Police: Mother Left Kids Home Alone

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local mother is facing charges for allegedly leaving five young children under the age of 7 home alone.

Sharon Trembulak, 33, is facing five counts of endangering the welfare of children after officers found the children ages 1, 3, 4 and 7-year-old twins alone in a Lawrenceville home early this morning.

She told police she left her kids alone for only 15 minutes Sunday night, but officers say they got a different story from the children.

Neighbors say Trembulak appears to be a good mom.

“I think she’s a very nice lady and the children are very polite and they come out and they say, ‘Hello. Good morning,’” Bob Fennessy, her next-door neighbor, said.

One of the twins answered the door at midnight and told police their mom went out at 10 p.m. The youngest were asleep and the twins were watching TV.

Trembulak turned up after officers used her cell phone to contact her. She told them she was just picking up her boyfriend at a pizza shop at 45th and Butler Streets.

“Sometimes she has all the children with her and sometimes she goes out by herself and as far as I know, she’s had a number of babysitters,” Fennessy said.

Trembulak was arraigned and released on her on recognizance. Her five children have been placed in the care of a family member.


One Comment

  1. Mr Soho says:

    Looks like she might have been out picking up a Hoagie for herself. Where’s the father of all those kids and why is she collecting welfare instead of child support. Pure white trash beating the system.

    1. 87penschick says:

      wow, arent you judgemental—assuming she is on welfare and using the system. pretty harsh comments calling her white trash—takes one to know one Mr. Soho

      1. FW says:

        I didn’t see anywhere in the article that stated she was on state assistance/welfare.

      2. Mr Soho says:

        But I’m Black, its OK to defend your sister # 87

    2. Pack24 says:

      Normally I don’t care to reply to comments that are just plain stupid, but given that I know this situation and I know what is going on- I refuse to keep my mouth shut. For the record, she is collecting a HUGE child support check each month from the father. He has been fighting for over a year to gain custody of the children. The children have told their father they are left home a lot. He has told the courts, however, they say with no proof there is nothing they can do. All he gets is every other weekend with them. He’s trying and has been fighting for these children for a long time. The court system should be ashamed of themselves for letting this get to this point. For the person who called the police, thank you.

      For the rest of you…if you have no idea what’s really going on…keep the comments to yourself. You should know better as well.

  2. Betsy says:

    Where does it say she is collecting welfare?

  3. Ryan says:

    This woman is disgusting. Please, do not defend this kind of neglect. There is NO excuse. Quit popping out kids if your are too dumb to take care of them.

    1. The Chosen One says:

      agree Ryan 100%

  4. The Chosen One says:

    Why would u leave a 1 yr old alone also?what is wrong with people these days, do they not think. wonder who called the cops on this lady? Regardless she deserves some type of punishment, dont have 5 kids if u cant take care of them.

  5. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Her MAMA and PAPA must be sooo proud!

  6. will g says:

    i hope shw was out buying cream for that turkey neck

    1. HAR HAR says:


    2. TIMSTER says:

      They delivered the cream in a drum on a dolly. Only thing is, she ate it instead of using it on her acerage of a neck!!

  7. LK says:

    Idiots… my sister and her husband would love to have kids! They are hard working, have lots of room and good jobs. Take kids away from the trash and put them with good families.

  8. CYS says:

    The kids are lucky she didn’t come back, now they might be raised by a family that can’t have 5 kids in 7 years!

  9. June Cleaer says:

    Who made 5 babies with her and who would be her boyfriend?

    1. Chunk says:

      Sloth from the Goonies

    2. TIMSTER says:

      Abolish alcohol quickly!!!!!
      There isn’t enough of it to make this one look good!!!!!

  10. tenten says:

    why does everyone just assume she is on assistance? I also think that it is a low blow to talk about looks… you sound like a bunch of winners yourselves.

  11. white power says:

    33???? She looks like she is 50

  12. febbigdaddy says:

    wow i realy dont believe she did that i know her used work with her back in the day but i would never think she would do something like this

    1. TIMSTER says:

      Nice grammar USED, try “use to”. And yes, she did this. Where is the kids dad?
      Or should I say daddies?

      1. CW says:

        If you are going to be so trivial as to comment on someone’s grammar, perhaps you should take a look at your own. It would be “used to” and “Where ARE the kids’ dad?”

  13. sheena says:

    So many comments and no one really knows whats going on. You dont know the story so you go for the childish thing of picking on looks. I can tell you are a bunch of intelligent people, after all you live in pgh. I can see a lapse in judgement but im sure you are all perfect and come from bright families. Just believe the media so you dont have to think for yourselves.

  14. Nicole says:

    I don’t care what she looks like or where she’s from there is No excuse for leaving children home alone! There are so many good people who would love to have kids of their own how dare this woman abuse the best privilege in the world of having kids! No sympathy for her!

    1. TIMSTER says:

      You go girl. I couldn’t agree more.
      This is the time she got caught, how many times this LOSER did it, nobody knows.

  15. unreal says:

    No excuse for leaving them alone and I know the story. it does not matter if it was only five minutes. They are with there dad and should be. Leaving your children is not acceptable. Esp for a guy who is using you for your child support money.

  16. Ace Slick says:

    So she left her little demons and future car thieves home alone for a few hours and nothing happened? They slept and watched TV?

    And this is news? Must have been a pretty slow day in Lawrenceville and on KDKA.

    Don’t worry, we’ll get an inch of snow. That should be good for some exciting headlines.

    1. TIMSTER says:

      Quick, head to the stores and buy toilet paper!!!!!!
      KDKA will be there at the store with “BREAKING NEWS”

  17. superfine says:

    I’m not sure what most of you are angry about. Are you mad because she is not attractive to YOU? Or are you mad that YOU THINK she is on welfare?? Neither of which have anything to do with this story. And IF she is on welfare that makes her little innocent babies DEMONS and future car theives?? Maybe you all need to look in the mirror and better yourselves before you make comments on others. I can bet you all have room for improvment.

  18. noneya says:

    PS- They all have the same dad that hasnt been part of their life much at all. He chose other women than being a dad. She is a single mom who just started getting child support and has a job and loves her kids. There was a roomate there who was staying rent free for months. He decided to leave because she asked for rent and waited for her to leave. So the sitter was there but totally left and called this “anonymous” tip in to get even. What a low-life. thanks gay BOB!!

    1. Pack24 says:

      You are so wrong! You again, only hear what you want to hear. The father has been fighting for the kids. If she loves her kids she should have known better than to leave them by themselves. Why are 7 year olds up at midnight on a school night. But ok, take the mom’s side…she only left the 5 babies home by themselves.

  19. NYOB says:

    And you know all of this how…?

  20. Pack24 says:

    Because I know the father. I know what he’s been fighting for and I know how long he’s been fighting. I don’t care what she looks like…that’s completely irrelevant. They are both single parents…one is trying to give the kids a better life…the other one leaves the kids by themselves to go play with the boyfriend.

  21. noneya says:

    So take the fathers side? arent you complaining people taking the mothers and you are doing the same for the father> you must be the Sl&t who cheated with him, He hasnt been there for the kids really ever. He didnt meet his twins until they were like 1 or 2. He only wanted the kids to get back at Sharon, but he LOST. He has them temporarily but not full yet. Oh yes he loves the kids so much his MOM has them now, not him who lives in a 1 BR apt. Oh and yes he left his 5 kids too to be with another sleeze. lets see how many more babies he will make. than leave, haha

  22. sheena smith says:

    It is not really appropriate for parents to leave their kids at home alone. I am a parent and I always after the welfare of my kids because we wouldn’t know what our kids could have done if they are left unattended. Honestly speaking I used to leave my son at home alone when the time that I am still looking for nannies. However, I never felt anxious that time because I registered him to SafeKidZone. It has mobile security application that enables my kids to summon help from family and friends and with direct access to the nearest 911 during emergency situation. For one-click emergency alert check out http://safekidzone.com/

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