“Significant Snowfall” Heading Our Way

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A few flurries won’t amount to much today; but a major winter storm is heading our way and it is expected to bring “significant snowfall” to the region.

Western Pennsylvania will be under a winter storm watch beginning tomorrow morning and into Wednesday.

According to the National Weather Service, a winter storm watch means there is a potential for significant snow, sleet or ice accumulations that may impact travel.

KDKA Meteorologist Dennis Bowman says we can expect the first flakes to start falling late Tuesday morning around the Pittsburgh area.

He’s predicting that we will see between two- to four-inches of accumulation by the afternoon rush hour; and another inch or so of snow into Wednesday morning.

Some parts of the area could see blowing and drifting snow.

The flakes will begin to taper off late Wednesday; but some light lake effect snow is still expected to fall into Thursday.

As the system heads towards the mid-Atlantic Seaboard, parts of Greater New York and New England will likely see what Dennis describes as a “disrupting snowfall” with a number of flight delays.

  • The Chosen One

    Its only January and Im sick of snow already

    • Vettegirl1

      I left SoCal for this?? @#$%!

  • reggie

    two to four inches is not “significant.” For an area that sees a lot of snow each year, people sure do get all frantic whenever there is a dusting on the road.

    • Snowlover

      I agree with this ^ “Significant snow” is classified as 6 inches or more. Also the winter storm watch from noaa is saying 6 inches or greater is possible from this storm. It is high ratio snow heading toward the burgh

    • B.

      you’re so right!!!

    • Steelers Fan

      “Significant snow” is more like 5-8 inches.

      • snow bunny

        that is what I am talking about.. I bought a 4×4.. LET it snow..

  • Jack

    Great, now all the old blue hairs will flood the grocery stores like it’s 1945 again and they won’t be able to leave their houses for weeks.

    • Janice

      Better stock up on bread, milk and toilet paper while there’s still some to be had!

      • Dave

        Boy, did you hit that Pittsburgh nail square on the head! Terrific!

    • kasxyz


  • Barbara Murawski


  • Kevin

    I agree with reggie. 2 to 4 is little more than a dusting. “Significant” to me would be 12 inches plus. There’s more snow removal equipment and more 4 wheel and alll wheel drive vehicles on the roads but it seems that with every dusting people want to panic.

  • Kelly

    @ reggie. You know why people get frantic even when there is a dusting on the road? It’s because even with a LIGHT snowfall , the roads become dangerous and slick…nothing wrong with being cautions. I think the snow fall is significant NOT because of the amount of snow, but because how fast it’s going to fall.

  • John Koval

    I work 3-11 shifts at a local hospital and the night staff ALWAYS calls of when it snows a few inches and I ALWAYS get mandated to work a double shift. Finally my manager is making the security go and pick these people up. It happened last winter with that 2ft of snow. I bet I worked four or five double shifts. Not this year… Thank You new manager!

    • hates it

      clap on .. clap off.. clap on clap off. the new manager. will get his day..

  • Jen

    Kelly must be one of those people who drives 5 mph when there’s a light snowfall! Come on!!! you live in an area that has a good bit of snow every winter!! It’s one thing to be cautious, but to freak out over a few inches is just rediculous!

    • Joan

      Another person who thinks they are more powerful than mother nature. Probably drive an SUV, like the ones I always see in the ditch, an amateur rookie who never actually drove through a REAL ‘few inches of snow’ because our ROAD CREWS make sure it doesnt happen! Hope I dont have to be on the road with you Jen! I’ll be reading about you in the papers I imagine, in the ‘Police’ section….

  • Dave

    C’mon Dennis,,,,,,,this is Pittsburgh, 2-4 is like an appetizer!

  • pens fan

    They haven’t gotten a forecast right in years. Whatever comes, it won’t be what they predicted and of course they won’t mention that they were wrong. Always the “computer models.” Ha, put trygar on. He always makes it sound like the world is coming to an end. We are better off looking out our windows for a weather forecast.

    • Justin Gilles

      I can not agree with you more. I woudl respect any station that says yes we blew that call for 6 inches of snow and only got an inch instead of saying o wow did we ever get lucky.. no we did not you caused a panic at every store in the area and every school cause you where wrong so no thats not luck just admit it you have not idea how much just say its going to snow maybe a little or maybe alot i just dont know

  • Scare me more --- Please

    It is so irritating that the news tries to get everyone worked up over any little thing they can. Calling 2 – 4 inches of snow “significant” is pathetic. Why don’t they just report what is happening rather trying to scare people.

    I agree with Pens Fan, they never get the forecast correct. I’m a teacher and I tell my students that they should go to school to be a meteorologist. What other job can you be wrong 90% of the time and continue to retain your job? If 90% of what I teach was wrong, I would be fired within a week.

  • ron21juliet

    Hey, people! Damage to vehicles is EXPENSIVE, and injuries to occupants are MUCH more so. With so many more cars on the roads now, it behooves each and everyone to take the hazard warnings seriously. No, there is no need to panic, but let’s drop the cavalier attitudes and replace them with sensibility on the highways. We all want to get home every day as soon as we can, but no one wants to bring home a wreck!

  • john

    snow in pittsburgh ..i agree ..tell us …. dont lead the news ….. at the rate we are going children will never go to school ….. its ridiculous

  • Joan

    boy oh boy! aren’t most a ya holier than the rest of us with your winter super powers? LOL! If you didnt have meteorologists to pick on, then what would you do for fun?! We are LUCKY to have GREAT ROAD CREWS PEOPLE! Thats why winter here is liveable! If all the snow dumps at once, its in fact very dangerous so we need some heads up. Teachers dissing the profession to their students – thats just wrong. Yeah, so weather predicting isnt always perfect but its mostly right. YOU TOO have all the scientific facts available so make your own predictions and see how YOU DO!

  • only snow

    Wow, I didn’t realize Pittsburghers were such whiny babies. Calm down here is your baba.

    • Jase


    • Joan

      If you dont drive here ‘only snow’, how can you call people names? Your lack of education and maturity shows. We have EXCELLENT ROAD CREWS so theres a percentage of spoiled clueless ‘its all about me’ people who disregard just when it is dangerous to drive and then do risky things that cause danger to EVERYONE ELSE. How much snow means nothing around here – its all about timing. However good they are, the road crews can’t be everywhere every second, especially when it dumps a snow squall, visibility is rotten and ice is prevalent too. Get some physics education and quite pretending you’re more powerful than mother nature. oh what a waste of time…I’ll wave at you IF you come to town and you’re in the ditch…. LOL!

      • only snow

        Get some physics education and “quite” pretending you’re more powerful than mother nature.

        ha ha. Get some spelling education, and stop being such a worry wart. I am from Pittsburgh. I guess the Pittsburghers I interact with aren’t such babies. I think you would do better living in NY. shhhh shhhhh, its ok, here is your bottle. Time to take your nap.

  • db

    I can see maybe some people might be low on some food, but what’s up with the toilet paper thing.

    • Steelers Fan

      I don’t get it either.

    • Mary

      I think it’s because all people from Pittsburgh can sense an oncoming storm and it has a direct effect on their colon.

  • christopheriacovino

    Historically this area avg seasonl snowfall is 35 in . therefore 6-8 is significant but not impressive

  • Eric B.

    I think the reason why some people are frantic about the snow is that they know that the road crews may not get to their area until much later, if at all. Personally I’m not looking forward to it as I have performance tires & need to save up to get snow tires. At least I have the ability to do my work from home though.

  • Tim from Upper St Clair

    Bring back Kudzma – I remember when he prdicted the big snow storm in ’71 ! all of the current weather persons are chumps. I agree with Pensfan – just look at window to get forecast.

    P.S. I have to go now to get milk and bread!!

  • Shriflon

    @ Jen Please know what you are talking about before you post. Being completely irrelevant and saying “Kelly drives 5mph when it snows” and then later saying “it’s one thing to be cautious” just destroyed your whole point and statement. @ Pens Fan- How do you think they get the information to make their forecasts? The MODELS. While it isn’t right to put full blame on the models, it is not all the Meteorologist’s fault. @ Reggie- You and many others overanalyze the word “Significant”. It is not about snow totals in any way. For example: 1-2 inches in northern Florida would be classified as a significant snow. Ron21 has basically summed everything to point.

  • moeman

    I agree with pens fan. These forcasters are a bunch of clowns. I wish I could earn a living making mistakes all the time.

  • Marc

    Just another way for the media to excite all the people of Pittsburgh. 2-4 inches is not “significant.” I would consider 8 inches “significant.” I honestly don’t even believe the weatherman anymore. For all we know, we could wake up to 2 feet of a snow tomorrow. Instead of getting the people all excited, why don’t you just say that it’s going to be a normal snowfall. Make sure everyone stocks up on bread, milk , and toilet paper. This is going to be a “significant” storm my fellow people of Pittsburgh. :)

  • Dee

    If you all remember they were only calling for 8″ when we got our two feet. It is all a guessing game and only Mother Nature knows the truth.

  • gary

    Why dont they just come out and say it, This weather forcast is brought to you by Giant Eagle where they have all the toilet paper you could need during this winter storm,

  • Joe T

    Does anyone know how many rolls of toilet paper you can fit into a Ford Exploer?

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