Didn’t know exactly what happened cause we have a hot tub in the back, didn’t know if that broke, gave way, and then we went out back and it’s been a nightmare ever since.”

The water from the break seeped through walls and left a mess in garages and basements.

Firefighters responded, but while a city street took the damage, it all started up the hill in Crafton at Willard Street. That’s where a six-inch line burst.

The time it took crews to shut it off angered residents

“As soon as we saw it, I went to get Crafton police station’s number, by the time I finally got somebody, they knew about it, they were up there but it was just getting the water company out here to shut it off,” said Bankert.

According to officials with Penn American Water, there was lag time in between when they were notified about the break as opposed to when police in Crafton and Pittsburgh found out.

Officials say they hope to restore service by end of day. They also have insurance agents on scene hoping to compensate those who lost property during the break.


One Comment

  1. April Moran says:

    There certainly has been damage. I live on Mueller, runs off of Brett. A crevice on my street that was formed by previous water damage is becoming larger and larger as the hours go on. The borough has yet to repair this and two sreets down, a huge ice formation from a leaky hydrant covered a side walk and half the street ever since it got cold out. I feel as if this side of Crafton gets neglected…and I need a shower!

  2. Jon says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. There’s really no excuse for them not fixing that.

  3. MAB says:

    I completely disagree with April. You seem like a disgruntled women! I live near Mueller and “your” side of Crafton does not get neglected. Next your gonna say the police don’t help you or the boro don’t plow your street? It’s residents like you that make it harder on the boro employee when they use every resource they have, as do the police. I am a successfull business owner in Crafton and live one street Parallel to you. If you don’t like the boro maybe you should leave!

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