Fake Press Release Angers Pittsburgh F.O.P.

By Ralph Iannotti

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The union representing Pittsburgh police officers is angry after someone sent press releases to local media outlets, saying that the union had withdrawn its support of three officers involved in a controversial police brutality case.

“They’ve stolen our trademark. Once we find out who they are, we will prosecute to the fullest extent,” Dan O’Hara, the president of the Fraternal Order of Police, told KDKA-TV.

In part, the bogus press release stated: “Miles’ injuries cannot be considered a byproduct of legitimate, professional police work, but that a crime was committed against an innocent young man.”

O’Hara said clearly someone thinks that they can manipulate the press, but their position has never changed – the F.O.P. backs the three officers 100 percent. The three officers have been on paid administrative leave since they confronted Jordan Miles on Tioga Street in Homewood last January.

They said they subdued Miles after he resisted arrest and they thought he had a gun. A weapon was never found. Miles said it was a clear case of police brutality.


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  1. Daniel says:

    I support these officers 100% as well. They should be given an award in my opinion. When a police officer says freeze you freeze…that simple. They had no way of knowing the bulge in his coat was Mountain Dew. They choose to work in a crime infested neighborhood to help rid the guns so the law abiding citizens of that neighborhood could live in peace. All Mr. Miles had to do was stop and be polite to the officers and this would have never happened. He resisted, he is at fault.

    1. cecilia coleman says:

      DANIEL SON, are you serious? YOU really fit your mouth to say its his fault, white cops and black men doesnt mix at all. You better believe them cops just raciail profile and attack tjhat young man for “PROBABLE CAUSE”’ meaning (probable cause ) he was BLACK……I KNOW YOU A WHITE MAN AND JUST CANT UNDERSTAND OR RELATED TO this stereotype.

      1. MUSHMOUTH says:

        Cecillia I cant understand your comment. Are you that DUMB or just that ignorant ?

      2. GIBBERISH says:

        huh da its be dat is what….

    2. Anna belle says:

      dan you couldnt be more on the money. I listened to the news today and heard people in the Hill complaint about the police not finding who robbed and shot a store owner..we need more good guys like these 3 cleaning up the streets

      1. truth says:

        the mountain dew bottle doesn’t exist

        they didn’t identify themselves as cops

        even if he had actually done something illegal, the beating he received was textbook excessive force

        these pigs belong in a cage

    3. LAUGHING says:


    4. Still LAUGHING says:


  2. Airdoc says:

    I sure hope the media didn’t fall for such an obvious fake! Gee, I wonder who could have sent this?

    1. tommy truth says:

      someone who just wants MONEY

  3. Daniel says:

    You know race played no part in this at all. These officers are not racist in any sense of the word. They are hard working pillars of our community who go out each day knowing good and well they may not return home to the families they love. And they do it for the good of our community. I think our Mayor and Director of Public Safety should go on TV and give full support to these brave men. Police sometimes make mistakes but in this instance they did not.

    1. Samantha Wallace says:

      They put the young man in the ICU. If this was in a whit e part of town would have been a whole different story. Get out of that bubble that you’re in and come to the real world.

      1. Wally says:

        Agreed the white part of town isnt a high crime area, this happened in homewood the deadliest area in the city

      2. 5cop says:


      3. samisdumb says:

        How many people got killed in Homewood last yr? More than you can count on both hands…that didn’t happen in another neighborhood….This is different than some kid walking in mt lebo

      4. tommy truth says:

        Kimy ..funny you read the news back here if you dont live here, either ur a liar and live here or your a family member of jordan

  4. Les Nesman says:

    It’s a good thing the press release didn’t show up on Marty Griffins computer, he would have broken into Dr Phil to be the first and Only reporter to bring the wrong news!

  5. Bill says:

    Daniel – what evidence do you have that the officers arent racist? None? Thats what i thought.

    Jordan’s account of the events is drastically different than the officers and he passed a polygraph. According to him, they never identified themselves, let alone said ‘freeze.’ The pulled up in unmarked vehicle and told him to approach the hood. This kid is no thug, it makes perfect sense he ran assuming the worst.

    By their own admission the officers stopped the kid for nothing more than walking with a bulge in his jacket. Got news for you, cops are not legally allowed to stop citizens simply because they have a hunch.

    I dont know for certain what happened but I saw the pictures of the kid after the incident and there is no way the beating was justified. No way that kid, after being tased no less, could resist three large, hand-to-hand combat trained cops. Look at the picture, he looks like the freakin Elephant Man for crying out loud!

    As for the FOP stating they will seek to prosecute the author of the fake press release, afraid they dont have a leg to stand on either. Its a damned shame our police force isnt even aware of the laws they are supposed to protect.

    1. Undacuva says:

      Yeah you’re right Bill. Jordan fled from the three white guys because he assumed the worst due to the recent rash of white on black violence that occurs daily in Homewood. Everyday I turn on the news and hear about these roving gangs of violent white guys gunning down black dudes in Homewood over drug turf. You’re a freakin’ moron.
      Four year old kids in Homewood know the unmarked police cars. Miles knew who they were. And by the way you mental midget, cops ARE allowed to stop you in a high crime area if you’re hiding in a dark area next to a house, especially if you have a large bulge in your jacket. Why were you hiding beside that house Jordan? Huh? Tell the truth!
      As for the pictures: I would suggest to anyone that if you kick a cop and hyper extend his knee, make sure he’s not fast, strong and backed up by two other guys who are fast and strong. You’ll probably lose that battle.
      If Miles had simply listened to the directions of the cops, this debate would not be news. So who’s at fault?

      1. John says:

        Gangs of white guys in homewood are on the news everyday killing someone…they must be stopped.

      2. Kristen Klingensmith says:

        explain this black guys kill black guys everyday in homewood and no one cares, but a white guy punches a black guy who he thinks has a gun and people come out of the wood work……how does this make sense?

      3. IDIOT says:

        I saw just the other day a gang of white guys in homewood killed a bunch of people and got back in their rocket and flew away

      4. Dan says:

        Amen undacover

      5. Nonsense says:

        These 3 cops must have been ex pro athletes on body enhancing drugs looking to defend their TURF

      6. kimy says:

        I’am so glad that I moved away from your racist city.I was born in Pittsburgh.But it is a disgusting place to live.People in other parts of the country have no idea how terrible this city is for black people.White people commit crimes just like black people do.In Pittsburgh certain people judge other people because of where they live.Not everyone that lives in Homewood is a criminal.Pittsburgh you need to get your racist belief out of the past.

      7. kimy says:

        I’am so glad that I moved away from your racist city.I was born in Pittsburgh.But it is a disgusting place to live.People in other parts of the country have no idea how terrible this city is for black people.White people commit crimes just like black people do.In Pittsburgh certain people judge other people because of where they live.Not everyone that lives in Homewood is a criminal.Pittsburgh you need to get your racist beliefs out of the past.

    2. Daniel says:

      I do know that these officers are not racist…100% sure of that. And yes officers can stop you if they suspect you have a weapon and are in a high crime area. Or suspect you of ANY criminal act. These officers stopped many people looking for guns. Some had guns others did not. But they complied with the command to stop. He simply should have stopped, kept his hands at his side and advised he had Mountain Dew in the pocket. He would have been searched and let go. Miles brought this on himself.

  6. Dan says:

    Bill all 3 officers passed polygraphs. You need to get your facts straight. If you believe that kid”who dropped out of college” your a fool!

  7. Tommy truth says:

    Bill must be JorDans missing father

  8. Darren says:

    Daniel if you were walking in Homewood at 11 p.m. and three large men who weren’t wearing police uniforms jumped out of a car and started coming after you, don’t tell me you would have stopped. You would have run for your life. What if it was three black dudes wearing street clothes and they started chasing your wife/daughter at night, would you want them to stop? Stop and ask to see a badge? Cops in plainclothes are INTENTIONALLY disguising themselves as ordinary citizens. The whole point is so people can’t tell that they are cops. Yet they seem to think that people perceive them to be cops when they start chasing somebody.

    1. Mike says:

      Who walks around homewood at 11 pm? I wouldn’t go anywhere near there Darren

      1. Factfinder says:

        Mike, killers and drug dealers walk around Homewood at 11 pm at night. That’s who does…

      2. plah says:

        maybe people who live there? just a hunch.

  9. Darren says:

    Big difference if Jordan Miles ran from a uniformed officer. But these cops were purposely dressed to look like any other thug.

    My kids know what an officer’s uniform looks like and what a police car looks like, and they know that they are obligated to obey and respect police officers. I never thought they would have to stop and comply with any greaseball who simply yells that he’s a cop, but in the City of Pittsburgh, that apparently is what is expected of honest citizens.

  10. Darren says:

    Plainclothes and undercover officers are for evidence gathering. They should not be doing things like making traffic stops, questioning people on the street, or making routine arrests.

    1. LIES says:

      Plainclothes cops DO NOT GATHER evidence.
      I think the rhetoric coming from the poeple of Homewwod is amusing. It’s a repeating circle of nonsense.
      1. “The police aren’t doing anything about the violence (black on black) in homewood!”
      2. The police send out 3 young, fast, strong guys who began making many many gun arrests. Violent crime and shootings decrease.
      3. “Why are they stopping my kid? He doesn’t carry a gun!” Yes. Your son carries a gun.
      4. “Why did Jordan get beaten? I want to put the cops in jail.”
      5. Crime and shootings go back up.
      6. “The damn police aren’t doing anything about all the violence in Homewood!”
      7. Zone 5 Commander: “I need 3 volunteers to work plainclothes and attack the violent crime and shootings in Homewood. Again.”
      8. Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

      1. Dan says:

        How true, you forgot to add a march while regular people are working

      2. Sandy says:

        funny but true

      3. Firefighter says:

        Im surprised you cops do anything after this. We wouldn’t…We stick together

      4. kimy says:

        He was one person,he was a young kid.They were three large men,they did not need to beat him like that to restrain him.What is wrong with you.Oh by the way I am not from HomewoodI am from Georgia!

      5. SUZ says:

        kimy police dont restrain people, funny you read the news here if you dont live here. I’d bet either you live here or one of jordans family members

    2. Tv fan says:

      Gathering evidence? Thats what CSI is for they have a TV show on it, undercover is a different show, they certainly don’t gather evidence.

    3. Gatherman says:

      Darren, do you hunt or gather? that was the stupidest comment I have ever heard.

    4. Deez nuts says:


  11. Darren says:

    For good measure Jordan Miles had hair ripped out of his scalp. Please tell me, when did men start pulling hair when they fight?

    1. Amanda Beck says:

      His mom shaved his head, If his hair was pulled his scalp would have come out. I’m a nurse I know!

    2. nonbiased says:

      Darren are you related to jordan? did you send the email?

  12. Samantha Wallace says:

    The boy was in intensive care. Does that sound like subduing to u? That is not good police work. The ones that have the guns dont get that kind of treatment. Dont want to bring the race issue up, but it is pretty evident. Even if they do support the awful officers , they need to be ashamed.

    1. LIES says:

      Wrong. He was not in intensive care.

    2. 5cop says:

      He never was in intensive care, he got cleared from west Penn in 10 min

    3. Steven Stein says:

      I saw a white guy fight the police at a steeler game and he got his ass kicked, it has nothing to do with race if you fight the police

  13. Tony Rosa says:

    Samantha people who fight the police all get treated the same, sorry if you think someone should get special treatment because of their color.

  14. Daniel says:

    Tony Rosa is right on here. You either comply with the police or you lose. That is what happens. To the people on here who think this happened to him because of skin color they are the racist ones.

  15. U DONT SAY says:


    1. 5cop says:

      does the man your holding down have a GUN?

    2. PGHforever says:

      Have you ever been in a fight for your life, against someone you think has a gun? Pretty easy to judge from the cheap seats

    3. 5cop says:

      ur right its wasnt a black or white issue

    4. blacknblue says:

      U dont fight the police, thats stupid….some kid thought he wouldn’t listen, take a few shots at some cops and run away? Not going to happen

  16. Steelersfan says:

    I find it hard to believe that three grown men can’t subdue a teenager! The beating that Jordan took is a disgrace to the police officers that do their job correctly. It would be a disgrace to Jordan and his family that these officers can get away with this kind of abuse. Just because an area where you live is bad doesn’t mean you are a criminal. The police do alot of stereotyping. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover because you could really enjoy the reading inside. I am waiting to hear a decision on this terrible crime…or are they
    hoping if they keep it quiet long enough everyone will forget what horrific
    things these officers have done.

    1. 5cop says:

      You just judged a book by its cover, you dont know the facts of the case, and uyou are not a cop or you wouldnt have said this. Learn the laws

  17. Darren says:

    I can’t tell the difference between a plainclothes cop and a regular person on the street. I guess some people on here are able to spot them quite easily.

    1. Big Tony says:

      I can spot a IDIOT…LOOK Darren is one!

    2. Goodcop says:

      you can when they show you a badge and tell you they are the police

  18. bruceUSA says:

    Where’s GORT at times like these??? I wish we had robots running the “law and order” around here!! First sign of violence regarless of color, creed, or race, zzzzzap – boom – your toast. No questions, no brutality, nothing !! You got violent you went away permanantly. BY – By !!

  19. Darren says:

    There is a lot of “if you run from the cops, you get what you deserve” rhetoric here. My question is that when an officer is in plainclothes, how am I supposed to figure that he is a cop? Because it’s not illegal to run from people who aren’t police officers. And it’s not a law that you have to stop and engage in conversation with people who aren’t police officers.

    If police officers are purposely dressed to make themselves indistinguishable from ordinary citizens, how is an ordinary citizen supposed to know that the person who appears to be some random guy off the street is really a cop?

    1. Dan says:

      because they stated they were police, your just not listening to reason

  20. EXGRUNT says:

    I worked with one of these guys as a security contractor during plan columbia in 1999 for president Pastrana, and I assure you you don”t want to get on his wrong side. Imagine the worst things you have ever seen the military do and then think about a guy who was hired to do worse than them because he has no accountability to the US military

    1. MoBe says:

      No accountability even to himself.

  21. Steelerfan says:

    5cop – you’re right i’m not a cop but I know brutality when i see it. The bottom line is there were three police and one youth. Who gives them the right to cause that much bodily injury to a human being. They’re supposed to be so good at their job….does that include beating people up and pulling their hair out. With their training they should be able to apprehend without trying to kill someone. The youth did not fire a weapon at them. I’m glad you’re not a cop in my community. My opinion is that police think because they are in a neighborhood where crime is high they can go in and do whatever they please. No one can change my mind about that after I saw what that kid looked like. Hope that never happens to your child or any other child again. P.S. I didn’t see beat up cops in the media or newspaper that day.

  22. Cityemployee says:

    One officer was punched, and another was hospitalized during the fight, Jordan had nothing but swelling

  23. justiceforjordan says:

    Pressing charges for what?These maniacs that rep our police force are being compensated on admin leave for beating up a kid. I guess they need to re-up funds to compensate for the next time another cop loses his cool.what idiots.

    1. Ghettospyder says:

      He was 18 and is a adult…duh most 18 yr olds In This neighborhood are killing people…that’s a fact…should we just let criminals do what they want? Then all you stupid people from homewood complain and say the police are doing nothing. You people are never happy ..go eat a fat piece of government cheese and shut up

  24. Daniel says:

    Decent law abiding citizens support our men and women in law enforcement. Criminals do not…that simple.

  25. Daniel says:

    At least 100 other people have been stopped by these same officers and did not run nor resist. They did not punch those people. Then again those people obeyed the lawful order of the police. They stopped and complied. Do you expect these officers to say “excuse me but do you have a gun”? They have to assume the person has a gun and will shoot them with it. The officers deserve to return home at night to wives and children just like the rest of us.

  26. WAKE UP says:

    Steelerfan, it is a common misconception that arresting and handcuffing a person who does not want to be handcuffed is easy. Even for 3 strong guys. It isn’t. Especially after being kicked as hard as one of the detectives was kicked. As for the hair pulling thing, the hair was cut off at the hospital so the doctor could better see the scalp. That is a fact.
    Oh, by the way: I have seen plenty of beat up cops. That’s why cops react with force quickly. So they don’t end up beat up. Were you commenting on here when the female cop was almost killed ion the Northside? Or when the animal tried to kill the other female cop in Zone 4 while she was trying to arrest him for an armed robbery? Were you on here commenting about how tragic and disgusting these acts by these criminals were?

  27. Daniel says:

    The crime here is kicking a police officer as hard as Jordan Miles did and not having to do hard time. He is the criminal here, not these three stellar officers. It would be so nice to hear our city officials stand up and support these officers.

  28. The truth says:

    If you were a person 100 miles from Pittsburgh and living in a cave from birth and all the information you had was from the Jordan Miles supporters. Well you would come to the conclusion that all of Homewood’s problems are entirely the result of Pittsburgh Police. Never mind the murders, robberies and open drug sales; it is all the police’s fault. Don’t even think it is because their is NO accountability in this community. Have 5 kids with 5 different people, go to the club every weekend and most importantly carry your access card with pride. Just go complain and hold up that big race card because you can’t do it on your own. “I’m just keepin it real yo”.

    1. so true says:

      Thats as REAL and TRUE as it gets

    2. God says:

      your just wasting the flesh your moms fat a$$ gave you. How about I make you carry your nuts with pride in your mouth.

  29. Jessie says:

    This is why websites should stop enabling people to post their stupid, hateful opinions behind the anonymity of the internet.

  30. Jason says:

    Pittsburgh police are now officially allowed to gang up on any civilian, brutally beat them and not be charged for any federal violation. This is a frightening development in our city’s legal system, but according to a recent case, is already in effect.

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