LaVar Arrington Endorses Tom Bradley for Pitt

Former Penn State All-American LB LaVar Arrington dropped by the Vinnie & Cook Show on Sportsradio 93-7 The Fan, and he is very happy that Tom Bradley appears to be in the mix for the Pitt job. LaVar shares his story of how he was recruited by Bradley, and what makes him successful in that area. How far could Pitt go if they hired Tom Bradley? LaVar uses the words “national championship-caliber.”

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One Comment

  1. Brad says:

    Who is lavar arrington anymore? I’m anxious to hear how he thinks Bradley can get Pitt to national title contention. Lavar needs to stick to growing his dreads out and keep his nose out of Pitt business.

    The only way Bradley will get us a national championship is if Pitt fires him and hires rich rod

    Also, why do you all think paterno is promoting him? Let’s think, oh ya, cause he wants his kid taking over the program when he dies/retires. What a fraud.

    1. Randy T says:

      You Sir, are a complete idiot who knows NOTHING about football.
      1. Bradley IS the best ASST HEAD COACH in football. I fine stand up man!
      2. Bradley WILL TURN PITT into a National Champ within 4 years!
      3. OMG you couldnt even wash Lavars jockstrap!
      4. I’m a PITT Man!
      5. Rich Rod is a looser and he lied to the WVU kids! He knew he was going to Mich and he lied!
      6. Brad, SHUT UP!

      1. Brad says:

        You sir have yet to make a point that makes sense.
        1. How is Bradley the best? Penn state hasn’t won anything in 20 years
        2. How will he turn us I to a national champ contender when he can’t take a team with more talent to a conference title
        3 lavar is no more qualified to give input on pitts head coach than I am
        4 I graduated from Pitt
        5. All top coaches lie. I challenge you to find one that doesn’t. I’ll help you , you can’t all the coaches who are in BCS bowls this year came from a different school. All I’m sure told their kids they would be with them thru graduation. I’ll take a liar.
        6. I won’t shut up til we don’t hire Bradley

  2. TY says:

    Brad are you serious. Tom Bradley is the right coach for the job. So what if Paterno wants his son to take over wouldn’t you. Tom Bradley has shown he can recruit in PA which Pitt will need. Pitt needs a coach that can correct this fiasco and he is qualified to do it. As far as LeVar Arrington he can give his opinion he was recruited by and played for him. Don’t blame hios short comings on the coach. Brad use common sense and take out the emotion.

    1. Brad says:

      So what if he can recruit here. What does that mean? Western PA football is no where close to Florida , Texas and California it’s not even funny . Big deal he can recruit here. So you want to hire Bradley because he can clean up the mess.. How? How is he going to clean it up? We need to hire a coach who will bring recruits with him (rich rod). How can you say Bradley is qualified to fix this? Has he been a head coach before.. No.. So explain how he can fix this? None of you have given on single fact to support anything.

  3. Bud says:

    To Brad
    Your narrow minded thinking is a typical Pitt response.

  4. CP says:

    I think Bradly will be a fine coach for Pitt, but even if Joe thinks he’s opening up the coaching job at Penn St for his son, all he is doing is opening up that job to a national search, which will be the best case for Penn St as well, and it will get Jay Paterno shown the door!

  5. rick says:

    LaVarr Arrington?!?! Let me know when Eric Kasperowicz gives his 2 cents.

  6. Greg says:

    Brad’s response is NOT a typical Pitt response. It is a typical blockhead response. Tom Bradley would be the best thing that has happened to Pitt since Johnny Majors. The guy has been running Penn State football for the past 10 years or more.
    GREAT CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Brad says:

      You sir are the blockhead. Tell me what exactly Bradley has done.. Take ur time .. I’ll wait. What are his accomplishment? Please list them.

  7. Roscoe says:

    The national media is not even covering this story, When are people around here going to wake up and find out that Pitt,Penn State and WVU are top 25-50 programs anymore. Penn States record against top Big Ten Programs is laughable at best.

  8. Brad says:

    Someone explain to Me how bradley is going to take us anywhere ? He has better talent at Penn st and couldn’t win. And he is going to win us a national title in 4 years? Our recruiting class isn’t In the top 30 for that year.. Folks WAKE UP this isn’t the 70’s Western pa football isn’t what it used to be. Who cares if he can recruit here. Tell me when we hire someone who can recruit from Florida, Texas and California. Oh wait.. Rich rod could. Who cares if he lies to players. All big time coaches do.. Name one that doesn’t?

  9. tom says:

    who do you think took penn state where they have been for last ten years it sure wasn,t joe bowl record alone is more than we could wish for as pitt fan wise up you probaly don,t like tomlin either

    1. Brad says:

      Where have they gone? A few bowls ? How many bcs bowls? 2 ? One more than Pitt has. 7 bowls in the last 10 years .. How many has Pitt gone to? 8 so by your theory we are taking a step
      Back with Bradley .. Know your facts clown

  10. A Pitt fan would never want RRod says:

    you cant spell Bradley without B-R-A-D ! Who here thinks Brad is a WVU fan? PSU fan? Gay? Bob Smizik? Gay? Pickle tickler?

    1. Brad says:

      The uneducated want Bradley.. No one has yet to provide me concrete facts as to why you all want Bradley. I’m neither a wvu fan nor a Penn st fan. In fact I graduated from Pitt. Bradley has done NOTHING at Penn at, Pitt has gone to more bowls in the last 10 yrs with less talent and according to you all, inferior coaching. Why would anyone want this man? He obviously isn’t a great recruiter since he can’t get anyone from Florida or Texas and he can’t coach..

  11. Dave says:

    Hey brad if rich rod is so damn good then y did michigan let him go and not retain him to take them to the promiswed land ????He was overrated at WVU and he was at Michigan also..He is not what Pitt needs..And also Brad california and most fla football schools cant hold western pa `s jockstrap …I have lived in both places for years and have watched many of friday night games and they looked more like pop warner than High school…Now unless u have actually experienced those 2 states as I have please do us all a favor and SHUT UP

  12. pederson's wife says:

    PEDERSON has said that Bradley will not coach at Pitt as long as he is AD

    There is an easy way to fix that

  13. ron cook is an ass says:

    Ron Cook is an ass
    Maybe he can get a job in state college where he belongs

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