PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – As a major snowstorm barrels across the East Coast, holiday travelers here in Pittsburgh are feeling the impact.

Dozens of delays and cancellations were reported at Pittsburgh International Airport Sunday evening, even though the heavy snow is staying to the east of our area.

While flights are taking off and landing at the airport, there has been a major domino effect due to the weather.

This evening, for example, flights scheduled to head out to Hartford, Boston, Baltimore and Newark were canceled between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Meanwhile, long lines have been forming at airline counters as travelers try to make alternate plans.

“We got a call from the airline that the flight in Baltimore has been canceled, so now the next flight we can get is Thursday,” said Joe Petrosky, a stranded traveler. “We’re just trying to find another way.”

Also, two international flights, one from Germany and another from Italy, were diverted from their destination of Philadelphia to Pittsburgh International Airport.

Sarah Keegan, in town with her children to visit her mom, got out of New York just before the cancellations.

“Pretty much everything after three o’clock was canceled,” said Keegan. “So, we were just hoping our flight would get out, cause we knew if we could just get out of LaGuardia, we would be ok.”

Other people were successful using different forms of transportation. Ken Kuska drove from New Jersey.

“Our flight was at LaGuardia tomorrow, but we knew we’d never get out and if our flight was canceled tomorrow we might not be able to get back here [until] Thursday or Friday,” said Kuska. “So, we called Hertz, and we drove back.”

Anyone set to travel out of Pittsburgh is being urged to call their airline before their scheduled flight.

The airports aren’t the only places experiencing cancellations due to the storm though.

The Greyhound bus company says it is now halting service. Greyhound buses are closed from Charlotte, N.C., up the entire East Coast and into Canada.

If you have questions about bus routes, call 1-800-231-2222.

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