Police-Involved Shooting Kills 1 In Westmoreland Co.

HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A confrontation between an armed man and police ended with the man being shot and killed Friday night in Westmoreland County.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, they received a call about a domestic dispute on Swede Hill Road in Hempfield Township around 4:15 p.m.

When the first trooper arrived, he was pushed over the front railing of the home by 51-year-old homeowner Jeffrey Yohman.

Yohman then ran into the house and grabbed a pistol.

The trooper had called for backup, but Yeoman reportedly pointed the gun at the trooper and ignored commands to drop the weapon.

The trooper fired his weapon, which killed Yohman.

“I heard a lot of yelling going on. I looked out the window and saw a trooper jumping over the fence there and he had his rifle with him. He came down along the front of the house, down into the yard down below. Next thing I heard was three shots, right in a row,” neighbor Frank Golden said.

District Attorney John Peck was called to the scene. He wouldn’t elaborate on the incident, but said that holiday stress may have played a factor in the domestic dispute calling being made in the first place.


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  1. Paul Reed says:

    This is very sad that this has happened…. If people just treat this day for what it represents this wouldn’t have happened… Its not about buying all these materialistic things, its about the birth of Jesus…Its about spending time with those we love, and thanking God that we have that time together…. Stress should never be a factor on this great day… now the family will have to remember this for the rest of their life, and Christmas will never be the same for them… Embrace the ones you love people…

    1. Franklin Benjamin Richards says:

      Thank you Mr. Reed!

    2. Mary says:

      I AGREE

  2. Einstien says:

    The man who was shot was in his home you moron!

    1. Fred says:

      That’s not how you spell “Einstein” you moron.

    2. Einstein moron. says:

      He was pointing a weapon at an officer and refused to put it down. I don’t care where the man was.

  3. Deez says:

    Pushing a cop over the railing is a crime moron.

    1. fgdh says:

      He was trespassing!!!!!

      1. JD says:

        No, he was not. Trespassing laws do not apply to an officer who is engaged in the performance of his duties. Learn the law before you make idiotic comments like this.

  4. Mary says:

    Regardless here is a family with tragedy on Christmas Day.

  5. Copland says:

    Sad. However; this should be a lesson to all you kids out there: pull a gun on a cop and you will die (as it should be).

    1. Marilyn says:

      This guy had a gun, I am so sick of morons and insane people. would you like the cop to stand there and get killed?

    2. Mark says:

      Officer Michael Crawshaw, Eric Kelly, Paul Sciullo, Stephen Mayhle, and a long list of heroes that were attempting to do their job. Once a gun is pulled that changes the whole situation..These officer’s loved ones no longer have theitr loved ones. Any questions?

    3. Anon says:

      @Straight Shooter. Put some thought into your very uneducated comment. Why should anyone, not just police officers, try to talk to someone down that’s pointing a gun or holding a knife? I pray to god you’re an 8 year-old kid. I’ll sleep a lot better knowing there’s not a grown adult out there dumb enough to make the comment you just made.

    4. "shooter" says:

      Anon… Its obvious you are attempting 6th grade again… LMAO guess you never heard of crisis negotiators? Here lets put in TV show terms my son “hostage negotiator”. Its uneducated and sissified individuals such as yourself that take innocent lives. Yeah, shoot first then ask questions!!! The only people I believe fall into this category are home/land owners protecting their family/home/property! Trained individuals MUST first ask questions! If we threw a badge on you, we would have a modern day population control specialist, now wouldn’t we!?!

    5. Anon says:

      So, the officer has a gun pointed at him and is supposed to say “hold on” and go call in a hostage negotiator? Really? Wow. I can’t believe you actually wrote that. That’s a kill or get killed situation. Also, someone pointing a gun at a cop is far from “innocent.” FYI…trained individuals are in fact taught to shoot first in that situation. You’re 0 for 2. Keep bringing it, I’ll go all day.

    6. "shooter" says:

      Anon… Trust me your wrong son! Not sure where you are getting your info but it is way off track… Furthermore, was the gun grabbed after the cop was pushed “over” the railing (I can’t remember lol)? At that point after witnessing the suspect retreat inside the house what happened? Then allegedly the suspect reappeared with a firearm? During this time where did you relocate to, until backup could arrive? Yep 0-2 and the trooper is a hero!!! Nuff said you are too sissified to comprehend this scenario… Keep spreading your misconception unwavering; I see both sides of this tragedy and strongly believe this will be used as an example and training exercise. To be honest once the rest of the story comes together I may be 100% wrong! Unfortunately I have enough to go off of at this point to believe there was a major lapse of judgment!

    7. Fred says:

      Please google “Use of force continuum.”

      I’ve forgot more about this subject than you know.

      Please answer this question… If a complete stranger pointed a gun at your head (and you were holding a loaded gun), would you:

      A. Kill him
      B. Talk him down

      I’m trying to make this easy for you. The fact that you can’t put together a
      complete sentence makes me question your education level.

      The story above says he pointed the gun at the officer and ignored commands to drop the gun. That equals a good shoot.

      0 for 3.

      I should cut you some slack consisting it’s Christmas but this is too much fun.


    8. Mark says:

      Good job Fred…Thank you….Mark

    9. JD says:

      Like the other idiots in this thread, you need to learn the law. Your fantasies about what is legal and what is not are thankfully not reality. Law enforcement officers may use deadly force to protect themselves or third parties from what they reasonably believe to be the imminent use of deadly force against them or a third party. If someone has a gun and is pointing it at you, they have the ability and opportunity to use deadly force against you, and they have placed you in jeopardy. Further, not all three ACTUALLY have to be present, the officer only needs to reasonably believe that all three exist.

      You have failed… miserably.

      (The more you know.)

  6. Straight "shooter" says:

    Was the gun pointed at the officer? I am sure when he gives his report it will be!!! I smell a wrongful death lawsuit with no criminal charges (Westmoreland Co cant afford another major trail)!!!

    1. James Gallagher says:

      A police Officer has the right to use deadly force to protect himself or others from death or serious bodily injury…..the man pointed his weapon at the Officer,refused commands to drop the weapon,and got what he deserved………case closed. Its unfortunate that this had to happen,but the Crimes Code clearly states exactly what the trooped did

    2. Ed says:

      I wonder what your POV is on JFK, 911, and the moon landing…LMAO

  7. "shooter" edit says:

    misused the word trail…. the proper word is trial

  8. bruce says:

    what was the hurry to kill a guy, couldnt the cop give him a chance to calm down, he never fired

    1. Fred says:

      If someone is pointing a gun at your head and you have the ability to kill him to save your own life, you’re not going to shoot him??? You would seriously try to talk him down? Why risk your own life by trying to talk to someone who doesn’t care if you live or die?

  9. BRUCE says:


    1. johnny says:

      point a gun at a cp you get shoot at. you must be too stupid to realize that.

    2. Straight shooter off the mark says:

      Oh, and no doubt if someone pulled a gun on you .. you’d stand there are allow yourself to be shot. Sure you would …..

    3. Jeff says:

      Actually the sad thing Bruce is not enough people have the right to take a life. If more people did I am quite sure someone would have killed someone as dumb as you a long time ago and the rest of us won’t have to be subjected to your ridiculous comments. Go hang yourself you piece of trash!!! Oh, Merry Christmas dirtbag, go take your welfare check and buy a forty to celebrate.

  10. Norman says:

    You all should read other sources before making your comments, they have more information. It seems that an unmarked car at the scene had 2 bullet holes in the window. It seems that the police officer was shot at after all.

  11. johnny says:

    your to stupid to realize that if you point a gun at a cop that your going to get shot. the guy was stupid enough to point a gun at a cop and cops usually dont miss when they shoot. this is a tragedy but not the cops fault he is only doing his job and he would like to be able to see his family and not have some low life like you kill him.

    1. Dumb Johnny says:

      “You’re too stupid”….

      Oh, the irony…

  12. Mark says:

    I support the police. What would have happened if the man took the gun back inside his house towards his famil. Police have a very dangerous and difficult job made harder at this time of year. Its tragic for both sides but part of the Trooper’s job is to go home to his family..

  13. r q says:

    why is it that every one yells help police when they show up and have to defend themselves they are the bad guys dont call them take care of it yourselves

  14. jc says:

    I agree. The man should have never pointed a gun at the police. There comes a time to defend yourself. This is one of them. I don’t want to hear the police should have waited. Waited for what? One of them to get shot by this guy. He already proved he wasn’t going to listen by pushing the police officer. Instead of “Yes sir”

    Tragic indecent and should have been avoided. Threatening the police with a weapon is not a way to avoid any reactions. The police did their job, Period.

  15. Randy says:

    For anybody that thinks this officer was in the wrong….you should protest by putting up a big sign in your front yard. It should say that you do not support you law enforcement and that you won’t call on them for any help. When the thugs see you sign and show up just remember how you feel and take the bullets yourselves

    1. Thug says:

      You sure the thugs would even bother you? What is a thug?

    2. Ed says:

      Yep! I agree with Randy..Good Point!

  16. KewlMax says:

    What’s the Problem? Gun Control? Improved Health System? / Better yet, what’s the Solution?
    A couple of years ago Mr. Yohman was involved in an accident which left him with a brain injury. Since then, his mental condition has been “less than normal” (to say the least). Our healthcare system didn’t help him, and should someone with a brain injury be allowed to own a gun?

    1. Straight "shooter" says:

      Absolutely not!!!

  17. The voice of reason? says:

    You people are scary! If you push an officer over a railing and then pull a gun on him you are most likely going to end up dead. This officer was protecting himself. I would have done the same thing if I were in his shoes. We live in a scary world when someone threatens another’s life and the threatened is the “bad” guy. I think the World has gone mad!

  18. Lori W says:

    Wow, my dad was a State Trooper for 27 years and he can tell you stories about cops who tried to calm down maniacs with guns. If someone was pointing a gun at you an a Trooper took him out to save YOU, what soul you say then?

    1. Mark says:

      Lori W. I would say, “Thankyou for saving my life”

    2. "shooter" says:

      Lori, I would thank him (without hesitation) if it was a last resort action. With that being said, how many situations was your father able to successfully defuse (zero shots fired)?

      1. Fred says:

        In other words, he would say “thank you” for saving his life only as long as the officer risked his life and “shooters” life by trying to reason with the guy first.

        In fact, “Shooter” would only thank him if a hostage negotiator was called in first, the officer asked him politely not to shoot and the man holding the gun held a signed and notarized statement saying he was going to kill him.

        Only if all 3 of those demands were met, then “shooter” would be thankful for the officer who allowed “shooter” to live and see his son this Christmas. A freedom morons like “shooter” get to take for granted because of the fine men and women who risk their lives every day.

        Shooter, you mentioned you have a son (out of wedlock I’m guessing), if you’re son was a cop would you want him to be a man and put him down someone who is about to kill him or “sissified” and try to reason with the guy? Answer my question.

  19. Mark says:

    Anon is right. I depend the on the Police in my job and they do a great job of helping me and others stay safe.

  20. LAB says:

    Police reports
    Published Tuesday, August 12, 2008
    The following was compiled from police reports collected from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office (SJCSO), St. Augustine Police Department (SAPD) and St. Augustine Beach Police Department (SABPD):
    Who: Yohman, Jeffrey M., 49, N/A. Charge: Domestic simple battery. (SJSO)

  21. royce says:

    Man what a bunch of fools and their comments. Thanks for the ones that support the PSP in this incident and see the story for what it really is. If you ever had a gun pointed at you or have been shot at (I have), you would have a different view point. if you wait to talk to the suspect, he’ll be the only one left alive. Other than that ,go watch your CSI and STFU

    1. Fred says:

      Thank you for your service. I lost a close friend in the line of duty last year. It will be another Christmas where a son won’t make it home for dinner. It breaks my heart to see this ignorance.

  22. Blue Blood says:

    Hey straight shooter you disgust me ! Your probably some long haired fat kid who lives in mommys basement. Get real you mamby pamby whimp !

  23. Blue Blood says:

    All you little liberals in your soft little world. You couldnt walk ten steps in this Troopers boots. Wake up !

  24. Blue Blood says:

    All you liberals need to wake up and smell the coffee ! If you call yourself an American we cant have people pointing guns at the Police.

  25. Jeff says:

    Shooter you are an idiot? Are you and Bruce
    related? Do you really expect a police officer, or anyone else for that matter to wait until someone shoots at you before you return fire? By that time it’s usually too late. If you point a weapon at someone, anyone, you should expect to get shot. AND the police are not required to retreat stupid. Besides tactically speaking it’s not a real smart choice to retreat.

  26. robert jozwiak says:

    cops eager to kill I hate them

    1. Fred says:

      So, let’s say your the responding officer. You arrive after one officer has been assaulted and a man comes out of the house and points a gun at your head. What would you do?

  27. gbg says:

    Its just like if someone broke in to my house and had a gun I wouldn’t wait and talk them out of shooting me if they had a gun pointed at me I would shoot them no questions asked

  28. BOB WILSON says:


  29. mrsc says:

    No citizen realizes the types of situations policeman are faced with everyday of their lives. They are trained to take necessary action. If that means taking a life to save an innocent person, that’s the reality of the situation. I know if that trooper was my father/brother/husband requesting backup after being assaulted I would want one of his “brothers” to save him. No one on this comment board was there at the scene while it was happening. Realize that all decisions were made in a split second. Would any citizen be able to think as clearly? Of course you can analyze the situation afterwards, but that’s not reality. The trooper is a hero, enough said.

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