Homewood Woman Shines Light On City Councilman’s Tax Bill

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Political accusations are flying tonight.

Pittsburgh City Councilman Ricky Burgess is being called a tax scofflaw and a hypocrite, but Burgess says he’s the target of a political witch hunt.

It’s all over several thousand dollars Burgess owes in back taxes.

The money owed by Councilman Burgess was found online by Lucille Prater-Holliday of Homewood.

“It’s a slap in the face to everyone in the district that struggles every day here and has been struggling for generations,” she said.

A records check on the city and county website shows Burgess owes more than $4,000 in back taxes and that some of the taxes haven’t been paid for several years.

“You have a responsibility to pay your taxes on time annually,” Prater-Holliday said.

Burgess said he believes it is a politically-motivated attack against him generated at the City-County building.

“Because of my position to advocate for low and moderate income families, there would be retribution,” he said.

Burgess is convinced his tax problems were outed by angry City Council members who want him out.

“My family, my wife and my children – we are prepared for these vicious attacks,” he said. “We know they are coming.”

Less than an hour after the KDKA Investigators contacted Councilman Burgess about his delinquent tax bills, records show the councilman paid all of his taxes in full – more than $4,400.

Burgess says the payment had nothing to do with the media contact.

“Like many people in Pittsburgh, my wife and I are making choices – financial choices in these tough difficult economic times,” he said.

Meantime, Lucille Prater-Holliday isn’t buying it and says this incident has her convinced to run for City Council against Ricky Burgess in the next election.


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  1. Mark Smith says:

    Hey KDKA why dont you check into this ladies background, bet she was evicted for not paying her rent. She sounds like the kind of person that thinks the government owes her.

    1. joe smuckatelly says:

      its bad enough we dont have much representation but then to find folks with a common thread attacking each other is almost lynchesque as in willy pittsburgh west virginia in disquise

    2. ciara says:

      Why would you say that just because she said something. He should not be allowed to be on Pittsburgh City Council Meetings if he has not paid his taxes. That is not fair to anyone else. I hope that this lady runs against him and wins! You said that maybe she did not pay her rent but in all honesty that does not matter. She is not a public figure right now, he is suppose to be being a good role model and a good public figure.

      1. joe smuckatelly says:

        Man its wild, I dont know this burgess guy but i understand people fall behind on bills especially when they have kids that they are at home raising a lot of guys arent doing that….im from pittsburgh but im not of it pittsburghs black community is so far behind its a crying shame it exemplifies the old proverbial crabs in a barrel parabel….These nincompoops are so envious of the guys car that they forget that as they drive down the street there are 100% all white work crews doing construction jobs the only way a person of color can survive here is to get under the federal governments protections and get a civil service job and whats worst it spills out into the street with black on black crime and just great crime period and the judges here are eating it up locking blacks up like its nothing i have a grim forecast for the blacks in this town they are still living and acting like they are on a plantation…thats my 2 cents worth and you can check the facts if you wanna…pittsburgh west virginia in disquise

  2. Daniel says:

    Why did he pay the taxes after this came out? The nerve of this “Reverend”! We have to not buy our kids things that they need just to pay our city taxes on time and this guy owes $4000.00 in back taxes. He should resign today!

  3. Nick59 says:

    There is no excuse for this. If he was having problems he should have made payment arrangements etc. But he did not now exposed he all of a sudden has enough to pay it all at once . another hypocrite.
    We need strong truthful honest leadership in this city this county this state and this country not this

  4. ZOEYZOTRON says:

    Kepp electing Democrats Pittsburgh…. good work.

  5. Mr Soho says:

    Another privledged Politician that brings absolutely nothing to the table or his district. It’s time to go Ricky !!

  6. Dan Sullivan says:

    Burgess also had several property tax liens against him when he was a candidate in 2006. Rich Lord of the Post Gazetted did a story on it.


    Now he’s calling it a witch-hunt. It’s really called “opposition research,” and it’s routine in election campaigns. If this were the first time, he could say he didn’t realize that. Since it’s the second time, he would have to plead colossal stupidity.

  7. expittsburgh says:

    He pays them immediately after being contacted by the media…and claims that it had nothing to do with it?!?! Talk about a LIE! And he calls it a witch hunt rather than face the fact that regardless of who/what/why someone brought it up, it’s a FACT that for years he let these taxes be owed.

  8. ronald reagan says:

    Please, edit thr racists. They should be made to stay on klan and neo-nazi websites!

  9. Queen says:

    Ricky Burgess is a Poverty Pimp! Not only does he receive a hefty paycheck from the city as Councilman, he also receives a hefty paycheck fromthe County as a Tenured Proffesor at CCAC. He also receives lucrative benefits as Pastor of his church. His wife just received a $26,000 payment form the URA in Nov. 2010 for property she sold to them, and owes taxes on her other property for as little as $3.67 and others over $500! Burgess sits atop Homewood in his spacious North Point Breeze Victorian Mansion and overlooks the “Plantation” and does not even bother to visit his constituents! While many resident of Dist. 9 struggle to pay increased bus fares, Burgess jumps in his Escalade and goes in the other direction! Pitiful

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