“Drive Safe.ly” With New App

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Accidents can happen at any time; but texting while driving can dramatically increase those odds. Now a new app is promising to help stop distracted driving.

DriveSafe.ly reads text messages and emails aloud in real time and automatically responds — without drivers ever touching their cell phone.

Barry Baker uses the new app and he says he thinks there’s a definite benefit to it. “You can quickly make a decision what’s garbage and what’s not while focusing on driving safely,” Baker added.

Some say the application helps keeps drivers focused on the road; but not everyone is convinced that it’s the right solution.

“It still would be a distraction — listening to the email or text message,” Jim Tozza added, “and you want to reply.”

To learn more about the app, visit http://www.drivesafe.ly


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  1. GENERAL says:


    1. Oh yeah? says:

      Visit the website in this article you yard ape. Your Caps Lock is on as well, dummy.

  2. Marc says:

    If only they had this for the iPhone.

    1. Marc says:

      Yeah, we need this for the iPhone!!!!

  3. ron21juliet says:

    Somehow there’s this crazy notion that drivers can sensibly divert a huge block of concentration from the awsome responsibility of driving on our congested highways to engaging in distracting chatter via cell phone and/or text. “Hands free” is NOT “head- free” I just can’t imaging any messge so urgent that that the risks are justified. Put the phone on “stand-by” until you can get off the road to take care of your business. There are thousands of other drivers on the roads who want to get to their diestinations without a collision resulting from mindless distracted dirving. They have that RIGHT and is supplants your right to BS on the phone while driving!

    1. expittsburgh says:


  4. Sam says:

    How can texting or talking on your phone via voice be any more distracting than singing to a song on your radio or talking to the passengers in your car? I guess we should ban radios and passengers too…way too much of a distraction.

    1. expittsburgh says:

      Here’s how: http://perspect.siuc.edu/06_sp/car_talk.html One of many studies that shows more concentration is used when talking on a phone vs the same conversation in person.

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