Prize Deer Slaughtered In Butler County

By Mary Robb Jackson

SLIPPERY ROCK TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Bob McConnell and his nephew sensed something was very wrong when they came to feed the herd at his Horseshoe Hill Ranch Tuesday morning.

“The deer were really spooky. They were running around and I noticed some deer were in different pens,” he said.

They spotted a trio of tennis shoe tracks coming toward the pens.

“As we looked around and we found the first deer that was you know, decapitated,” he said.

A total of three carcasses were found all headless. There were a couple of 10-point bucks and one with a 25-point rack.

“What we think is they killed the buck up there in pen 7 first and worked their way down here.”

Why would anyone do such a thing?

“To put a trophy on the wall – you wouldn’t think they cut it off at the neck if they were going to do that,” he said. “But antler selling on eBay has become a big thing.”

Bob grew up on a farm and has been raising deer for eight years.

“They’re raised to go off to shooting preserves. I run an outfitting business,” he explained.

And he badly wants to find out who killed his deer.

“I’m putting a reward out. There’s a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and the conviction.”

State police are investigating.

“And again, one of the bucks was a 25-point which is a rare deer and not something you find running around the woods all the time.”

Trooper Ronald Kesten says the three deer are valued at $25,000. That high cost makes this crime a felony.

Adds Bob McConnell, “Surely somebody’s going to talk about it. Give us a call and put these guys where they need to go.”

If you have any information about the poachers you can contact Bob McConnell directly at 724-290-9338 or Butler State Police at 724-284-8100.


One Comment

  1. jt says:

    This is pathetic. What joy could someone get out of shooting a deer out of a cage?

  2. Jack says:

    I would give those guys up in a heartbeat for $5,000. Wish I knew who it was!

  3. marti says:

    if i knew who did it i would turn them in i could use 5,000 dollars. i would have loved to have seen the 25 point buck but i would have shot it with a camera. love taking pics of animals i have lots on my computer

  4. william faulk says:

    hey coach. i hung with myron back in 89-90. that magical season ranked #1 etc. god bless u coach. i seen cee russell

  5. ZJG045 says:

    Did they murder them or put them out of their misery? raising farm raised deer to be blasted for money should be a crime. No one should pay to shoot an animal on a leash, sounds pretty equivalent to Mike Vick…..raising animals just to have people pay to kill them. Hunting is hunting, this guy promoted killing…..I’m a hunter and I disagree with this practice.

    1. rmicholas says:

      I agree tied to a tree this is not hunting

    2. Lance47 says:

      Spouting off about something that you obviously have no firsthand, factual information about should be a “crime”! Go hunt a 500 acre ranch in PA, pick out a specific buck and hunt him until you are successful… I’ll come pick you up in a week after you give up. You speak from an emotional, stereotypical standpoint that isn’t backed up by one credible fact. The mere fact that you actually said a leash shows just how incompetent you are regarding this topic. Pathetic.

    3. barb says:

      I agree too. The guy w/ the farm is no better than the guy who killed the deer!

      1. Brad says:

        You cannot possibly be that dumb. If you would open your eyes and read. this deer farmer raises the deer and releases them into the wild for hunters. their is nothing wrong with that the deer still get a fighting chance but your clearly too dumb to know that considering you cant even read the darn article right. he is just trying to protect his property. the 3 men that did this deserve to go to jail. I’d turn them in regardless of the reward.

    4. WhiskyRunWhitetailsGirlfriend says:

      then why is it ok for people to farm raise cows just to slaughter them so you can go through the drive through at mcdonalds and get your big mac? no different there! its a job for them. just like cow farmers sell calves to people to raise so when they get big enough they shoot them! NO DIFFERENCE!!! Hunting is hunting but thy deer farmer didnt invite these people into his fenced farm and ask them to cut the heads off of his deer… would you feel differently if the animals that were killed were cows? or chickens? or turkeys? how about lambs? all farm raised in pens being raised just so they can be killed… its a way of life dude, get over it!

  6. will says:

    it aint illegal so its cool

  7. UPMCdoc says:

    So? It’s a deer. Idiot hunters all the time like to pretend they are men and shoot them in the wild. Who cares that this one was “prized?”

  8. mark says:

    You guys are a bunch of snitches, I hope bad karma on anyone who snitches, This guy raises deer so people can shoot them in a fenced in area from a heated tree stand with a coffee maker in it. I hope this kind of thing happens all the time to this guy and anyone who is a snitch.

    1. jones says:

      snitch? mark are you from the hood homie? id snitch in a second to get the 5 grand and put the people in jail because its a CRIME!!!!!!!! go back to your projects mark.

    2. WhiskyRunWhitetailsGirlfriend says:

      do some research on deer farms and hunting preserves before running your mouths about any of this!

  9. F G says:

    Regardless if you like what he is doing It is still his way of making a living and his family has to eat too just like mine and yours you do what it takes now a days not starting a fight but thats the world we live in now

    1. WRWTGF says:

      SO TRUE

  10. LA says:

    They did not do it for food they decapitated it which means they did it for greed. Real hunters go out in the woods with no salt licks and hunt the natural way. This was greed pure and simple and I hope they take it to a taxidermist to get stuffed and they turn them in.

  11. DLM says:

    bottom line, it’s still illegal to enter someone’s property, to kill and/or steal their animals. This is this man’s legitimate business, whether you approve of it or not. It would be wrong for me to come onto your property, steal or kill your dog, or steal something for my personal profit, like your car or your TV. Three dead deer doesn’t feed his family, pay his mortgage, heat his home.
    What he does is no different than a fish hatchery stocking ponds and lakes with their prize fish. Last I checked, that wasn’t an illegal business.

  12. expittsburgh says:

    I agree that it’s a crime to kill someone else’s ‘private’ deer, but I’m not a fan of staged hunts (aka private hunts) so have little sympathy. Let deer run free and hunt them in the open wild.

  13. J Honse says:

    I don’t advocate staged hunts but at the same time I respect anyone’s right to make a living legally. The issue at hand is not whether the man’s effort to raise deer is an honorable profession or not. This is a criminal case where where whoever was involved needs to be punished. If anyone reading this is involved you need to turn yourself in and plead your case in hopes that the courts give you leniency once you pay for your egregious act. Anyone capable of doing such a heinous crime is capable of murder in my opinion. You will be caught because at some point someone will say something to someone and it will just make it worse.

  14. TAD says:

    you would all feel differently if man was hunted as a trophy piece. that kind of hunting is just sick and so is anyone who particpates in sucha thing.

  15. barb says:

    I wouldn’t turn the guy in simply because the “deer” farmer is crook himself. Crime for crime. Both are disgusting…

  16. big louie says:

    farmers raise meat and chicken for slaughter for your dinners at applebes and dennys. are they crooks? eat that!!!

    1. barb says:

      Isn’t PA over-populated w/ deer? Why do we need deer farms then?????

      1. NLK says:

        Barb – You are a MORON.

  17. barb says:

    Why’s that NK? The goof is raising deer to go on a hunting reserve is just like being a puppy mill for Michael Vic”s puppy ring! Eat that you Moron!

    1. NLK says:

      Again – You’re a MORON!!! You are obviously NOT a hunter.

      1. NLK says:

        You think it is ‘such a big deal’ that this guy raises and sells deer for people to hunt because we are ‘overpopulated’ with deer? Ha! This city is overpopulated with drug addicts, losers, killers, etc. but we don’t go killing them, now do we? It WASN’T RIGHT to kill this guys deer. That is how he makes a living. And who says he is selling them to people in PA? Ever see Big Buck Hunting Trips out west, you dummy? Controlled Pheasant hunts? Controlled duck hunts? Know the sport before you sstart typing and looking stupid. It was not right to go to his farm and kill his animals. That is the BOTTOM LINE.

  18. MsPittsburgh says:

    Probably Sarah Palin….she takes such joy in killing

  19. Mike says:

    Look it’s not a race crime cracker. It’s an animal murder that I do not condone. I also don’t condone breading wild animals, while these deer are no longer “wild”, to be shipped off to some hunting preserve so some fat-cat CEO or Palin relative can pretend to be a hunter for a day – shooting at an animal that has no natural instincts anymore to be blasted like a freaking cow in a field!

    1. barb says:

      I COULDN’T have said it BETTER! Now kiss off all you psuedo hunters who think the crook is better than the deer farmer!

    2. WRWTGF says:

      ok Mike, even if you farm raise a deer it is still wild, it has every instinct that a wild deer has! My boyfriend raises deer and i see it first hand! they fight amongst themselves like they do in the wild, they are afraid of humans, and they should never be trusted no matter what! a wild animal will always have that wild instinct under any situation

  20. signman3 says:

    you people are all morons, the guy can raise deer if he wants….MYOB

    1. Onme says:

      Agreed! Better than raising pot plants!

      1. barb says:

        pot? I’ll raise pot plants any day before I would a deer only to be shot at by a wanna-be hunter.

  21. Onme says:

    Barb – That is because you are a MORON!

  22. commoncents says:

    It is your Opinion that deer are over populated.
    Dogs and cats are over populated.Would it be ok to break into a breeders home and cut the heads off of three puppies or kittens.Use common cents here!!

  23. time1234 says:

    these people are like pimps that raise the deer and sell the chance to hunt them on a couple hundered acres. ugly people. this should be illegal. i know of another farm in cherry twp, butler county. write to game commission to stop this pratice. ( please put a deer in a pen and shoot them ) this is not hunting. these people should be put in a pen.and……

  24. bbq sauce on my lipps says:

    i once cut off the leggs of a baby deer as it was born to let it tenderize, a week later i skinned it alive and soaked it with bbq sauce for flavor. i had to kill it the next day cause it was licking itself. it was on a farm in butler and was only 30 dollars to do so. anything goes in this country for money!!!

    1. WRWTGF says:

      bbq… my bf told me about this post and i had to see it for myself!!! thats the best ever but you shoulda shoved a clove of onion up its a$$ to give it the real good flavor!

  25. Mike from Kittanning says:

    It’s a same that the deer were killed that way and the meat lost, but it’s also a shame for a doctor or lawyer that pays to have a guided hunt with a deer thats not afraid of man, so they can go back to work and brag about the hunt without telling anyone that it cost 10,000 dollars. Thats very expensive meat don’t you think?

  26. teejay says:

    Calling barb and some of the other posters “morons” is way too kind. Idiots, stupid beyond redemption, is more like it.

  27. Simply Amazed V. says:

    #1: No one has the right to set foot on anyones private property and do anything without permission.. simple as that- they need caught and punished to the fullest extent of the “so called” law.
    #2: All you so called sportsmen need to put in the reverse role and se how long your a__ lasts out there.. get a life or maybe a real job.. to spend all your wasted time and effort!
    #3: To the bbq sauce dude comment- you are a real typical Butler “He man!”.. youd last about 10 minutes in the Marine corps or similar.. like to meet you, pal!

  28. jason says:

    I too raise deer .I see you all at walmart right in the meat section. You dont care when the kill 1 million cows to feed you . Its the same thing we raise them they shoot them we make alot more money then the cow farmer. Its ok for the cow farms to feed cows then kill them thats ok o thats for you so its all right

    1. MiMi says:

      i agree with Jason 100% it is really no different than killing cows or any other farm animal! and i bet 99.99% of you that posted that deer farming is “not right” will go to that super market and pick out the biggest fattest steak or the pork loin or those chicken wings that you love to smother in buffalo sauce and not think twice when you take it home, cook it up and eat it and not think that it was raised in a barn in a fenced in area where someone treated it like a pet for someone to come and blow its brains away to make that burger you ate from burger king or those chicken nuggets you had at mcdonalds… think about it the world is a cruel cruel place. How about you go blog about that guy that shot the little 9 year old girl in Arizona and say that thats not right… get your priorities straight about what really is wrong with this world… hunting is a sprot and deer farmers just make it so anyone who wants to play the hunting “game” can play and hopefully win!

  29. Joe Harris says:

    Wow, this is sad.. The comments on this are childish and off ill repute. To break it down as simply as I can.. You all are idiots. The reason being this is not a story about farming of deer, this is a news article based on a Farmer’s property being broken into, and his live stock being mutilated. This is not about hunting ethics… it’s not about deer farming. The truth being said.. you all amuse me.

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