Wannstedt Responds To His Critics

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Former Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt joined Larry & John on the KDKA-AM morning show to respond to his critics.

Wannstedt held a press conference on Tuesday to announce that he will not be coaching in the BBVA Compass Bowl on Jan. 8. Wannstedt said, when he met with the players after the firing of Mike Haywood, the players wanted him to coach in the bowl game.

Wannstedt’s response to his critics:

Anybody that is going to criticize anything from that angle, they are the individuals that have lived their entire lives in the stands, criticizing, second guessing, Monday morning quarterback. They’ve never been in the real arena of what it takes to put it on the line, get your mouth bloodied in defeat, know what that great feeling of victory and championship, that’s what were talking about here. You’ve got to be here, you’ve got to feel that, you’ve got to taste that to really understand when decisions like this are made.

Wannstedt has talked with Pitt Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg since his firing and the firing of Haywood.

However, there has been no discussion about reinstating him as the head coach or about becoming the next athletic director at Pitt.

Wannstedt told Larry & John he will be preparing the team for the bowl game and then take a break to let this situation settle down. After the break, he will come back to see what plans Pitt has for him and he might listen to some open NFL positions.

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One Comment

  1. Randy T says:

    Wanny is a great guy. Everyone agrees.
    1.) Bad asst. coaching choices. EX, a. Cignetti had Baldwin and a potential Heisman cnadidiate in teh backfield and couldnt do anything with them. b. Cignetti couldnt spot a BIG TIME college QB if he stood right infront of him. Sunseri, Bostick??? R U kidding me? This young men are Div 2 QBS perhaps even NAIA QBs.

    2.) Poor play calling.

    3.) Cant win the MUST WIN games

    Its time for PITT to become a bog league school again! Otherwise join the MAC

  2. Joe Pa says:

    He might have been a great guy that the players loved, but he was a mediocre coach at best recruiting kids to Pitt whose other college offers were mostly from MAC schools. Connecticut and Cincinnati have passed up the Pitt program. You can’t beat the Notre Dame’s, West Virginia’s, and Miami’s by recruiting kids those schools don’t want.

  3. Albert says:

    To Randy T –
    looking at your grammer, punctuation and spelling, it appears you are a Penn State grad?
    Hope Sheetz is treating you well….

    1. Nathaniel Beall says:


  4. mr peabody says:

    it’s grammar, not grammer numbnuts.

    1. mark d says:

      Mr.Peabody, Look it up Mr Rhodes Scholar it may read grammer or grammar so what college did you attend or was it just 7years of High School

  5. Randy T says:

    Sorry I was drunk again. I’m in such a state of shock over the Haywood deal; I havent been sober in days..

  6. Mikey says:

    Well, apparently Rutgers thought enough of Cignetti to hire him. Wannastadt brought in the wrong recruits. Period. The staff was working with 1 0r 2 top players, and the rest 1AA players.

  7. JW says:

    The only thing Wannstedt is guilty of is, in my opinion, micromanagement. He admitted that all play calls went through him. Cal’s offense was pretty good when Cignetti was calling the plays. Sometimes as a leader you need to allow people to do what you are asking of them and let them do their job. As for a big time QB, outside of Dan Marino (no national championship), when did Pitt ever have one – Cavanaugh (who, by the way, recruited Sunseri & Bostick), Rick Trocano, Alex Van Pelt, Pete Gonzalez… the list goes on and on. No, Sunseri is not the answer. Meyers might be, if given the chance. I was never excited about Wannstedt’s hiring, but he brought in some good recruits and some unpolished gems who became very good players. He was also a great advocate for the university, and that is a huge loss. However, Pitt needs to bring in the right leader who is a great recruiter (Tom Bradley) and someone who is a better game day coach and delegator. It shouldn’t matter what school he came from, just that he can coach. To do this though, maybe Steve Pedersen should be left out of the decision making process.

  8. mark d says:

    Wannstadt never been Head Coach material, He was good at being Defensive Coordinator and thats all. I agree being Pitt alumni he is good for school just not as head coach. All of us sending in our pearls of wisdom most likely never coached at any level close to college so mellow out let the professionals do their jobs

  9. Nathaniel Beall says:

    What Wannstadt, of course doesn’t point out is that at one point he too was a Monday morning quarterback, thinking he knew better than the coach, or the players.

    Then one day he got a job doing it.

    Just like anyone else can.

    Only – he failed at key aspects of the job.

    So now, he’s a Monday morning quarterback again.

  10. Ralph says:

    Wannstedt is dumb a box ofrockswhen it comes to coaching on the field wannstedt continued to shove a square peg into a round hole with that power runninggame and the lack ofdisipline on and off the field.

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