Man Arrested For Stealing Items From Teen’s Casket

By: Trina Orlando

MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – An Indiana County man is facing charges after he stole a Gameboy and video games out of a teenager’s casket.

Brad McCombs, 17, was killed in an accident Saturday when he was on his way to pickup a family member for Christmas dinner.

McCombs was an avid video game enthusiast so his family put a Gameboy and some video games in his casket. But they weren’t there for long.

Jody Lynn Bennett, 38, who is a friend of the teen’s father, went to the funeral home in Hillsdale like other mourners, then swiped the game system and games right out of the casket.

Bennett was confronted by family members and gave up the Gameboy, but took off with the games. He was arrested Wednesday afternoon and is facing numerous charges including theft and abuse of a corpse. He is being held in the Indiana County Jail on $15,000 straight cash bond.

Sharon Bennett believes her son stole the items to get money for drugs. She says she and her family are mortified by the theft and plan to reach out to the teen’s family after the funeral.

State police say the Gameboy wasn’t worth much. KDKA-TV’s Trina Orlando found one for just $19.99. Still, police have been bombarded with calls from people who are outraged by the theft.

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One Comment

  1. NLK says:

    OMG. What is wrong with people? Sick freaks!

  2. Kevin Weissenstein says:

    I think Bradley would have wanted him to have the game….Besides, how would it get charged in a casket?

    1. Steve Fenner says:

      Your remark seems a bit inappropriate. Obviously that person supposedly has a drug problem and needs help. It also sounds as if you support the theft from the dead or you’re just an ass!

  3. muriel395 says:

    That is sick!!!!!!!!! Stealing from the dead. How terrible. There is a special place fo that dude!

  4. Carol S. says:

    thats just wrong on sooooooo many levels. Hasn’t that man ever heard of KARMA?

  5. Mary says:

    Just what is this world coming too when you have to steal off the Dead.

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