Local Officer Facing Charges In Fatal Crash

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Pittsburgh police officer is facing serious charges in a deadly motorcycle crash after turning himself into authorities this morning.

Adam Lewis, 28, has been charged with homicide by vehicle while driving drunk, involuntary manslaughter, as well as reckless driving, plus other charges.

Investigators say Lewis had a blood alcohol level of .11 at the time of crash, which is over the legal limit of .08.

According to investigators, Lewis was giving 28-year-old Jessica Lojak a ride on his Harley Davidson after a bachelorette party for his fiancé back in September.

Authorities say Lewis’ motorcycle crossed over the center line and struck an SUV.

“[There’s] a lot of expert stuff we need to look at, and obviously, I’m going to do everything I can for this client of mine,” said William Difenderfer, Lewis’ attorney. “It’s not good. It’s horrible for everybody; I mean, it’s really tragic. His family, their family – I’m sure everyone is devastated by this.”

Lewis was held in the Allegheny County Jail on $25,000 unsecured bond, but he could be released sometime today.

His preliminary hearing has been set for Dec. 29.


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  1. Todd Spicer says:

    He needs to face the penalties that every other person would under the simular situations maybe even harsher because he is a police officer and knows what driving under the influence can result in.He is young and will survive unlike Jessica Lojak

    1. Kyle Mortimer says:

      Why should it be harsher because he is a police officer? It shouldn’t be greater or lesser. Everyone should face the same punishment for the same crime. Charging him less or more is just stating double standards, by charging him equally. That is how you set an example for people to follow by. It is tragic Jessica Lojak was killed in the incident. Unfortunately there are incidents like this that occur everyday. Best wishes to both the Lojak family and to the family of Officer Lewis. Both families will be suffering.

    2. Jessica's Mother says:

      I agree.

  2. NoJustice says:

    The cop needs this cop’s lawyer: http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/westmoreland/s_714863.html Here you see cops get away with DUI, not that there’ double standards… ::eyeroll::

  3. Dara says:

    Let me tell you something about this ‘nice guy’.. Neither he nor Ashley have made ANY attempt to contact the Lojak family. No apologies have been made. No answers for their tortured questions. Ashley, who was supposed to be Jessica’s friend, never even came to her funeral. If Adam had any kind of character to him he would’ve made the attempt to hear them out and answer their questions. Yes, it was an accident – but the way he has left her family in the dark, is not.

    1. Sick of False Information says:

      Would love to know where you get your information! Before you make a post trying to act like you “know it all”……. you need to get your story straight. I could pick apart your entire statement, and have held back from commenting on these news sites, but your statement thus far is the farthest from the truth that I have read thus far!

  4. Sick of False Information says:

    I would not have attended my mothers funeral if a convicted felon that was at that funeral had made threats against my life! And the amount of false information and speculation is sickening. “Dara” and her comment is full of lies, and half truths. It is false to say that Ashley and Adam did not reach out to the Lojaks…. meaning Jessica’s parents, who also seem to be the only family members that have not sought their 15 minutes of fame! Adam and Ashley both are wonderful people, assets to society, who are greiving the loss of a dear friend. We all love Jessica, and miss her eternally! Empathy and forgiveness will get us through this, two attributes Jessica had. Anger will leads us no where!

  5. bob says:

    Well since everyone here is a judge, maybe think about the next time you have a glass a wine because that was the amount that was in his system when this happend. Nobody even thinks about this woman maybe leaning to far to one side and throwing the bike out of control. Why did she have to get plasterd, my bridesmaids did not get wasted. Yes, this is a bad day for both of the families but think about what your posting before you post it and look at all angles.

  6. maroon says:

    I agree Adam is a nice guy. And Ashley is a great girl. they are both very kind, loving, caring people. Adam would’ve NEVER let Jessica on his bike had he been ‘drunk’ or out of control, as the press says. They have lost a best friend. Does it matter if he still has his job? or still gets married? Why shouldnt he still get married? They will need each other now more than ever for this long, hard road they both face. Jessica chose to ride on his bike instead of going with the designated driver that nite. She wouldnt want him to be punished anymore than he’s already punished everyday by this nightmare. Its a sad situation for both families.

  7. Jessica's Mother says:

    Get your stories straight ! Adam was drinking when HE asked Jessica to get on his bike. ( AND i KNOW THAT HE ASKED HER FOR A FACT ) WHY WOULD HE DO THAT???? AND THEN SPEED??????? Maybe showing off ????
    My daughter had never been on a street bike in her life and I’m sure she got on out of her trust in Adam as a friend and a cop. I am so devastated I will never get over this. They didn’t have the decency to even say they were sorry…… ever. They never contacted me or Jessica’s father ! They didn’t come to the funeral or even send a card. Ashley considered Jessica a good enough friend to be in her wedding , but wouldn’t answer any questions that my niece and one of Jessica’s true friends tried to ask her for me. They were hung up on ! I wanted to know if anyone sat with her on the ground until paramedics got there, I think that’s a normal question a mother would ask and why was Adam even there ? They even had Jessica’s cell phone at the hospital and didn’t think to call her family and tell us she was in an accident. They even heard it ringing in her purse…… her worried boyfriend calling to she why she was late.
    I just pray to God that Jessica didn’t know what was happening, when Adam going so fast that he lost control that my beautiful daughter flew 40ft to her death. So if any of you ppl with your opinions want to know the truth ask a person who has lived through this tragedy. Her 2 devastated brothers or father or myself, we know.

  8. SANDI MARINO says:


  9. Jessica's Mother says:

    To the person who said Jessica shouldn’t have gotten PLASTERED better get their story straight !! My daughter hardly ever drank. She was usually the designated driver for everyone !! Obviously you don’t know my daughter, so you should keep you opinion to yourself !! To the person who said the Lojak family was trying to get there 15 min. of fame, u make me sick too. Like my son’s want to be one TV talking about the death of there sister ! It’s heartbreaking for us. They did it to keep the story straight and were only asked to do those interviews because Adam is a Pittsburgh cop ! He has made this a big story no us ! Ppl. expect a good cop to protect them not carelessly drink , drive,speed with someone else’s life in there hands and end up killing them. What a great guy !!

  10. BIg Brother Eddie Lojak Jr says:

    id just like to say to all who are posting negative comments and not even postin who you are… thats brave if you know sooooooo much and you think you are so right… why not share who you are? hmmm btw yeah me and my 18 year old lilttle brother got our 15 min… just the way i wanted to be seen talkin about the death of my sister and best friend… the law is the law.. yes it was an accident.. we all know adam would never want this to have happened.. but it went 2 months or more before our family herd anything about charges.. usually u hear about these kinda things in a week.. so yes we were worked up. but i know my sister wouldnt wanna see people fighting over it.. so keep your negative thoughts to your self.. and if any one has anything to say why post it here why not come to me directly and get it off your chest… thank you for your time

  11. Erica Robinette Klimek says:

    Alot of things could of went wrong that is why it is called a accident but that does not justify him drinking and driving a amazing woman lost her life due to it. This is the reason why there is laws against drunk driving. The Lojak family is going through enough pain they dont need all this negativity to add to it. Please have some respect for that. RIP Jessica

  12. Randi says:

    Wow, you negative people need to get a life. A friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend, niece and granddaughter is dead. You people must not have a soul.

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