Point Marion Couple Charged In 15-Month-Old’s Death

UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — A Point Marion couple is facing charges after their 15-month-old daughter was found dead.

Robert Dodson, 55, and Tammy Jo Bohon, 35, have been charged with criminal homicide and endangering the welfare of children and remain the Fayette County Jail.

Dodson and Bohon have been together for 17 years and they have seven other children together. The oldest child is 16.

Someone called 911 after Dodson found the baby, Madison Dodson, unresponsive. When state police arrived, she was dead.

“At the time of her death, [she] passed away as a result of dehydration and malnutrition along with several secondary causes,” Fayette County District Attorney Jack Heneks said.

Bohon told police she wasn’t home at the time because she had gone with a friend to smoke crack cocaine.

State police say the house was in deplorable conditions.

“There was animal and human feces in different parts of the house, different rooms, dirty diapers in all parts of the house,” State Police Trooper Tim Kirsch said. “No trash cans – only trash bags and some of those were torn up.”

The couple will remain in jail until a Jan. 13 court hearing.

Meantime, their seven children will remain with CYS.

  • chris mcgee

    I hope pray that now cys will do their job we love u maddie your cuz chrisndani

    • Melissa Garber

      Im sure that this wont be the last case thats overlooked by cys chris when cecil lived with me i was personally asked by the lady cys worker in front of there old house by sullys bar about 5 months ago how maddie looked and i told her the truth she looked sickley skinny and then took her to there new house and she was there 4 atleast 45min. that day and the house was always the same u know that ! So i think fayette county cys should also be held accountable 4 her death cause if they would have done there job maddie would b very much alive and healthy!!!

      • MATTY MATT


  • lavon butler

    How sad…why don’t children get the break they deserve??? There are people that would love to have a child that they would love and nuture. Why won’t parents give the child up for adoption?? Where is the family in these situations? Do they not know that abuse is going on? Shame on them, if they allowed this to happen and kept their mouths shut.> Someone needs to stand up for kids. Please do not let another child die because you didn’t want to get involved. Report this type of abuse before it is too late. Sorry Madison, if I would of known you, you would be alive today; I would of done all I could to protect you. Rest in Peace Baby. I hope to see you in heaven someday.

  • danielle mcgee

    Baby maddie I love you and will miss you so much. And if cps would have done their job this would have never happened the system as well as the parents need to be held responsible cps was in that home so many times and just walked away every time whichever worker that was to check on maddie needs fired there were plenty of times they were there and the baby needed immediate attention its sad it took the babys death to get the other seven children out of the home

    • Heather L. Waterhouse

      This breaks my heart….it’s happening too often these days. Time are tough and being a parent is one of the hardest, yet it is the most rewarding job in the world. Children are a gift and should be treated the same. People need to take pride in being a parent and strive to do the best job they can. These parents should not have been able to keep having kids they obviously could not care for. An innocent baby has died because their careless disregard for a child’s quality of life.

  • lk

    Obviously this is a case of something wrong/ abuse/ etc.

  • srsh

    maddie, i didnt have the honor of knowing you but i do know your brother daniel..ive watched him a good bit…he and my son got along very well and rode quads together when he was with Guggy…Im so sorry that this happened to you and your siblings…shame on CYS for letting this happen…my prayers are with you and your brothers and sisters…i know your daddy is sorry…a lil too late….God Bless you…and all i can say is that i hope that Daniel is able to come home with my sister….Guggy….she loved u all….I also hope that CYS pays for ignoring the situation at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    Any relation to Antoine?

  • Connie

    I think CYS and anyone else who knew of the conditions these children had to endure should be charged with any law that is applicable, and if there is no law then one needs to be created. Children are the biggest minority in this country and therefore, have the least rights which in and of itself is inexcusable. God Bless you Madison, may the angels welcome you and hopefully the angels will watch over your siblings until someone else can.

  • frank

    When parent’s do right to there childen that is when CYF want to take them from a lovining & caring home.PARENT”S WHO DO WRONG TO THERE CHILDEN CYF DOSE NOTHING AS LONG AS THEY GET PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TammieK

    Sounds like CYS AND the parents need to be held accountable! SHAME ON CYS for not doing their jobs and I agree, FIRE the social worker and press charges on him/her for being an accessory!

  • Very Unhappy Neighbor

    The sad part is this Cys has been called several times on these parents and nothing was ever done. Its a shame it takes a death for something to finally happen if they would have done their job a year ago this would have never happend.

    • jason jaggie

      thats right iv caled them on them 3 times

  • bills

    CYS workers do not have the authority to pull a child from a home for the long term without a juvenile masters or a judges consent. They can only act on their own for a short term solution concerning the imminent safety of a child because of an immediate danger to them. After that it’s the juvenile masters or judges authority that determines what happens long term. Terminating parental rights is determined by state law and goes through the courts whereby CYS personnel testify as witnesses.

  • joni

    It is truly a shame CYS does never do their jobs till something like this happens Its sad to say she is is a way better place.. god bless you little one and may god take care of you brothers and sisters Do Not let these parents or relitves have thes children because they probably knew this was going on and no one helped.

  • fran


  • Caseworker

    If you have never read the Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) and the Juvenile Act, you would not understand how tightly CYS has their hands tied. With the state and federal madates, it is difficult to remove children from their home and to remain involved. Many will state CYS didn’t do their job and should be held accountable, however unless you have worked in the field, you have no idea how difficult it is. Much like criminal court, you have to have proof, not just a feeling. Being a caseworker, there have been many times I have left a home, feeling something wrong was going on, however without the proof, you have nothing. Unfortunately the law makes CYS a reactive agency, only able to do something after something has happened. Before being overly critical of job the caseworker did, understand the limitations they have to work under. Unless you have worked in the field, you have no idea how difficult it is. God bless the children in this case as well as their family.

    • disgusted

      I bet you people sleep well at night. I don’t believe 1/2 of what you’re saying, caseworkers are LAZY and don’t want to do the paperwork required of them and they surely don’t have the children’s best interest at heart!

    • marie

      what about if there was proff of children being mistreated and cys does nothing i know of a case right now in cambria county and nothing is being done and there is proff of all that is going on so what is the cys excuse for that

  • Jamie

    DidI miss something, but I did not see anywhere in this article indicating CYS was previously involved with this family. Fault should not be placed on an agency who had no prior knowledge of this family’s situation.

    • dottie jaggie

      yes cys was called several times and they had done nothing about it so yes they neglect the kids just as much as the parents and is at fault for all this that happen as well

  • anonymous

    CYS is a joke…they are typically lazy, uneducated, rift raft themselves, that can’t find any other jobs…period…

    • CW

      Uneducated? You need a Bachelor’s degree and a Civil Service exam to be a Caseworker.

  • ee

    Typical redneck hillbilly, I would love to smash this guy’s face

  • danielle mcgee

    Child protective services has been with this family for a long time from state to state. I am a family member who tried to help and was pushed out the door when cps was called our comments were disregarded family cant just take the kids thats kidnapping. Our hands were legally tied. This is cps fault they had plenty of evidence to take kids

    • dottie jaggie

      yes i agree with you 10000% on this cys is as fault just as tammy and bob

  • jessica diehl

    i think this is awful and ALOT of people were not doing their jobs! this shud not b happening. i dnt c how the family couldnt take the kids because the parents were unfit. this is awful and breaks my heart. :(

  • Barb Fairbanks

    Please let me help these other kids. I will take a couple of the small ones to help them. I have know the family for awhile. I have taken care of maddi on several different occassions. Please as an emergency helper let me help… Notify me by email if i can help out in anyway

    • CW

      It’s not that simple. You will need to have Clearances run on you and other things before you can be involved with the children. Contact the County CYS Agency if you are interested in being a Foster Parent or alternate caregiver for the family.

  • danielle mcgee

    My husband and I are trying to find out about what we need to do to have a proper funeral for maddie. And what can be done to help the other children. Thanks everyone for keeping the children in your prayers

    • someone

      services will be on monday january 10 at mount mariah baptist cemetary chapel in smithfield from 10am to 11am for viewing and burial will be right after thank you very much for you thoughts and prayers

  • uninotnwo

    these 2 lowlifes should have been hung 15 years ago

  • someone

    blame the hore of a mom these kids have not the dad he was and always has been there for these children even tho most problay wasent his. but he feed them cloth them give em a roof over their head for 16 years mom knew baby had to go to hospital but still went to smoke crack and get fuked this child madison was born inside out her insides was on her outside when born robert did great with her with doctors everything baby had to do so get your story righ be for you say you wannt smach him cause he just might suprise you

    • dottie jaggie

      and i agree with you bob did everything with those kids tammy did nothing except smoke her crack and her pills and whatever else she is was doing

  • someonespecial

    abuse that makes me laugh robert is a great father with the children unlike the mother who could care less about em look he may not be perfect but always made sure kids had clothes on their back food for em to eat a roof over their hous but talk abise not 1 time in 16 years has he ever beat his children yelled at them or anything now go ask about the mother how she is they tell u she was never home never cared about the children check hospital records robert was by madison’s side everytime she went to hospital not mommy but anyhow it dosent excuse anything but he is no abuser get it right and was no cats in cupboards only 1 dog in house get it right detective

  • danielle mcgee

    Guess what guys we all know what happened we dont need to sit here and continue to bash the parents anymore everyone who matters knows bob did his bestate but we needs to remember there are seven other children who dont needs to read all the horror stories that we know about. We cant change what happened but we can prevent things like this from happening again if u choose to. We need to focus on the funeral and helping the rest of the kids cope thru this tragic time. I held a vigil tonight for maddie and not one came. So if u can spend time bashing this one and say u care about maddie and the other kids, then get off the internet and do what u can to help the kids and give maddie the respect she deserves.

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