Woman Killed In Neshannock Township Crash

NESHANNOCK TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A New Castle woman was killed in a one-car accident in Lawrence County.

Jennifer Bryant, 29, of New Castle was ejected from the car when it crashed on Route 376 underneath the Mitchell Road overpass.

She was a passenger in the vehicle. Lawrence County Coroner Russell Noga tells KDKA-TV that Bryant was not wearing a seatbelt at the time.

The male driver, who has not been identified, suffered leg and head injuries. He was eventually taken to a Pittsburgh hospital.

Two children – a two-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl weren’t seriously hurt.

Crash scene investigators say it appears the driver lost control, fishtailed and hit a guardrail before flipping over several times.

Traffic on westbound 376 was rerouted while State police surveyed the accident scene.

Stay with KDKA for the latest details.


One Comment

  1. April Phillips says:

    No…yet another idiot on pills who thinks he can drive swerving all over the road…and killed my cousin!!!!!! I hope he rots forever in prison!!!!

    1. Pamela Martin Mcklveen says:

      april- how sad. i’m sorry about your cousin. i suppose 2 children are now without a mother.

    2. Bylon says:

      i love you april! if u need anything please dont be afraid to ask! he will get his! and thank god the kids were not badly injured!

    3. Courtney Hoon says:

      excuse me!? but thats my brother and he loved jen and they both had their own problems. it was noones fault it was an accident and if u may kno he wasnt on pills like you can really stop posting stuff on here because both families are hurt and my family is friends with jens family as well. idk who you think you are but i would stop while your ahead. my brother is in a hospital right now barley breathing and your over here saying stuff you know nothing about. so just shutup

      1. Courtney Hoon says:

        & jen was like my sister your not the only one who took a loss.!

  2. Doug says:

    the dispatch i heard frum that call made it sound like they drove off the overpass! I heard, on dispatch that they one at least had gotten ejected, then i hear both did and this accident you can telll wasnt caused by roads conditions

  3. Jeff Bishop says:

    Why the assumption of pills? Where does THAT come from? Losing control and fishtailing isn’t swerving. I wonder if April even read the article!

    These observations aside, this is a terrible accident and a young woman lost her life. We had passed through that area shortly before and shortly after the accident (enroute to Lowe’s from Mitchell Road). We had to use the wipers and washers a lot. An accident under the conditions at the time isn’t totally surprising.

    The victims of this crash, yet unidentified, are in our prayers.

    1. Bylon Hemskey says:

      that is her cousin that died! did u read what she wrote? how can u defend someone that u dont know especially to someone that lost a loved one in the very incident that we are discussing! yea that roads were not the greatest but people travel them all the time! when u have precious lives in the vehicle you tend to drive better then usual!! unless there are drugs involved! and to tell you something else….if family says something about drugs then its probably right! dont u dare sit here and defend this man to someone who lost their family!

      1. Joe deer says:

        How can you blame someone you dont no. how can u point fingers towards someone when no one no what happened. Shut up

    2. April Phillips says:

      yes i did read the aticle!! And I know more than what everyone thinks

      1. Joe deer says:

        U no as much as each family knows and its not alot no one can prove who was driving they are going on a 4years word not saying she is lying bur she is 4

  4. south hills firefighter says:

    …..yet again. no seatbelts…i feel no sorrow for the ones ejected. their foolisness now left the kids without a mother. hopefully this story will remind people to use those seatbelts., but most likely not. but hey you careless people keep us in business. try and stay safe.

    1. south hills firefighter says:

      wait didnt something like this happen on the turnpike less than two weeks ago??? oh ya IT DID. that too NO SEATBELTS!!!!!!!

      1. Police woman says:

        wow…you’re coldhearted…do you go to house fires and hear they were caused my cigarettes or candles and say I have no sorrow let whomever is in there burn n die? cuz with your attitude about seatbelts you may as well

    2. April Phillips says:

      hello did u see the car even if she was wearing a seatbelt she never would’ve made it

      1. Joe deer says:

        I have to somewhat agree with april its not based on the seat belts its based on when its your time the lord kept the 2 children safe and the one didnt have a seat belt on some times stEat belts save people sometimes they kill

  5. Doug says:

    the one killed is identified as Jennifer Bryant, 29, of New Castle. i do see the point on seatbelts, but i don’t wear mine wither, and i am a volunteer firefighter, and i promote safety. but with accidents iv been to that iv heard the seatbelt worn could’ve killed the person, im glad i don’t wear mine, and also i heard she got be-headed. the guy driving frum what i’ve heard has a suspended license too

  6. Doug says:

    It doesn’t matter where the accident happens, it just matters if you are able to get out of the vehicle in the end. where u are in the end, if the vehicle rolls like this accident for example. and wether or not you were speeding, or not. these people i heard were coming home from a clinic and sum stuff they had at the clinic could’ve made them fall asleep at the wheel. and a driver said it looked like they were going to go on Mitchell road but swerved back on 376, then fish-tailed which caused the wreck in the beginning.

  7. KottaMan says:

    It’s really simple….. Use the seatbelt. Anyone ejected is more than likely to be killed by either hitting something or being crushed by your own vehicle. I find it hard to believe that a volunteer firefighter posting on here does not use seatbelts……..

  8. Gina says:

    WOW I find a lot of the above comments to be heartless especially coming from firefighters. On March 20th, 2010 my mother and my daughter were in a very serious accident in Neshannock. My mother was having a heart problem and caused her to pass out at the wheel. My 11yr old daughter took her seatbelt off to maintain control of the car but the speed from traveling down hill was too much for my daughter to handle and they eventually hit a tree at an estimated speed of 75mph. Thankfully even with her seatbelt off my daughter was not ejected. She was pinned under the dash. My mother who had her seatbelt suffered multiple life changing injuries that left her in Critical condition in Trauma ICU for almost 2 months and then a nursing home to finish recovery. The firefighters were ANGELS because they responded so quickly and never ONCE did they make such horrible comments about my daughter taking her seatbelt off. If she hadnt others would have been involved and possibly killed. My daughter was named KDKAs hometome hero for this so to the above firefighters shame on you for making such rude comments about a mother losing her life and now 2 young babies that dont have her anymore. I would be ashamed to even say youre fire fighters. For those of you interested in hearing my daughters NON seatbelt story you can type in Marie Beahr on KDKAs websites search engine. Seatbelts dont always work. I wear mine most of the time but it doesnt mean I deserve to die if I dont!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. northwestforce says:

      it feels good hearing that …im a firefighter who responded to that call. a firefighter not like the firefighters posting those comments above. more than likely theyre just 16 year old children that are only junior firefighters who cant even fight a real fire.

  9. Gina says:

    Ok well forget the video of my daughter being named hometown hero, its no longer on here anymore but all the less Stop being so cruel in leaving nasty comments about such a horrible accident that has taken the life of a young mother.

  10. Gina says:

    Oh and one more thing to the South Hills firefighter…..I hope that EVERYONE dear to you (friends and family) wear their seatbelts ALL THE TIME and nothing like this every happens to them because Karma is out there buddy. And what would your fire chief think about 1 of his men making such brutal comments about an accident victim? Maybe he might just find out about this!!!!!! You should really be ashamed because youre not worthy of calling yourself a fire fighter. And youre also very dumb for posting a comment on here for all of the public to see AND then even say where youre a fire fighter from. I hope the family of this young girl reads everything you wrote and takes it straight to your chief!!! Maybe it wont be a family member tho…maybe just someone like me who cares about people and thinks cruelty should have justice. PIG!!!!!

    1. south hills firefighter says:

      freedom of spech sweety….enough said.

      1. GINA says:

        Everyone has freedom of speech but everyone should also have enough respect to think about the family and how it hurts them to see such bashing. SWEETY!!!

    2. Courtney Hoon says:

      the man in the accident was my brother and its disgusting everything they said and the women was my brother girlfriend. they both had their problems but they loved eachother and it was an accident and the two young babies are my neice and nephew who i love to death. im very upset about these above comments because noone knows the pain my family is going through as well as jens family. people shouldnt be pointing the finger either because noone knows what happened and it was an accident.! i hope that all you people saying these rude and nasty comments should be ashamed! and my brother does care deeply about jen! god those comments made me sick!

  11. Ace Slick says:

    How many in the last few weeks died by being ejected and not wearing their seat belt? Anyone who can post here can do the internet search to get the answer.

    These people chose their own destiny and the south hills firefighter is so correct. Sometimes the truth hurts, and what hurts more is having a family member die before their time because they chose not to buckle their belt. As I said in my first post, that has being removed because people can’t handle the truth, foolish people die like this.

  12. Joe deer says:

    Okay april leys not point fingers jen did drugs her self. Her daughter was in the back seat without a seat belt so lets not say the driver didnt care. Im sorry for ur loss I also no her and its horrible that the kids have to grow up with out their mother I dont no what I would do with out mine. We cant control or change what happened we should let it go jen wouldnt want everyone pointing fingers it was an accident end of story.

  13. Joe deer says:

    Courtney ur right these people have no heart they the kids are in good hands witg loving family yes they will alwats miss their mother but why do u all wish for them to grow uo withvout either!

  14. Joe deer says:

    Bylon u need to stop u have no need to say things like that just remember karma will some back the driver is a good guy and a great dad u didnt no him if u died would u really want ur children growing up with out a dad no! And the same thing for everyone else out there that says he should rot in prision the children already havw to grow up with out a mom why wish they grow up with out their father! The children are in great hands from the family they need their father!

  15. Courtney Hoon says:

    i agree 110% with you JOE DEER. these ppl are just ridiculous

  16. Joe deer says:

    Yess they are court we all need to stay strong and keep prayin love ya<3

  17. Katie Taylor says:

    Half of you dnt even know these two people and you wanna judge? NO!. It was an accident no one should be pointing fingers, these are two ppl tht loved each other no matter what the situation Jenn wouldnt want anyone pointing fingers, it couldve went either way and could have been worse. Not just two but THREE children lost their mother. Both familys are taking this completely hard and they should be gettin people telling them tht they wlil pray for their family. NOT trash talking about them because they didnt wear a seatbelt. Yes seatbelts save lives but they also take them. Some people are luckier than others in this case things were bad, real bad. Being heartless isnt going to get you ppl anywhere in life. What if it was someone you loved, or yourself? I would never wish bad on anyone and i sure as hell wouldnt sit there and trash talk about someone who died and someone who’s fighting for their life. I knew both of these two ppl since i was little and my heart goes to both of the families and Jenn’s three children. She will be dearly missed. R.i.P Jenn<3

    1. Joe deer says:

      Katie thank u for some finally understands what me amd court are trying to say both parents are at fault not just one or the other all the kids will miss their mother dearly I didnt no jen all that well but she was still family the children will carry a part of her forever no one can say whos fault it was no one can change anything we just meed to comfort both families. No on bobbys side is saying this is this person fault or that persons fault we are comforting each other because each side is greiving! So thank you katie

  18. A person says:

    This wasn’t the first time he wreak a car high on pills. The time before this he almost killed his son. He doesn’t Have a license. So why would his mother let him have another car to wreak. No mentioned that did they? People need to stop blaming the roads because they were clear at the time this happened. If Bobby cared so much about Jen he wouldn’t have killed her. And her THREE kids would still have their mother. Her oldest is 9. Jen had her problems you are right But she had no right to have her life end because Bobby was so high on meth and pills. He should have been in jail when he wracked the last time and almost sent his son through the windshield!! Because he was to doped up to strap him in his carseat.

    1. Joe deer says:

      Okayy this is enough bobby is my brother and I can speak on behalf on the whole family this is enough you should all be praying for the families loss likely the children are all lucky they have family that loves them bobby is fighting for his life on icu were you there when he found out the one he lived didn’t make it? No did you see how up set he was? No you have no right to sit here and say he didn’t care you talk about l lil bobby not wear his seat belt the last time because the father didn’t care what about nevaeh not wear her seat belt this time? EXACTLY STFU

      1. Courtney Hoon says:

        excuse me? “A PERSON” you can probably shut your mouth because you have no idea what your talking about & bobby is also my brother and he was very upset about jen and the entire thing, accidents happen everyday and sometimes things happen that we cant control right now family is very impotant and were all coming together you have no right to say anything about my brother or what happened and you wasnt there to see my brothers face when he found out about jen he loved her and didnt deliberately hurt her or his kids. and speak about my mother? its not like they planned to wreck the car. you really need mental help or something. your heartless and your mind is not right.

      2. Joe deer says:

        Yeah get it court:)

  19. Just another person says:

    I didn’t know Jen or Bobby, however after speaking to a person who was a friend of Jen, who by all accounts was a lovely young woman, this tragic incident would appear to be the culmination of a series of poor choices made by the couple throughout their lives.

    I don’t sit in judgment of either of them as no one can honestly say they, themselves, have not made a poor choice or two in their lives, as no one is perfect. But one would hope that those who know and love them, friend and family member alike, who may be making the same poor choices that the they were, will take note of the consequences of such choices and disassociate yourself with such activities.

    Disturbingly the children are the real victims of this tragedy. They had no say in any of this, but sadly they are the ones who will have to ultimately pay price for the choices made by the parents. Lets hope that the friends and family members of both Jen and Bobby will take this into account, no matter how much they are grieving, and put their differences aside to ensure that the children are brought up in a loving, secure environment where they will never have to be confronted with such issues again.

    My condolences to everyone involved who have suffered a loss, especially to the children.

    As for South Hills Firefighter- Yes sir, there is such a thing as freedom of speech however there is also a something called PROFESSIONALISM. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with it so that in future, you will be able to differentiate between a crass comment and a constructive comment. May I also suggest that you also familiarize yourself with the word, INSIGHT, as you could use a little of that as well.

  20. omg says:

    wow! no seatbelts. pills.people on here in denial and cant handle the truth. wow!!! its like a daytime soap opera. funny how people hear cold truth and how they react.

  21. Ace Slick says:

    So now, all that justify on here about not wearing a belt, tell me about why the most recent two died when they were ejected. Never heard of a belted driver being ejected. Have you? Some of you are kooks, especially the the loonies who say this death was just a tragic accident. The lose was entirely preventable.

    1. thumbs up ace says:

      most of us cant agree more. its the few that cant accept the truth of it.

    2. for ace says:

      theyll say they were almost cut in half or died from a belt….key things…SPEED!!!! POSTION OF THE BELT…if worn correctly( lap belt on but shoulder behind them.

  22. Salanda Smiley says:

    I feel sorry for the people sitting here pointing fingers and blaming they have no clue or idea what faith in God is… We are taken from this Earth with his plan. It may not make sense to us, but then again it is not supposed to. No one knows if Bobby was under the influence, it was a tragic, fatal accident. Shame on the people sitting here making such rude comments only you will sit in judgement in the end. God bless both families and most importantly the children.

  23. Joe Callahan says:

    WOW this is the first time I have read any of this and I can’t believe everything I am reading. Most of you people are out there I have known the both of them for a verry long time and yes they both had there problems and they were working through them for there kids and they loved each other unconditionanly and this was a tragedy and my heart is out for both of the families. Not a one person writing any of these coments was there and can say bobby or jen was on anything and everything does happen for a reason, why does it were never know until we get there and I think most of youns have a lot of growing up too do. This is the last thing eather of the families need to be reading. This was a very sad event. The only thing people should be worring about now is the welfare of the kids and thank GOD that they have a loving family to take them in so they dont get put into the system.

    But people will be peole and for all the things that were said in the above coments I blame your families something went rong there my mother would have slapped me silly for talking the way some of you were. Seat belt no seat belt drugs no drugs it dont matter it happend and were cant reverse it we can only move forward and make sure the kids are well taken care of that is all that matters now cause they are going to need extra TLC now so please let Jen rest cause I know this is not what she would have wanted.

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