Sidney Crosby Out With Concussion

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) — Sidney Crosby had to leave the Penguins Thursday and head back to Pittsburgh with an injury.

Pens’ head coach Dan Bylsma said Crosby suffered a concussion and could be out for at least a week.

Crosby, who leads the NHL with 32 goals and 66 points, missed the Penguins’ 2-1 shootout loss in Montreal on Thursday night.

He flew back to Pittsburgh to be re-evaluated by team doctors, who updated Bylsma about the extent of Crosby’s injury following the game.

During the Winter Classic, the Pens’ captain was blindsided by David Steckel; and on Wednesday night, Crosby got slammed against the glass by Tampa Bay’s Victor Hedman.

Crosby had played each of Pittsburgh’s first 41 games this season after he missed just one last season, when he tied for the league lead with 51 goals.


One Comment

  1. VinnyTheCabby says:

    Sid prayin that you have a full and complete
    recovery in Jesus name

  2. tmh says:

    cheap hits both of them someone on that team needs to make things right next time pens play both teams

    1. cheap hits says:

      Harrison will probably get fined for the cheap hits…

  3. Babette Tharp Lavezoli says:

    agree with tmh,

  4. Carrie Girton Walters says:

    Let’s get Godard back or stick Engelland on them..Get well soon Sid… Let’s Go pens!!!!!

  5. SiteSucks says:

    This new website SUCKS! KDKA im sorry CBS took over and made your redesign your website…. IM not coming back…. saying with Post Gazette

    1. Ron says:

      Correct, this website is bad design. Old one was better

      1. MJ says:

        Totally agree! Soo much easier to find information on the old website. this new design is terrible!

  6. hc says:

    That blindside hit was obviously meant for what it accomplished. The hit by Victor was more normal. They should look at the hit by David. Those kind of hits can end careers.

  7. mike k. says:

    This new website is terrible !

  8. Dr. Dave says:

    Steckel’s hit was cheap and deserves suspension and retribution.

  9. Big Dave says:

    Even tho I don’t like Cindy Crosby I don’t like seeing any player get hurt, but I am glad the whole world got to see how much of a crybaby Crosby is during the Winter Classic and that the Penguins are poor sports in not shaking hands with the Caps after they lost the game.

    GO CAPS!!!

    1. Ilovethiscity says:

      Psst… guess what? The Winter Classic is over. Get over it. We did the next game.

      1. Andrew says:

        Ya ur right

    2. mark d says:

      Hey Big Dave, glad you dont like to see any player hurt that shows you are a knowledgeable fan. Im not sure about handshakes after game, could it possibly been due to the rain if not then as a Pens fan I must agree with u as far as being poor sports that night. Good luck to your Caps and I hope we meet up in the Playoffs. Huge Pens fan in Palm Beach Florida Mark

  10. Debbie says:

    Big Dave before you put someone down you should at least get their name right. It’s Sidney not Cindy. And by the way the Penquins beat the Caps when it counts. How many Cups does your Captain Have.

    GO PENS!!!!!

    1. Ilovethiscity says:

      Debbie, I guess you’re not in the world of hockey that much. That’s what fans of others teams call Crosby.

    2. mark d says:

      Debbie Good for you to stick up for Crosby. Other teams do call Sid Cindy and other not so flattering names but let them call him anything they want as long as he keeps leading our Pens to Cup Finals who cares what they say, and yes the Caps never get too far in the Playoffs so their fans dont have much to jaw about

  11. Andrew says:

    I feel bad for sid

  12. Big Dave says:

    mark d, you are a classy Pens fan. I don’t see too many of those at the Verizon Center in DC when the Pens play us.

    Debbie, I know his name is “Sidney” but he cries like a woman to the Refs and the league every time something does not go his way, so I called him “Cindy.” lol

    Mark my words, the Caps will be holding up the Stanley Cup very soon.

    GO CAPS!!!

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