Knoxville Toddler Critically Injured, Mother’s Boyfriend Charged

KNOXVILLE (KDKA) – A Knoxville man is facing charges after he allegedly assaulted a two-year-old boy.

William Detillo is the boyfriend of the victim’s mother. He called 911 saying the boy had fallen out of bed.

When paramedics arrived at 303 Arabella Street, they found the boy had critical injuries and rushed him to Children’s Hospital.

Pittsburgh police say the boy suffered acute massive brain trauma, abdominal trauma and bruising to his face and body.

Investigators say the injuries were not consistent with falling out of bed.

Detillo is facing charges of aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

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One Comment

  1. Jane Box says:

    they are getting married.. how sweet. what did he do fall out of bed and hit a train. think of a better excuse.

  2. Blades of Steel says:


  3. Jeff Cocarro says:

    I agree with Steelers

  4. Chris Hopkns says:

    I am

  5. Marilea says:

    What do those comments have to do with the story????????
    A young child was seriously injured do to abuse.

  6. Lazz Tantalo says:

    I think you mean DUE to abuse….

  7. Steve says:

    Will say a prayer for the child-

  8. Lavon Butler says:

    once again…how many more stories like this do we have to hear about?? Give your children up for adoption…there are people out there who will love and nuture these kids. If you don’t want them and are willing to leave them with just anyone you are sleeping with, sorry but that is not good enough! Too many children are being abused because the parent decided they should be left with the boyfriend or girlfriend. Imagine the terror the child has been put through.

    1. kylesmom says:

      This has to do with a mother leaving her child with her “boyfriend”, probably 1 who she’s met on the internet with no idea of his background. GROW UP WOMEN and start being pickyabout who you let your children around!!!! If you want the single life again, give those poor babies up and give them a chance at a good life!

      1. Moi says:

        Prolly not!!!! If you dont know the people involved, dont ASSUME!!! Its not appealing at all…..

    2. bonnie evans says:


      1. Geogre Gaines says:

        Well she knows now don’t she

  9. Lk says:

    No one said anything about abuse. You are assuming this. ASSUME = Make an ass out of u and me.
    Maybe it was abuse, maybe not, we need to wait for the full story.

    1. Dan says:

      Hey stupid, his ex went on about 10 min how he drug her up and down the street and beat the bejesus out of her…your a ass…kids need protecting from people like this!

  10. heather riker says:

    I happen to have a child with william detillo and though i never experienced violence at his hand or against my child he did have a very nasty side and i feel deeply for the child because the child is totally innocent of those two messed up individuals tryn to play house. she is not a nice person and neither is he. but i pray that the baby comes thru this and never subjected to that mess. and he will never as i told him and that heifer be around my kid ever.

    1. #1mom says:

      Good for you but MAKE IT LEGAL! I also, unfortunately, have a loser sperm donor but have NEVER let him near my child and never will, which meant me struggling to make it without welfare OR child support. I did it, it wasn’t easy but it CAN be done without living off of welfare!

    2. bonnie evans says:


  11. Shaquina says:

    I gots a baby wif him two…he a good daddy and pay da bills

    1. shaquina says:

      get a job ‘shaquina’ and get off welfare, stay off your back & get an education . . . for your ‘child’s sake!

      1. jessica kaufman says:

        yea this shaquina girl does not have a baby to bill. i dated him for years and all of his kids, he either doesnt see or has a pfa and isnt aloud to see him. who ever you are.. we aint talking about the same william detillo so yea. your a loser for even trying to defend someone you dont know

    2. J says:

      Girrrrrrrllllllllll you know you aught to be ashamed of yourself with that type of grammar. Go get your GED please. Just ridiculous.

  12. LK says:

    Now that the story is out, we can say abuse. As for anything his ex said it was not mentioned in the first report here online. I do not get to “watch” the news, only read it here.

  13. CJ says:

    A childhood friend is being accused of a horrible crime and his bitter spiteful babys mom keeps lying to the news not mentioning that she stalked him for years and ran him over with her car and its actually him who has the restraining order on her! Yes he dont want you but that doesnt mean put him in jail for maybe the rest of his life! She really tried saying he tortured his daughter!!!! He loves…. his daughter and she uses that child as a pawn! WOW I cant remember a time that girl even let him have his kid without it being a scheme just to see him. He most likely won’t live to see thirty any ways and she just wants to trash his name all because shes bitter! I have know Billy my whole life and he has never became violent with me nor any of my nephews or niece. I HOPE I DONT HAVE TO NOTE WHICH BM IM TALKING ABOUT!

    1. johnny69 says:

      he’s agooooood boy. Betcha he doesn’t have a job yet he can find these pigs to have his kids

      1. CJ says:

        IF YOU KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM YOU WOULD KNOW HE CAN”T WORK BECAUSE OF HIS HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not what you hear its what you know… go away!

      2. twosides says:

        his health cj? what? is he on SS for being a druggie? if so, thats total BS.

      3. disgusted says:

        For someone with ‘health’ issues and can’t work, he sure can make them welfare babies that HE CAN’T SUPPORT, can’t he?

    2. Geogre Gaines says:

      Well CJ All I can say umless you were there you can not say he did not do it lets let it play out in court .We dont really know what happen but the cops do so lets let theem work this out but if he did it LOCK HIS @#$ UP AND LOST THE KEY HE WILL NOT NEED IT AND LET HIM WAIT FOR HIS DAY TO MEET WITH GOD

  14. CJ says:

    LMAO Did you ever take a look a the kids stomach? He’s been in numerous surgery’s since who knows when and his life span ain’t going past thirty! He’s constantly in and out of the ER and no its not for drugs buddy its for pain!

    1. disgusted says:

      So he’s addicted to pain killers then? If he’s so “sick” how does he make them babies that he CAN’T AFFORD to care for? Perhaps he should get himself sterilized, then he can get some more pain pills AND not bring anymore children into this world that HE CAN’T AFFORD TO TAKE CARE OF!!!

      I’ve never heard of a disability because of stomach ‘pains’. Please elaborate, surgeries for what????

      1. Steve Traficante says:

        yes he is addicted to pain killers

      2. to: digusted and steve t. says:

        i think its really funny that people wanna say hes addicted to pain killers and hes a drugy or whatever when they have no room to talk cause they got their own problems with drugs people should really think and look in the mirror before speaking

    2. leah niznik says:

      Nikki fink quit defending him and say all you have to say about me it makes feel good defend his chrons aww poor baby no you should be talking about that little boy laying in a hospital bed I had homicide detectives at my house my daughter meet detectives and how does he have a pfa on me ur so dumb take care of your kids and thank god it didn’t happened to your son or daughter

      1. ammused says:

        girl you must got nothing better to do with your damn time then to be in other peoples life like really does billy and his family mean that much to you that you stll must try and put your two cents in and be part of every little thing that goes on hunny i think its about that time for you to grow up and move on

    3. Geogre Gaines says:


  15. 2taTango says:

    Everyone knows he is worthless when it comes to income. Its know at the door but that don’t stop them girls from chasing him all over town like complete lunatics. It takes two to tango and If you choose to have a child to someone with no income than that sounds like your issue not his…..

    1. disgusted says:

      Good point, either way WE, TAX PAYING, WORKING CITIZENS are paying for them babies while he keeps making them. For someone who supposedly won’t live past 30, WHY would you want to make kids that you won’t see grow up? Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me from his friends who CHOOSE TO IGNORE the obvious .. . he’s a loser

  16. SP says:

    Its called Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis….

  17. Sharon says:

    I can’t imagine the fear that little boy felt. Let’s not lose sight of the real VICTIM here. May God bless the child and his family.

    1. SP says:

      Amen!!!! Pleasse keep that precious baby in your thoughts and prayers 🙂

    2. leah niznik says:

      Haha it happened at ur house sharon you saw the whole thing go down nd watched billy boy do it all

      1. Sharon says:

        I do no know any of the parties involved. So quit assuming you know everything about everybody. Put your energy on praying for that baby.

    3. bonnie evans says:

      thank you so much for really understanding who the real VICTIM is. hes a fighter is going to make it through all this!!!!!!! ( sharon you left mess on thurs at 9:57pm)

      1. Monie says:

        I pray for the little boys FULL recovery however some of the blame has to be placed on the mother. It’s a classic case of the vicious domestic violence cycle at it’s finest. Typically the cycle continues and it ends w one of the partners dying or being injuredb thus ending the cycle. Unfortunatley in this instance, it’s the child being seriously injured that has ended the cycle this is very sad. Mom you could have prevented this. How do you have a PFA on someone and they are babysitting your baby? You knew he had violent tendencies and anger management issues how is he even in your home ALONE w/ your child? How In addition to that when he dragged you up and down Arabella(Arabella is a very LONG street, I use to live on Arabella I know) Why would you allow this man back in your home for any reason. Only God can judge you but the lesson I hope you learned is we as mothers have to make responsible decisions when comes to the welfare of our children. We should not be making decisions that benefit ourselves. When you have children it’s no longer about you as a person it’s God, Child/children, you and family. If you keep that order you can surely prevent tragedies like this from happening in the future. God bless you and your family.

      2. OMG says:

        The one that was dragged up the street and the mother of the child injured are 2 diffrent people!!! Pay attention b4 you post something….

  18. Pens says:

    What I would give to get in a locked room with this punk. Crush his face and arms

  19. somone says:

    Just because he happened to be the one to call 911, doesn’t mean he did anything. Where was the mother prior to the incident? Maybe she did something and is trying to set him up…or maybe she did it and the fall from the bed aggravated the injuries. And, I know he has ALWAYS paid for his children. He had to work more than 1 job at a time to make his child support payments

    1. leah niznik says:

      Hey he gets ssi he doesn’t have to pay us child support he’s never pAid for anything for his kids

    2. bonnie evans says:

      maybe you need to pay attention to the news this monster did this no matter what

      1. it does matter says:

        I believe he did, too. It really doesn’t add up – the story he told. Standing up for the child – that’s ALL that matters. We (as a society) cannot let these monsters get away with not being held accountable for their dispicable actions and ever risking that they victimize another child.

  20. advocate says:

    A child does not acquire massive brain trauma from falling out of a bed unless the child fell from the top bunk of bunkbeds which if a two year old is sleeping that high up is ridiculous in itself. The boyfriend lied saying the child injuries were due to falling out of a bed, so he was lying to protect himself or his girl. Both should be under investigation. I only pray that that child has a chance at a half normal life=(

  21. Bobbie says:

    lWake up & smell the coffee defenders. Illness or not does not give this grown man authority to beat a child to within inches of his life. What goes around comes around. One day he’ll get his just reward. Maybe someone will beat him the way he beat that child so he knows what it feels like.

    1. opinion says:

      correct,no person has any right to do such ahorrible thing to a child..over a what??
      lazy person who wants to pl;ay video games?????
      he deserves to die himself this person who did this..

  22. Dan says:

    Can’t work or doesn’t want to? he seems to have no problem beating up little kids..could he do that if he wasn’t able bodied? I hate you liberal people, your ruining the world

    1. disgusted says:

      I agree!!!

  23. SP says:

    I have a child with him, his 1st born and welfare dont pay for my son!! I pay for my son. My husband and myself both have full time jobs and I dont recieve ANYTHING from the state. And no, he dosent pay child support because he cant work and the SSI can not be attached for it, but if I call him and say my son needs something, he tries his best to get it. I first hand have never experienced any violence from him and as far as my son says neither has he. But what happened has happened. You cant change the past – You can only move on to the future and right now a precious little boy is fighting to have a future!!!!! Can we focus on whats important?!?!?! Pray that this amazing little boy makes it thru the unfortunate experiences he had to endure and that this mother dosent loose her only child!!!!!!

  24. Pittsbuirgh says:

    Sokme people do not deserve to have a child…
    and should be spayed or neutered

  25. Myself says:

    Some people

  26. heather riker says:

    U no i am apalled of the comment that asserted that william detillo childs mothers are pigs. seriously grow up before u get checked sweetheart. the important matter is the child forget everything else cause well address that non support from this worthless excuse for life with family division. all the moms out there keep ur kids safe from men or women who have the potential for hurting kids they are innocent and cannot defend themselves

  27. Marlene Niznik says:

    For the precious little boy;
    Lord Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd of the sheep, you gather the lambs in your arms and carry them in your bosom: We commend to your loving care this child. Relieve his pain, guard him from all danger, restore to him your gifts of gladness and strength, and raise him up to a life of service to you. Hear us, we pray.

  28. sadnhurt says:

    I feel so bad for that lil boy. I will never understand if Bill made statements like he did …According to the criminal complaint, Detillo “told the victim’s mother on numerous occasions that the victim was a terror and that he couldn’t control him.”…..why in the world would this women stay with him….. she is just as much to blame!!!! with comments like this there is a big piece of the story missing!! I know Bill an I am ashame to say I knew him… Please pray for this lil baby an don’t lose focus on what’s important right now….

  29. sharon says:

    wow really u went after the wrong sharon now u got the right one trust me I was staying out of it but u need to get ur facts right I havent lived in that house for a while but u already knew that u stalker n u quick too put ur too sense in abaout bill but it was ok when u needed some where to stay n he was taken care of u n ur daughter but that was ok now hes a low life y cause he dont want u no more

  30. FINALLY says:

    SP – you need to figure out who you are defendng — the POS serial sperm donor or the innocent child that he severely beat. The past is now the present for billy — the boys in lock up can’t wait to introduce themselves…tick tock tick tock. Fink can’t protect him now and neither can his Megan’s List daddy billy sr.

    1. sadnhurt says:

      Finally, what you need to do is mind your own…. Bill had a son an was apart of his life…He is also hurting an confused by this,we all are. Anyone that knew Bill,even the babys mom said Bill never showed any sign of abuse before this happen…something is missing in this story but it will all come out in the end..People are only thinking they know something an want to post on it..Bill has two kids an 1 a girl claimed was his that’s it……No one is taking sides everyone is in shock an wants the truth.

  31. FINALLY says:

    No one has mentioned this child’s father and his family. My prayers and thoughts go out to them also.

    1. sadnhurt says:

      Leah=Finally….worry about ur own child an leave everyone alone

      1. leah niznik says:

        @ sadnhurt If i have something to say on here my name woud be above the comment don’t assume it was me and please don’t worry about my child she is safe happy healthy and loved very much

  32. FINALLY says:

    wrong – it’s Leah’s mother.

    For the precious little boy;
    Lord Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd of the sheep, you gather the lambs in your arms and carry them in your bosom: We commend to your loving care this child. Relieve his pain, guard him from all danger, restore to him your gifts of gladness and strength, and raise him up to a life of service to you. Hear us, we pray.

  33. SP says:

    Please dont talk about what you dont know – My son was with his father almost the entire summer and was fine – He always talked to his father….
    Im not defending anyone – simply stating that my son was never a victim of violence by Bill or anyone in that family – Because my child had a relationship with his father he is going thru a tough time right now, as well as many others…Bills family, Crystals family and friends of both. Lets just focus on what is important – Jonte getting better ♥

    1. WOW says:

      you are ridiculous – and a double talker. keep on defending this abuser first then throw in how you are concerned for his victim. nobody cares what you think.

      1. SP says:

        Simply stating what I know from my past encounters with him – In this instance he hurt an innocent child and for that deserves what he gets. Not defending him….

  34. FP says:

    These posts defending this loser are ridiculous. These injuries are real they are not made up and they just don’t happen on their own. @ CJ I have no clue who you are but you need a reality check. What did Billy want someone else to feel his abdominal pain so he beat the child in his stomach? What, because Billy’s lifespan won’t go past 30 neither should this little boys? You are blaming an ex for wanting Billy to be put in jail for life but it looks like Billy has done that himself. Oh and by the way maybe yinz should read about crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis you can live past 30, work and be a productive person. There is no reason why this loser was on SS when my father had stage 4 cancer and dying he still worked and was not eligible for SS know wonder why because they give it to young people who don’t deserve it. Oh my belly hurts and I have diarrhea so I can’t work. I bet this loser didn’t follow the diet restrictions the doctors have told him to follow either.

  35. Saddened Family Friend says:

    First of all let me say that I have been a good friends with the little boys mother for about 10 years. She loves her son more then herself and would never put him in harms way. All she wanted was a stable fanily for her son and she thought she had found that with billy. She had told me on a few occasions that he was nore of a father to her son then his biological father. They were planning on getting married he wasnt just some random dude she met. They were together for almost 2 years. I have never saw a bruise or a bump on this baby to make me believe that he was ever abused. And do the question on where was his mother when this all happened..she was at work, the 2 had just dropped her off before this happened. Who knows, maybe the baby wouldnt go back to sleep at 6 in the norning and that set billy one knows except for him and his story is a lie so we will never know. People snap all the time for who knows what reason and thats what happened here. If you can call a 2 year old a terror obviously you arent very stable to begin with. Im not defending this monster for putting this baby through 2 brain surgeries and now in the ICU. He will get all that is coming to him, Im defending my friend. She is a good mother and dont always believe what the news and the paper tell you. She loves her baby and hasnt left his side, Something is wrong in this mans head and the truth will prevail. Worry about this baby who is fighting for his life..keep him in your thoughts and prayers…We love you Te Te

  36. heather riker says:

    I want to address the idiot that asserted that my son is not william detillos son check with family division love. and in fact ill give u my maiden name heather jones look it up. also he never paid a dime for my son and thought id let him take him for the summer lol. he even came to ga which is right next door to sunny fl and never came to see his son what a great father . so pple plz with the bs that hes a good person. bill has problems. i jus hope that gurls baby pulls through cause im a mother and i tell you from experience nothing is worse than losing your child. children are a gift from god.

    1. listen up says:

      Yes he may have issues and never paid child support but that’s not an excuse or what we should be talking about. He who commited the crime shall do the time!!! A baby is hurt and his recovery is all that matters. Pray that this innocent child will not remember what has happend, make a full recovery and go on living a life filled with joy.

      1. FP says:

        Amen well said listen up

  37. JC says:

    Why is the mother not being questioned too? She may have had a part in this also. She had to know, or had a part in it. There is some unanswered questions here. I pray that this child will pull through and that the police get to the truth! They need to do some more investigating into everyone who had contact with this child.

  38. Pixburgh says:

    Where is the biological father of this child? His family? Shouldn’t they be angry and speaking out?

  39. getalife says:

    The Dad has been at the hospital..that is where he an his family are!!!! Unlike you people he is doing something!! Get a life an worry about ur own

    1. realize says:

      where was he before this happened to this poor baby.. i think its just so sad he wasnt there til this happened!

      1. wow says:

        Just like any other couple they split up. doesn’t mean the dad is not in the picture…that is just u assumin ..

      2. Listen up says:

        Dad might have still been in his life!!!! Just because Mom and Dad arent together, dosent mean he wasnt involved!!!

      3. annoyed says:

        thats funny when people wanna say they slipt up well no really i didnt know that since she was with someone else! and its funny when people wanna say he was still in the picture when it was very clear he wasnt

  40. Pizburgh says:

    Getalife…I just asked because everyone makes him sound uninvolved and I was sure that wasnt the case. I have a life and mine involves being 100% in my child’s life and protecting him from people like this guy (the fiancee).

  41. REALLY says:

    Leah- you stalked bill!! tried running him over with your car!! showed up at his house on numerous occasions always causing a scene…you have a rap sheet longer than hitler!!! so please keep your comments to your self they mean nothing!

    everyone- bill can not work because he has underwent multiple surgeries with the surgeons taking out this & that & it never being the case, and him just getting worse & worse so thats is why he canNOT work he got staples from his chest down not defending him dont think that just simply clerifying everyones 2cents…

    if bill did what he did to that poor child he deserves absolutely everything that comes his way.. but for all you on here arguing back inforth when half of you dont even know who the other is please stop it isnt about you ! if its been forgotten already its about 2yr old JONTE this poor baby may never have the chance to live a normal life… but i do agree with those who have posted about the mother… i think 100% she should be investigated as well, i do not see bill putting a 2yr baby in hospital with trauma but, i dont see bill taking the blame for someone elses actions either soo yes alot of the story is missing and when all said is done everyones minds will be at ease..!!

    1. priorities says:

      so very disgraceful…there is a child fighting for his life – what is wrong with you. The only reason to post a comment is to either pray for the abused child or to encourage the mother. besides this Leah person is the only one that was brave enough to speak out against this vermine – I saw and heard her…you better keep up the defense fund for this guy – he’s gonna need it.
      To the baby boy – stay strong – my prayers and thoughts are with you.
      To the mother – stay strong – everyone is praying for the recovery of your son.

    2. REALLY REALLY says:

      REALLY – how shameful for you to accuse this mother – you are the same as the abuser.

      1. leah niznik says:

        @really I love how you are on here talking about my life and you know me ur a loser bills a lair just like he lied to the police about what happened to that boy worry about youself I’m taking up to much space in peoples heads I should start paying you all rent

    3. Justice for all says:

      AMEN, there are always 2 sides. The police must have forgot that in the Police 101 traing.

    4. A FACT says:

      only checking new postings to see if there are any updates on the baby. came across yours. Always amazes me how you loser females defend abusers, child abusers. I looked this piece of garbage up on line under the criminal dockets (under William Detillo-BD-11-27-84) – what a surprise, he lied on a gun permit application that he did not have a 3-year PFA against him, LIAR. A hearing was set for the day after he brutalized this child (on 1/6/11)…Facts speak louder than loser females. Exposing the abuser is RIGHT – defending the abuser is A CRIME.

      1. a fact for you says:

        this is funny that you are worried about whats goin on with him and just a little fun face for….. he did have a pfa against him when he was and shoulda had one to protect him since one of his crazy ex’s tried to kill him because he moved on and wanted nothing to do with her!

      2. A FACT says:

        a fact for you – it is so hard to reply to such blatant stupidity but here goes…now listen up-the PFA was filed against him not the other way around, seriously snap out of it.

      3. .... says:

        Fact is – she tried to kill him!! She smashed into his car with her car because he was with another female.. She stalked him for months… If you dont know what ur talking about, then plz dont.

  42. Pray pray Pray says:

    Please help this little boy get better has anyone heard any news on how is condition is whether it is improving or anything that has been going on with this loser that did it

  43. kim says:

    Judge not, that you not be judged. For with what judgement you judge, YOU WILL be JUDGED; and with the measure of judgement that you use, it WILL be measured BACK TO YOU! Why do you judge but do not judge yourself. Hypocrites! Frist remove the plank from your own eye than you will see clearly to do the same for you whom you judge. (Matthew7:1-3 and 5)
    To the Detectives: Check the time line, put yourself there and you’ll see clearly not to assume and to look further to investigate other possible leads. They are right in front of your face. My prayers are with Jonte for a complete healing. And with the Detectives for God to lead them to the TRUTH and look further, things are not always as they seem.

    1. anonymous neighbor says:

      believe me, if I inflict life-threatening injuries on a defenseless child, i will be judged on this earth and by God – and rightly so.
      you are wrong – things usually are as they seem.
      I have seen with my own eyes on Arabella Street — the truth will come out, and I am going to be a part of telling that truth.

      We all need to continue to pray for this precious child.

  44. WOW says:

    Well, first off we can see who knows both Bill & Crystal…. some of these post are way off in left field…the mother of Jonte an the women on the news is Leah another bm…not the same person!!!! you all got sum crazy things an act you you know facts..The truth will come out regardless who has done it or had part in it!!! This board needs closed

    1. Thinking says:

      I don’t know either of them. Just saying they need to question all persons who were around the child. These injuries could have been sustained the day or night prior. The mother may not be innocent. She may have been involved. She needs to be investigated also. The police need to find out exactly WHO did what, for the sake of the child.

      My heart breaks for this little boy and I pray every day he will be ok.

      1. Justice for All says:

        I TOTALLY agree. All should be questioned, thats all I’m saying. God knows the truth and he will judge the guilty person. If and I’m saying if they have the wrong person, than that is not justice. That would mean this person is free and could do this to any child….They need to investigate further there may be more to this and more people involved.

  45. BONNIE EVANS says:


  46. BONNIE EVANS says:


  47. annoyed says:

    you know what people should really think before they speak because nobody ever knows what ones capable of i bet you thats what billys family and friends are thinking too so maybe people should just shut up seriously no one knows what happened except for maybe a couple people and one day the whole truth will come out and i bet you it will be a big shock and surprisse for everyone!!!! but until that day i really wish people would shut up

    1. Lalalala says:

      Nicely put!! Just wait for the truth and then judgement will come

  48. makesmesick says:

    You people make me act like you know FACTS…and you don’t!!! The police are looking into alot of people/ when you post get your story correct. The TRUTH is going to come out sooner or later an THAT person will pay for what they did..regardless if he did lie on a permit..I’m sure you have lied in ur life before.. everyone has but it sure don’t make someone bad person!! They really need to block this page..

  49. SO DONE with IDIOTS says:

    TO: a fact for you & makesmesick

    Lying on a gun permit application is a federal offense and lying about the baby falling out of a toddler bed is just EVIL

    1. just so you know: says:

      for you it wasnt a toddler bed so dont say anything without knowing what your talking about… thanks

  50. bs says:

    Ya – this board needs to be closed.

  51. been around says:

    Why should this board be closed? Because you cannot control what is written. The FINK family has a LONG LONG history of violence. Being raised in this family meant that the parents are everything, kids are nothing. Look how many of them have violent backgrounds. Each of the uncles have some sort of charges on there record and/or PFA’s. The grandkids (that would be Billy’s cousins and himself) were tortured and horrible yelled at if they were not the favorite. Billy’s own mother was a victim of abuse from her ex husband. This family has been nothing but trouble on Arabella Street for over 45 years! It is a shame what has happened to this little baby, and everyone wants to push the focus off of this baby. This baby has been diagnosed as never going to be a normal child. He has had numerous surgeries, still in the hospital, yet all you hear is the defending on here of Billy. He was abused as a child, he has a PFA of him due to his actions. It may be true that the girl also deserved a PFA but it was never issued. Yes, Billy has an illness, but that does not excuse the beating on this little boy. It is sickening that anyone can hurt a child to almost killing the baby. How can you keep hitting, throwing, abusing a child?

    Notice the only ones wanting this board closed are those who want to defend Billy, as they know there isn’t much to do to defend the actions. You may love and be loyal, but it is inexcusable what happened to Te Te!

    I am among the many praying for Te Te’s recovery.

    1. You Know Who I Am says:

      WOW!!! As usual, someone who thinks they know everything and has no idea of the real story. If you have really been around and think you know everything, why don’t you man or woman up and call me so I can give you the real facts. Stop hiding behind “Been Around” and give your real name or call me, I’m the wife of one of the Uncles and if you really know everything then you KNOW WHO I AM AND YOU HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER SO CALL ME AND I’ll straighten you out or are you chicken cause you don’t know what your talking about. By the way just cause the news said he did these things doesn’t mean its true you don’t know for sure and neither does anyone but that baby, Billy, God and the person who really caused those injuries.

  52. everyone shut up says:

    how about everyone just shut the hell up you all think you know everything and none of you know anything i find it amusing how you all believe what you hear on the news and a lot of things that were said was false and yes i will defend billy all day until he found guilty and he hasnt been found guilty yet only by all you losers and i mean loser leah ur a dirty pig billy not on the birth certificate why is that o i know bc your own mother said your a dirty girl and dont know who the father is and as for the last comment your probably a bitter ex thats all bet your werent singing this tune when you were getting banged out by one of the uncles and for all the other comments you want to talk the truth lets talk bc people with their own crimnal backrounds shouldnt throw stones i ll put you all on blast

Comments are closed.

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