Pompeani Talks Steelers, Pens On The FAN Morning Show

KDKA-TV sports anchor Bob Pompeani woke up early to talk with Ron Cook for a segment Ron likes to call “In Bed with Bob.”

With the Steelers’ 11-4 record heading into the final game of the season, and three Steelers announced for the Pro Bowl, talk now turns to who is the Steelers’ MVP? Pompeani said, his choice would be either Ben Roethlisberger or Troy Polamalu. He believes you need to have leadership at the quarterback position and the Steelers wouldn’t be at 11-4 without him.

Pompeani said, “Polamalu is what he is, and could the be the Defensive Player of the Year.”

Pompeani thinks Sunday’s game against the Browns is critical for the Steelers to win in order to make a run for the Super Bowl.

The Steelers need to win to get the bye, so they can get their players healthy. If they want to make a deep run in the playoffs, they need to have a healthy Troy Polamalu, Pompeani said.

Pompeani doesn’t understand coach Mike Tomlin’s decision to leave Roethlisberger in at the end of the Carolina game. Pompeani said, even though the Steelers were having trouble in the Red Zone heading into that game, they would have been in even more trouble if Ben wasn’t available for the rest of the season.

Cook changed up the conversation at the end of the interview to get Pompeani’s thoughts on Sidney Crosby’s point streak and the play of the Penguins heading into the Winter Classic.

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One Comment

  1. Zach says:

    WOW. Thanks Bob, You are a true sports genius (sarcasm). Look at the great pieces of info he has provided us with.

    1) Polamalu Is What He Is (very insightful, bob)
    2) Polamlu coudl be the defensive player of the year (thanks again for telling us what we already know)
    3) The Steelers winning this week is crucial (uhhh, yeah another good nugget of new info)

    I feel so much smarter after reading this article. The Pittsburgh sports media is awful. All the newspaper and news station guys are morons. They hardly know anything about sports, they think just living in Pittsburgh alone makes them an authority on sports. They pretend to know hockey, even though almost all of them never played the game and don’t understand it. The guys on FSN are better, at least Errey and Caufield played the game and Lange/Steiggy have been around the game a long time.

    1. RICK says:

      pomp this is what ithink about your comentaart last night with edmunnd about steelers on who will win tommorow against baltimore andall yeear on your negagative predictions about steelerss. i want to see if you are brave enough to prints this. you said steelers will go into overtime and maybe win all year you have had nothing but negative comment about steelers yet they are about to the afc champship in fact they have have plaiyed so good that the nfl commisioner has tried his bes to disqualify and suspend the best linebacker in the nfl and you even had negative comments against him, james harrison im glad you are just a measly commentator and not smart enough to be an anaalyzer . you should no matter how bad our team plays have a positive comment and push ford to win a super bowl which is what is going to happen and you can take it to the bank thier will be no overtime and there will be nothing close about this game our steelers will this game by 2 touchdowns and phew england by a fieldgal if hot 2 or a touchdown and a half becauce the pittsburgh steeler team play on heart and soul as they always have just like the steelers polka song lyrics say get with it pomp and teach jory rand how to be a die hard steelernation fan if you know what that is i dare you to print this and if you do get back to your roots like you used too your a very goo good cmme nator and will some day be as good as merill hodge rittsburgh is and has the not only heart and soul this yearbut talent and will will the bowl#7 this year count on it and cghange your negativity and back on board of the pittsburgh steeler nation #1 always exceept thiis year #7. GO STEELERS DO YOU HAVE THE KAHUNAS TO PRINT THIS OR AT LEAST COMMENT ON IIT BIG BOB I SEEN YOU AND TALKED TO YOU UP AT NEMACOLIN GOLF TORNAMENT WHEN THEY HAD TH PRO AM YOU ARE A QUALITY MAN AND YOUR PARENTS WERE DYNAMITE YOU PROBABABLY DONT REMEMEBER BUT I AN A COMBODI OR ITALIANO IM NOT ASKING YOU TO GO AGAINNST YOUR BELIEIFS JUST THINK BACK SUPER STEELERS THEY ARE1111111111111111111111111111111111111

  2. Sasha says:

    Well Zach,
    If you think you know so much about sports then how come you aren’t on the air??
    Cook and Pompeani are the best sports journalists in this town and are very credible.
    Have you ever played the game?? If not then you have no right to criticize TRUE sports journalists..but good try though. Nice attempt.

  3. Frank & Karen Mazzant says:

    Hi Bob, I just wanted to share with you the poem my husband wrote this morning before the game today.

    The Ravens are good
    They won a few games
    And their goofy fans know some of their names
    But when they come to Pittsburgh
    Their fans will cry
    Because in Heinz Field
    Its the Steelers who fly

    Go Steelers!!!!

  4. M Grelle says:

    I am an avid Steeler fan on my way to the Superbowl. I was at the last one, also. My husband and I were at Rudy’s bar with channel 2 news crew and it was GREAT! Just wonder if the crew is going to announce from a Steeler Bar in Dallas??? If so…which one…would love to be a part of it again! Go STEELERS

  5. Bill says:

    The New on Sports, Please just leave the Steelers alone, you news people cause to may mind games, we don’t need to know how they button their shirts, lace their shoes, and if they are right or left handed. Not only your channel but all the news people. Please give the mind games up and let them do their job, You really take away from the event. They are the Steelers, and as it may they will do their best. I just wounder if the news people do the same things they do, I am sure they do. Thank you for your time

  6. Phil P. says:

    Bob, I think your are the best and fairest sports TV and reporter in Pgh, however I disagreed with your sarcasm about the Carmelo Anthony trade last night. You must remember that about 85% of the sports fans in this country were interested in this trade and even some people in Pgh,, and oh yes, the Penguins trade, aside from Canada and the a handful of American cities, it was a non-story, everywhere else..

  7. joe says:

    The combination of Bob Pompiani and Gene Colier is the best thing to happen to Pitt sports. However, who will be the first to call for Mendenhalls removal? I’m afraid neither one has the courage to defend those whio laid down their lives for them. When you cheer for Mendenhall you spit in the face of these heroes and the sportscasters will be cheering the loudest. America is watching.

  8. Dave from Deep Creek Lake says:

    Bob Pompiani, your comments about the then slumping Pirates, having at the time just dropped their 6th straight were totally uncalled for and exactly opposite of what the team needs as they work hard to shake the tag of loosers. You stated after the loss in the final game of the Milwaukee series that “contrary to recent optimism, this team is still a long, long, way from being competetive or even challenging a .500 record much less for a division championship”. What a ridiculous comment! You obviously do not know the game and apparently have no ability to compare this team position by position and recognize the vast improvement and the talent that exists unlike any Pirate team since the early 90’s. This is am improved team! Although still not clicking on all cylinders offensively, their record by the end of the season will show tremendous improvement and I believe will be better than .500. I predict 85-89 wins. Irreguardless, the ongoing bashing from the home town “experts” needs to stop. Take the time to learn what we have and compare player for player vs the other NL Central Teams instead of waiting for a losing skid and slandering the efforts that have truly accomplished a club worthy of following.

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