State Rep. Wants To Abolish Turnpike Commission

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Here’s an idea: Let’s abolish the Turnpike Commission and merge its functions into PennDOT.  That’s the idea coming from State Rep .Jim Christiana of Beaver.  Could it happen with a GOP-controlled House, Senate and a Republican governor? Rose and Paul talked with the representative on the KDKA Afternoon News about his plans.

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One Comment

  1. cj says:

    Sounds like a good idea to me..anything to reduce operating costs.

  2. Joseph Puskar says:

    awesome idea….state tax revenue from gas is supposed to support road in pa. abolish turnpike and take the booths down.

  3. NO MORE TOLLS says:

    YES YES YES!!! Get rid of the toll road nazis! I’m so tired of the ever increasing toll rates. I would support them if the roadway was in way better shape and we had more choices in the food services at the plazas, along with about 2-3 more of them at closer mileage intervals. I scoffed at finding out today the rate for Breezewood to Cranberry went up $1.05, literally highway robbery.

    +1 for abolition of toll booths!!

  4. Dr Michael says:

    There is some merit to turining over the Turnpike to PENDOT. However th gasoline taxes could easily triple and put more of a burden on us, even the ones like me who rarely use the Turnpike. Either way it be the motorists who will pay through the nose for this one too.

    1. JOHN W. BEECH says:

      Penn dot has try to get there hands on this money for a long time. If penn dot gets this money they will burn it up. . All interstate roads need to be toll road this will send more money to local pendot roads and bridges programs. The traffic on interstate 80 & 79 is all out of state traffic. This should be toll and BE governed by penn dot. Leave the turnpike commission intacked. Aslo by tolling interstate 80&70 will bring job to a depressed area.. set a toLL of at least $2.00 forevey 100 traveled. give a electronic TICKETS or scam there lienes number and send the a bill by mail

      Sensor construction Inspector
      Jbeech retired 2008

  5. NO Way says:

    Give PennDOT the Turnpike? Why – so they can turn it into a pot hole filled mess like the rest of the roads in this state?

  6. John Testa says:

    get rid of the turnpike and the union employees,free market is the only way to bring pa back to a profit

  7. Jon Weiss says:

    maybe hire a bunch of illegal mexicans who will work for much less than a living wage is that what your talking about Mr. Testa?

    1. John Testa says:

      i dont want my tax money to go to a union worker sleeping on the job at 80,000 per year . then crying because they want him or her to contribute to medical ins plus pension.

      1. jbeech says:

        Mr. Testa you talk like a man with experence

  8. Franklin Benjamin Richards says:

    Those of you who believe turning things over to PennDOT would somehow abolish toll booths are funny. When have you ever known your government to surrender a source of revenue?

    Those of you who say it would get rid of the turnpike workers union apparently forget most PennDOT workers are union as well.

    Food choices at rest stops on the Turnpike are based on who paid them more… and to be honest, I don’t think there’s a bad amount of variety at the new, bigger ones. Most definitely need to keep up the trend of building one big one with access from both sides instead of two separate small ones.

    Aside from that, why not get off at one of the stops and eat somewhere local to there? Not like it’s a hassle to get right back on anyway… and the businesses around the turnpike exits would certainly appreciate it. Also, their prices are lower since they don’t take advantage of the “captive audience” effect that the Turnpike-owned rest areas do. Just a thought. 🙂

  9. 2059 says:

    Why give the Turnpike to those fools, it’s the best road in the state. They should give Penn DOT to the Turnpike Commission, and get rid of 50% of those worthless fools.

  10. 2059 says:

    The illegals will do three times the work that the overpaid union crybabies will do.

  11. bob says:

    keep the turnpike…. i will gladly pay. penndot is horrible. take a look at the parkway.

  12. For our children says:

    PA’s roads and bridges crumble while the Turnpike commission spends more on federal lobbyists than the entire state of Texas. The PA Turnpike was supposed to be paid off decades ago, tolls removed, and the Turnpike commission disbanded. Unfortunately they kept expanding, racking up debt, and building roads to nowhere like the Mon Fayette Expressway. (the second most expensive road project in the country.) It’s well past time to end the corruption and patronage. Let’s end the sad chapter in Pennsylvania’s history and terminate the Turnpike Commission for good.

  13. Are you kidding..... says:

    Considering the turnpike roads are cleared during snowstorms and the PennDOT roads aren’t, i think you have the scenario reversed. Give PennDOT to the PATC and see how well the roads are after a snowstorm.

  14. Dave Radion says:

    Are you nuts ? If the Rep. Wants to do anything good start cutting jobs in the House and Senate. Remember the I 80 idea that “Fast Eddy” wanted. Bring in the “( Tea Party “

  15. And Grandchildren says:

    I agree with this proposal.
    It protects the workers and expunges the patronage.
    Penndot could do the roadclearing as least as well as the Turnpike Commission
    without the bloated administration and patronage.

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