Port Authority Rate Hikes Go Into Effect

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Commuters coming into Pittsburgh Monday morning got their first experience with new Port Authority service rates.

The new fares are for all bus routes, the Mon Incline and T service.

The Zone 1 base fare went up by 25 cents to $2.25, Zone 2 fares went up 50 cents to $3.25. Transfers went up 25 cents to $1, but remain valid for three hours.

Weekly, monthly, annual, Go Pass and 10-trip ticket books also went up.

Some riders were upset over the hikes, but felt there is nothing they can do about it.

“What can we do? There’s nothing we can do about it. We still have to get to work,” Tiffany Hill said.

Other riders were just happy the Port Authority didn’t make more service cuts.

“I would rather take the bus than commute and if it costs a little more, I’ll pay it. But, I sure hope this is it for a good long while,” Dave Sandborg said.

According to Port Authority representatives, they won’t know what the budget will look like for the next year until they meet in the spring.

The fare hikes were scheduled to take place on New Year’s Day, but in observance of the holiday and with the NHL’s Winter Classic in town, the changes were delayed until Sunday.

For more information, call Port Authority Customer Service at (412)-442-2000, or visit www.portauthority.org.


One Comment

  1. missie says:

    Bus fare hikes?? Parking fare hikes?? It is no wonder that Pittsburgh, as many other big cities are losing populations! I would hate to have to ride a bus, that is full and carries some strange people, or drive and park where my car has been hit more than once! I choose to work outside the city for now and once schooling is done,I am another that is leaving this high tax rate city and state.

    1. truth says:

      Finally, a person who makes conciseness choices and does not complain. But the sad truth is, all public transportation systems are basically the same! They stink!

  2. Troy says:

    Well worth the extra quarter!

    1. truth says:

      Troy! A very very smart man, or woman!

  3. Mr Soho says:

    PAT and City Pensions both out of Control, I never hear any talk about conversion to a 401K or other plan. Leave it to the citizens to pick up the cost of a failed system.

    1. Daniel says:

      The citizens to pick up the cost? What about the money the police and fireman have PAID into the pension fund? Do people really think the employees are getting a free ride? No way. The city officials spent the pension money running the city providing services to the citizens. The employees paid into this fund and deserve what they were promised. As for a 401K plan that would require a change in law as it currently stands.

    2. truth says:

      Mr SOHO operators have always contributed to a well funded pension plan. Thanks in big part to operators. The truth is, the county mafia (Onorato) would love to blow our fund to pay for tax breaks for wealthy businesses like the , ummm, bakery square.

  4. ZOEYZOTRON says:

    No talk of UNION Concessions…. PAT and the UNION is a JOKE! Lets also not the forget the $45 MILLION DOLLAR HANDOUT! Unacceptable!

    1. truth says:

      Why is it “Unacceptable!?”

      1. ZOEYZOTRON says:

        Because their business model is Unsustainable. It has failed, costs are too high. thats why.

  5. Mike Caliguiri says:

    Did you know that PAT does not have an adequate supply of the new bus tickets? My agency, that provides tickets to pregnant and aprenting women across the county, is not able to exchange exisiting tickets and pay for the cost difference. therefore we have to overpay for a fare. Sounds liek stealing to me!

    1. x says:

      you can still use the old tickets plus the change until March 31. see the Port Authority web site http://www.portauthority.org/PAAC/News/LatestNews/tabid/533/newsid1261/1070/mid/1261/Default.aspx for full details.

    2. truth says:

      Hey MIKE! Tell everyone here where your agency gets the free tickets! No doubt at the tax payers expense in the first place. LOL

  6. ZOEYZOTRON says:

    I just have to post these numbers again…. Boy, I wonder what the issue is…. What a joke!!! I wonder why SCHOOL Bus drivers who we place our children’s safety with do not earn $80K…

    “Jennings found that the Port Authority’s payroll was $155 million last year, which is about half of the total budget. Records show that the highest paid bus driver made more than $131,000. Four other bus drivers made over $100,000 and nearly 50 drivers made more than $80,000.”

    1. truth says:

      If the PORT budget is 450 mil, and the payroll is 155 mil, then you need to go back and take math 1, because that is not half the budget!

      1. ZOEYZOTRON says:

        TRUTH – Your comment is stupid. Please comment on my facts or don’t comment. The facts do not lie, they = PAT FALIURE. Do you understand what UNSUSTAINABLE means?

  7. Mr Soho says:

    We need to quit subsidizing this ageny with drink tax and other Public monies, let the people who use the system pay for the system, no more freebies for special interest groups.

    1. truth says:

      Mr soho with a agenda it is subsidized because most of the people that ride it are not well off like you MR SOHO! The TRUTH is that the use of a 3 hour transfer is to help the poor get to and return home from their daily needs of shopping, work, doctors. PORT is a extension of their lives, and they do not have a CADDIE like you. So a ride is $2.25 plus a $1.00 = $3.50 divided by 2 = $1.60 rounded down! So the price is basically down to $1.60 for the, as you want to call them, FREELOADERS!

      Get a real life Mr SOHO!

      1. ZOEYZOTRON says:

        TRUTH — BULLSH!T, It is subsisdised because UNION wages and benefits are far to high. Paying 80K plus to someone for driving a bus is too much. If it were not too much then PAT would be solvent. Wake up Union man, before all your jobs are gone.

  8. Daniel says:

    I say fund the system totally with drink and tobacco taxes….then give free rides to everyone.

    1. One small voice says:

      You don’t drink or smoke, just want a free ride. Must be a city employee.

    2. bob says:

      I say pay all riders $50,000/year to stay home-it be cheaper than taxes used to subsidize their operating and capital budgets! (and who thinks the $500 million tunnel under the river is a good idea??

      1. truth says:

        bob, a very very near sighted individual who does not understand why the tunnell was built in the first place. Do you think it was built for you and me? Or was it built for future generations. And the reality was and IS, that the federal gov payed for 90% of the project!

        Do you suffer from PAT driver envy also?

  9. One small voice says:

    Probably not Human !!!

  10. Bob says:

    Darn… I only make $7.25/hr at McDonalds on Smithfield St. and only get 30 hours per week – 25% for taxes that $90.00 is 14 % of my monthly wages !!

    I guess I’ll have to quit my job I just can’t afford to work in downtown Pittsburgh !!!!

    1. truth says:

      Well, you seem smart and you have a computer and you have internet and brains! Why not put it to use and better your life? So tell us, why are you NOT bettering your life?

  11. Kim says:

    If they would pay their drivers so much and give them free healthcare then the rates wouldn’t be going up. If the drivers are paid that much, why can’t they afford to pay for healthcare?

    1. truth says:

      The operators contribute a % of their pay to pensions and health care, JUST LIKE YOU!

      1. ZOEYZOTRON says:

        TRUTH – BULLSH!T, it is nothing like the PRIVATE SECTOR. Go away Mr. Union Man…. you reak of it.

  12. WayToGoPens09 says:

    Everything about PAT stinks . . . . the trollies, the buses, the schedules, the prices, and last but not least, the DRIVERS!!!

    1. truth says:

      The PENS stink! They play in a subsidized house that I helped pay for!

  13. truth says:

    Maybe you should drive a bus! Tell us, why didnt you apply for a job there?

    1. Mr Soho says:

      You must be a PAT Driver

    2. truth says:

      Why dont you drive a bus?

    3. truth says:

      Do you suffer from PAYCHECK envy?

  14. truth says:

    Hello! I gave you facts where are my answers. something other than “DRIVER”, “UNION MAN” .
    So if PAT is unsustainable, then all the private businesses that got TAX CREDITS, like WHOLE FOODS, BAKERY SQUARE, E LIB TARGET, DUQUESNE U are all unsustainable by your definition.

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