Graham Headed To Pitt?

By Mike Vukovcan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA-TV) — It sounds like Pitt may just have a new head football coach.

While a spokesperson for the University of Pittsburgh would not confirm the report late this afternoon, Tulsa’s NewsChannel 8 is now reporting that Tulsa Golden Hurricane head coach Todd Graham has accepted the Panthers head coaching job.

Pitt was highly interested in Graham prior to hiring former coach Michael Haywood.

Sources have said that Pitt offered Graham the job; but that he had to accept it by tonight.

Again, the University of Pittsburgh has not released a statement confirming this report.

Stay with KDKA for more on this developing story

  • JW

    The fact that he’s going back to Tulsa to give them a chance to counter offer should speak VOLUMES!!! If he comes to Pitt and is successful, he’ll be gone in 3-5 years tops.

    • lagerhead953

      Let me talk to my sales manager. What would it take to put you in this job today.Smiley Pederson and Todd Graham are a match made in hell……..

  • Brother Rhaan

    Another egotistical maniac.

  • JK

    As if Pitt has options

  • fgjr

    Maybe he has to check with his babies mama.

  • Pederson Sucks

    Why doesn’t Pederson just coach the team too
    He would have to be a better coach than he is as an AD

  • chance

    I think he should accept/reject PITT’s offer without sleazy horse trading. Sounds like a car salesman….TACKY!

  • jason k

    graham is all about the big payday and does not care at all about pitt football

  • Ron Cook

    Why does every one think I’m a bigger idiot han Marty Griffin?

    • bugsbeagle

      Because you are

  • JW

    The minute he said he was going back to Tulsa to see if there would be a counter offer, Pederson should have grown a set and pulled the offer.

  • Harry P Ness

    Don’t worry Ron, Mart has that Idiot title wrpped up, your #2 on the list.

  • marty

    I still say Jamie Dixon could coach both teams

  • Pittster

    I thought it was Tom Bradley?. hahahaha

  • Scott

    Counter offer? Wow he’s really interested bad hire if they do it. write down.

  • Tom G

    I think it’s a big, no huge mistake that Pitt won’t get Bradley. The job he did at Penn State speaks volumes for the man to be the next coach at Pitt.

  • Brad

    Folks .. Relax!

    It’s a negotiation ploy. Can anyone really blame him for trying to get out more cash? Who wouldn’t? If all of your next employer’s allowed you the power of negotiation and your old job wanted you, wouldn’t you check with them too? Wow really folks? Don’t hate on the man because he is making a ton more money than any of us.

    Now that I think of it.. Who’s fault is it these coaches get paid what they do? Ours. We buy the tickets, we watch them on tv, we buy the sponsors product.

    Folks, college football has ceased to be a sport and has become a business. Why else do you think there is no playoff system? It’s not because of the bowls. The bowls wouldn’t be effected, except 4, orange, rose, sugar and fiesta. Espn, ABC And NBC are the reasons there is no playoff. Televising rights . It’s a business decision all the way across the board, all the coaches do it, quit complaining and welcome Coach Graham into the university

  • Jeff

    Where’s Brad at today? He was all over these message boards the last few days, anti-Bradley.

    Brad – you better up your ante to Pitt to support this clown’s contract.

    • Brad

      Ummmm right above u

      • Brad's Life Partner Terrance

        that came off a tad gay

  • St8tr4life

    Loves the fact that Pedersen is too stupid and hateful to hire a man that will be there for a long time, will bring stability to the program just because he is a Penn State man.

    You get what you deserve with this guy in charge Pitt. Within four years you will be loooking again,

  • Randy T

    Fire Pederson!
    Hire Bradley!
    Come on Golden Pantehrs Where are YOU!?

  • Tony


    Give me facts as to why this guy is, or is expected to be a good fit?

  • Joe T

    Bradley’s in Connecticut begging for someone to hire him so he can get away from JoePa. I don’t have a problem with Graham going back to Tulsa. If Rodriguez had done that to WVU there wouldn’t have been all the hatred.

  • Bob T.

    Fire Pederson, who should not have been rehired in the first place and make Dave W. the AD. Then hire a Pitt alumni – they are the only ones that may stay here if they have success – Sal Sunseri comes to mind.

    • Pghtomkat

      If you ever met Sal Sunseri you would not be saying he’s Head Coach material.
      Do the words “Dumber than a Brick” mena anything to you?
      Sal’s lucky he can walk and chew gum at the same time; let alone lead a football team

  • PK

    Bradley is local boy – and had lead Penn State many years
    Why OH Why is this such a big decision. I think Pederson should NOT
    pick – he’s obviously swayed against Bradley or is it personal.

  • St8tr4life

    Advice for Tom Bradley. When this guy leaves in the next few years for the “next great opportunity”. Turn PITT down.

  • RoccoRisetti

    What a total zoo for a once proud program. I’m surprised anyone wants to come here after the last few weeks have proven there is no intelligent leadership in the current Pitt universe. It’s time to clean house starting at the top.

  • honz

    You have to be kidding me!!! You can’t see that this is all about the MONEY. He will turn Pitt down when Tulsa offers more money.

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