Woman Attacked By Dog While Caring For Neighbor

By: Trina Orlando

BELLE VERNONE (KDKA) – A Belle Vernon woman was attacked by a dog while caring for her elderly neighbor on Monday.

Lucy Gondak, 77, went to her 102-year-old neighbor’s home and was attacked by an Akita dog.

She had injuries to both of her hands, as well as her right arm. She was treated at Med Express, but was later taken to Jefferson Regional Hospital because of an adverse reaction to medication given for the dog bites.

Gondak was previously attacked by the same dog a couple of weeks ago. In that incident the sleeve of her jacket was torn.

The dog was removed from the James Street home, where the elderly woman lives, and was taken to the dog owner’s home in Uniontown.

Fayette SPCA and Southwest Regional Police are investigating.


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  1. j says:

    why was the dog still there after the first attack? and why wasn’t it at it’s owners home in the first place? How was a very old sick person supposed to take care of it?

  2. Cothomas says:

    The news lied about the first attack. There was no previous attack. The dog had once growled at the 77 year old woman to which the grandson/caretaker/person who takes care of the dog and lives there told her not to enter the house without calling first. The woman did not listen and got bit. The old lady does not take care of the dog. The dog lives upstairs where the grandson lives until he us home from work. The woman entered unannounced and received a minor wound that didn’t even require more than a bandaid. The woman and het daughter are seizing opportunity for free money. There is no violation Here. She should have called before entering the home. She is not a caretaker. She gets paid to bathe the 103 year old woman.

    1. Denise Angelo says:

      first of all…neither the dog’s owner or her boyfriend were there when the incident happened…so any comments made by them are false…secondly…the other grandson that was there at the time was told when she would be there and had no business unleashing the dog in the first place…thirdly there most certainly was a previous attack…the jacket is hanging in the closet to prove it

    2. Denise Angelo says:

      and since you think you are so knowledgeable..use your real name…and since your weren’t around..you have no idea of the wounds she sustained

  3. ReliableSource says:

    The media needs to get their facts straight, The family had no prior knowledge of a so called first attack. The story is being exaggerated, by a women and her daughter seeking their fifteen minutes of fame. The dog supposedly did what any good dog would do, by protecting its home and family. The 102 year old women does not live alone, nor is she the primary caregiver of the dog, the media should concentrate on stories worth publishing.

  4. Denise Angelo says:

    and also….go to the source who notified the media…..which was no one in the victims family…..get your facts straight before you mouth off about something that you have no knowledge about

  5. CuriousKitten says:

    I personally agree with RealibleSources comment. Why is the mediia attacking this elder women?

  6. Bea says:

    Dog’s function on instinct, they protect, especially if there is a weaker “pack” member. But, people function on reason. Why if a dog was aggressive once and you were concerned, why would you not take every precaution, up to and including not returning to the home? Sorry, but the story makes more sense as related by the dog owner and family.

  7. Cothomas says:

    Everyone who lives In the area knows the elderly woman and her grandson to be dry upstanding citizens in the area. The grandson would give you his arm if he could. He has received commendations locally for his efforts to help people. There is no legal case against the dog owner or anyone else in the house. A woman entered a home that was not hers in a house where she knew a dog lived after being warned not to enter unless calling first. She entered and received a minor wound that is not worth a police report nor media coverage. It’s like causing a fuss because you got carpet burn falling in your friends house. There are no damages that the owner or the residents are responsible for. There have been no laws or bylaws broken. Denise are you aware civil court has a cap on the amount of money allowed to be rewarded to the prosecutor? It is 5000 dollars. Currently in other cases on the civil level dealing with this topic it is highly unlikely to be rewarded even close to that amount. I don’t know what you or your mother are trying to gain out of this but I doubt it us what you imagined. I am here to enlighten readers of the truth of the matter. This is why my real name I not necessary. I am however close to this lame media report while not being directly involved in any way. I know with my experience working in criminal justice that you only made a police report because it would benefit in a civil proceeding if it held any weight. Unfortunately for attempts at prosecution this one holds hot air.

  8. Cothomas says:

    The elderly woman, nunny, always felt scared alone at the house until misty came along. Misty loves and protects her. The woman who came over had previously been told to call before coming so misty could be put away. Nunny should not be punished by having misty taken away and The owner should not be held responsible for this event that should could and would have been prevented if the woman would have been smarter and responsible. The dog was in it’s home. I’m ashamed that this even made the news. I feel I have to say something because the police report and the media are portraying an event far different than reality. People deserve to know the history if the matter.

  9. mcj says:

    Why was a 77 year old women bathing, which is being a caregive, a 102 year old women. Where was the family of this 102 year old lady? Why were they not taking care of her? True of todays world, Help out a neighbor, who obiviously didn’t have anyone else to bathe her, and get the shaft. What a world we live in.

  10. Lisa Maxwell says:

    Listen to Cothomas’s comments they come from a VERY relieble source. As do mine. Plain and simple Misty is a pack animal. Nunny is part of her pack, she was doing nothing but protecting her pack.

  11. Lisa Maxwell says:

    Also mcj the family is very present in Nunny’s life. Lucy was being paid to provide a service, not from the kindness of her heart.

  12. Tim Trozzo says:

    I’m the grandson and caregiver of the elderly woman.I cook,clean,and do the laundry.She has another grandson that lives on the second floor and takes care of any repairs the house may need.

    1. Denise Angelo says:

      and Tim….you get paid for being there and you do not clean….a cleaning service comes in weekly and cleans…so quit pulling the wool over other peoples eyes…a grandson would do what you say you do out of love for his grandmother and not expect to be paid

  13. Cothomas says:

    Denise your mother gets 26 dollars an hour to bathe her, so don’t pretend she goes to help out of kindness. The wool you pull is much thicker than you lead on. As for the media comments. If your party didnt contact the media they sure had no problem speaking to all three stations and giving an interview to them.

  14. JustCurious says:

    Who are you Cothomas? and how do you know everything about mine and nunnys family?

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